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3 Ways Technology Has Changed Our Lives For the Better

Guest post from contributor, Zyana Morris, who is a passionate Health and Lifestyle Blogger and loves to write on prevailing trends. 

The alarm wakes you up early in the morning at precisely the time you set it. How did your phone know when to wake you up without a delay of a nanosecond? That is technology perfectly synchronizing your daily routine with all walks of life. Technology has the ability to streamline schedules impeccably and the ever-increasing dominant role of technology has undoubtedly made us slaves to this absolute necessity. It’s an addiction that has intoxicated us and kept us hooked to this very monster of a technology. However, we are forced to admit that technology has changed the entire landscape in which we operate. Technology is everywhere. From our everyday interaction with mobile phones, laptops and the like, to the involvement of technology in education, fashion and shopping, the healthcare industry and communications down to the basic occupation of agriculture.

1. Technology Has Changed the Way Students Study and Manage Their Budgets

Gone are the days when students used to spend hours reading lengthy monotonous chapters and cram in all the headings and details to reproduce on the exam day. Technology has taken over this traditional trend and the concepts of slides summarizing the long-running chapters are adopted by most of the educational institutes nowadays. Technological gadgets and mobile apps have facilitated students and teachers alike. Online libraries, virtual learning sites, Skype study sessions and many such options are prevalent.

Student life revolves around technology and is central to their very existence. Many students struggle to maintain a work-life balance and are constantly hoping for a miracle to help them budget. Technology has a solution to yet again another dilemma that plagues the mind of these young individuals. Smart, wise and viable options have flooded the app market and various other technological options help students in unimaginable ways. Whether, be it regarding academic related expenses, accommodation or having the funds to spend a social night out.

2. Technology Has Transformed Time Management

Time is an indispensable asset that has no alternative. Businesses rely heavily on time management tools to meet deadlines and to create satisfied customers. The innumerable benefits that technology has leveraged are indisputable and have allowed us to remove communication barriers, increase productivity and exploit resources in a much more efficient manner than before.

To be very honest, nobody likes to read and reply to emails, so why not let the email scheduler do it for you? The need to organize your inbox in a systematic way is the need of every business person. Allotting and assigning this task of attending to your emails and reducing the burden from your shoulders can prove to be quite fruitful from the business perspective. In this highly digitized world, we are no longer deprived of the most effective tools and programs that can save a great deal of time and money for us, and the email scheduler and other similar time management apps have been designed exactly on these lines. It attempts to equip you with the most convenient way to keep in touch and answer to the innumerable queries that flood your inbox and solve their problems. It also includes features for managing inventory and finance, social media campaigns and important business alerts and reminders. From the business perspective, these tools are an added benefit to many firms. Small businesses can benefit a great deal by these technological breakthroughs and they help boost ROI.

3. Technology Has Revolutionized the Way We Shop

The new trend of e-business has revolutionized the way we shop today. A smartphone is the ultimate gadget to help you steer through your shopping spree from home. Apps like eBay and Shop Savvy are compatible on all devices and promise you a unique user experience. The screen time has increased drastically in recent times and on average people spend around 10 hours scrolling on their touch screens. The business model has been modified by the intervention of technology and has changed the way consumers approach retail and ultimately consumer shopping behavior.

Your Turn

How has technology changed your lives and what tools do you use to get things done?

Zyana Morris

Guest Contributor

Zyana Morris is a passionate Health and Lifestyle Blogger who loves to write on prevailing trends. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs. Find her on Twitter: @ZyanaMorris

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