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13 Ways LifeTopix Can Improve Your Life in 2013

What are your goals for 2013? Every­one wants to live a hap­pier, health­ier, and more ful­fill­ing life — but how do you get there? We’ve com­piled a list of 13 ways that the Life­Topix cal­en­dar, pro­duc­tiv­ity, and orga­ni­za­tion app can help you do more. The result? Get more done, reduce stress, and spend more time doing the things you really want to do.

1. Improve your nutrition

After the hol­i­days, many of us are mor­ti­fied when we step on the scale. Per­haps you can relate and you’re want­ing to make bet­ter food choices and to main­tain a healthy weight in 2013. Life­Topix can help you track your food con­sump­tion. For exam­ple, you can record and view the calo­ries, pro­tein, solid fats, alco­hol, desserts, or almost any other item that you’re con­sum­ing each day in a graph­i­cal for­mat. As an exam­ple, in the Life­Topix Health + Activ­ity topic, you can use the Life­Topix Nutri­tion Log Forms to view the max­i­mum num­ber of calo­ries that you’ve set to make sure you’re not exceed­ing this num­ber. Or, if your goal is to eat more veg­eta­bles or pro­tein, you can set this too!

2. Get your health under control

Ignor­ing health issues can have seri­ous con­se­quences. Life­Topix includes many fea­tures for track­ing your health stats. Are you deal­ing with hyper­ten­sion and your doc­tor has asked you to log your blood pres­sure? Are you ane­mic and you need to track your blood count? Do you have sleep prob­lems and you want to track your sleep qual­ity? Life­Topix can han­dle these items and many more via the Life­Topix Med­ica­tion Log and Well­ness Log in the Life­Topix Health + Activ­ity topic.

3. Take vit­a­mins and med­ica­tions consistently

Do you have good inten­tions about tak­ing your vit­a­mins and pre­scrip­tion med­ica­tions, but fre­quently for­get to take them or can­not remem­ber if you’ve taken them? With some med­ica­tions, it’s imper­a­tive that you’re tak­ing them each day, and some­times even at the same time each day. With the Life­Topix Med­ica­tion Log form in the Life­Topix Health + Activ­ity topic, you can record your intake of vit­a­mins and med­ica­tions each day — and the log auto­mat­i­cally includes the cur­rent date and time when you add a med­ica­tion entry.

4. Reach your fit­ness goals

Are you want­ing to start a fit­ness rou­tine, main­tain your cur­rent fit­ness level, or bump your fit­ness up to a new level in 2013? Per­haps you’re train­ing for a triathlon or plan­ning your first marathon. Or, maybe you want to make sure you take a 30 minute walk with your dog each morn­ing. What­ever your fit­ness level, Life­Topix pro­vides the flex­i­bil­ity for plan­ning and track­ing your fit­ness. You can use the Life­Topix Activ­ity Log Forms in the Life­Topix Health + Activ­ity topic to set and view any type of exer­cise you wish — and just like nutri­tion, you can see if you’re reach­ing those goals via a graph­i­cal format.

5. Make shop­ping trips more efficient

Do you spend hours plan­ning your fam­ily meals and shop­ping at the gro­cery store? Do you want to spend less time shop­ping and more time with your fam­ily or friends, catch­ing a game, or spend­ing time on your hob­bies? If this is one of your goals for 2013, Life­Topix can help. Many of us are crea­tures of habit so Life­Topix helps you orga­nize the stores you go to fre­quently and the items you buy most often. You can add the items that you pur­chase — along with the seller, unit price, unit, quan­tity, and total price to your mas­ter list of prod­ucts. Then, sim­ply select these items, add them to your lists, and check them off as you buy them. It’s as sim­ple as that.

6. Save money and stick to your budget

After the hol­i­days, you might want to put a lit­tle jin­gle back in your pocket. And with the down­turn in the econ­omy, stick­ing to a bud­get in 2013 might also be one of your high­est pri­or­i­ties. The Life­Topix Finances topic was cre­ated for just this rea­son. Not only can you track all your finan­cial accounts, credit card and debit cards, and invest­ment accounts  — it lets you record the recur­ring bill pay­ments for all the ser­vices you use and the one-time pay­ments you make. You can view all of these pay­ments on your Expenses Cal­en­dar. And you can track the things that you sell, such as through a garage sale or ebay. And, as an added bonus, you can track your online coupons in the Shop­ping topic to help you save a lit­tle extra money.

7. Get smart

Whether you’re a stu­dent or a pro­fes­sional who’s focus­ing on their per­sonal growth or pro­fes­sional skills, Life­Topix can help you orga­nize and track the things that you need to fur­ther your edu­ca­tion. If you’re a stu­dent, the Edu­ca­tion topic enables you to take notes about edu­ca­tion, set up projects and assign­ments, and add the sub­jects that you take. As a stu­dent, you can cre­ate a class sched­ule and asso­ciate a loca­tion with each of your classes. Or per­haps you’re a pro­fes­sional who’s obtain­ing a HIPAA cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, tak­ing graphic design classes to improve your design skills, or becom­ing a fit­ness instruc­tor — with Life­Topix, you can uti­lize per­sonal growth cat­e­gories to help you track your cer­ti­fi­ca­tions and train­ing in the Life­Topix Edu­ca­tion topic.

8. Be creative

Are you plan­ning to start a new busi­ness, write a novel or screen­play, or com­pose music in 2013? Have you ever had a cre­ative thought related to your job or hob­bies, but didn’t catch that idea imme­di­ately and then for­got it later? We just can’t pre­dict when a great idea is going to pop into our heads so being pre­pared through jour­nal­ing is wise. Mobile devices are amaz­ing for cap­tur­ing those ideas because we carry them almost every­where we go. The Life­Topix Notes + Files topic is per­fect for this use. You can take notes every­where you go and if you pre­fer to use Ever­note for note tak­ing, Life­Topix con­ve­niently works with it too.

9. Build relationships

In 2013, one of your goals might be to build busi­ness or per­sonal rela­tion­ships. To build rela­tion­ships, it’s help­ful to record your inter­ac­tions with friends, fam­ily, or col­leagues. For exam­ple, per­haps you’ve included all your friends’ and fam­ily mem­bers’ birth­days and you want to ensure you wish them a happy birth­day and send them gifts. Through Life­Topix, you can set a reminder, plan the gift you wish to pur­chase, and auto­mat­i­cally add it to a shop­ping list. Any time you asso­ciate a per­son with an item in Life­Topix, those peo­ple are filed under the Peo­ple + Ser­vices topic. The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less. You will be the star of your next fam­ily reunion. And, Life­Topix works with your iOS con­tacts so dou­ble entry is not necessary.

10. Make more time for yourself

For your well being, it’s a great idea to sched­ule time for your­self. If you’re the type of per­son who takes on too much respon­si­bil­ity and needs to share more of it, then Life­Topix is for you. Through the Life­Topix “Dis­cuss” fea­tures, you can share your projects, check­lists, events, shop­ping lists, trips, vis­its, notes, and more. For exam­ple, you can cre­ate a shop­ping list and then share it with your spouse. Or you can cre­ate a “honey-do” list with chores for your hus­band. Your spouse can view it via email and then add it to Life­Topix in just one tap.

11. Go paper­less and reduce clutter

Is your home office a clut­tered mess? Do you want to reduce your con­sump­tion and accu­mu­la­tion of paper to reduce your impact on the envi­ron­ment? Do you want to lighten your load when meet­ing clients or going to the office? If so, Life­Topix is for you. Life­Topix works with pop­u­lar cloud-based file stor­age sys­tems such as Drop­box, Ever­note, and Google Drive so you can store all your items dig­i­tally — and then asso­ciate those doc­u­ments in the con­text of your life items within LifeTopix.

12. Get things done

Do you have DIY projects that you want to com­plete such as orga­niz­ing your closet, remod­el­ing your kitchen, or land­scap­ing the back­yard? Or per­haps you’re plan­ning to build a new web­site? With Life­Topix, you can plan your projects and tasks with ease. The Life­Topix Tasks + Projects topic gives you the abil­ity to enter, orga­nize, pri­or­i­tize, track, and check off your projects’ tasks.

13. Take a vacation

Now that you’ve saved money, got more done, built up your client base, got your health under con­trol, fin­ished your projects, and lost a few pounds — it’s time to take a vaca­tion. Luck­ily, with the Life­Topix Travel + Places topic, you can plan your vaca­tion from end-to-end. You can track the dates, set reminders, make pack­ing check­lists, set book­marks to travel web­sites, and make note of places you want to visit such as restau­rants, golf courses, or tourist attractions.

We hope this gives you some ideas of how you can use Life­Topix to improve your life in 2013. Please share and com­ment! Happy New Year!

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  1. Kevin
    Jan 07, 2013

    I live in Aus­tralia, can I con­vert from impe­r­ial to met­ric for this app?

    • LifeTopix Support
      Jan 07, 2013

      Hi Kevin,

      Thank you for reach­ing out to us with your question.

      All the log units are cus­tomiz­able in Life­Topix. For exam­ple you can eas­ily changes “pounds” to “kg” or “miles” to “km”.
      To edit a unit sim­ply fol­low the steps below.

      1.) Tap on the arrow icon located at the bot­tom left of the home screen. You will be pre­sented with a list of action icons to choose from.
      2.) Tap the sys­tem set­tings icon (the gear icon). This will launch the set­tings view for Life­Topix.
      3.) From the Set­tings view tap on “Man­age Cat­e­gories“
      4.) Tap on “Log Entry Unites”. You will be pre­sented with a list of all the Log Entry units.
      5.) To select the Log Entry unit you wish to edit sim­ply tap on the blue dis­clo­sure but­ton to the right of the item. (The blue cir­cle with the white arrow). This can some­times be a bit tricky to tap on.
      6.) The detail view for the unit will be pre­sented once you tap on the blue dis­clo­sure but­ton. To edit the label for the unit sim­ply tap the green label at the top of the detail view and update the label with your desired value and tap save.

      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow

  2. Alex
    Jan 04, 2013

    I like the app, just down­loaded it. I was look­ing for a planner/organizer/calendar/tasks/lists… every­thing app! I want to make it my go-to for every­thing, but some fea­tures seem to be miss­ing. I tried to add all the birth­days I need to keep track of, but I had to choose times for them, instead of leav­ing them as all day. I didn’t want to block off the time by putting in 12:00AM to 11:59PM, so I just went with noon. Plus, I wasn’t able to add tags, or con­tacts, a shop­ping list or any­thing to the “occa­sion event”. That’s all I’ve really had to com­plain about so far, but I’m still set­ting it up, so we’ll see if it stays in my iPad or not. Thanks!!!

    • LightArrow
      Jan 05, 2013

      Hello Alex,
      Thanks for reach­ing out to us. For events for which you want to man­age asso­ci­ated shop­ping, etc please use an Event (Attend­ing or Host­ing type) instead of an Occa­sion Reminder. Please let us know if you need any addi­tional help, or have any sug­ges­tions for us.
      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow

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