5 Great Blogs for Personal Productivity

It might surprise you how many results you get if you plug “productivity blog” into any search engine. Or maybe it wouldn’t surprise you since — if you’re reading this, it’s clearly an area of interest for you so why wouldn’t it be of interest to lots of other folks as well?

To help you wade through all the productivity blogs out there, we’ve put together this list of five blogs that we think are worth checking out, and why we think they are noteworthy:

  1. Dumb Little Man: Started in 2006 by a then-non-professional blogger, this site has grown nicely and now has a handful of regular writers (and a large number of non-regular guest authors) who post tips designed to save you money and increase your productivity. Its articles are also helpfully organized using categories such as Lifehacks, Personal Development, Technology, etc.
  2. GTD Times: If you’re a GTD fan, then this is the site for you. It is the official site of David Allen, creator of the Getting Things Done methodology. It offers reviews of GTD tools and GTD-enabling technology, as well as “tips, tricks and strategies” to help people use GTD to lead happier, healthier, and more successful lives. Or, if you’re unfamiliar with GTD, then this is the authoritative place to go to get a good introduction to it.
  3. Parent Hacks: Geared toward families and parents of kids of all ages, this blog provides helpful tips for improving family life. Because the hacks come from parents, it’s the perfect form of crowdsourcing solutions for the sometimes-unique problems that people face in their household as they raise their kids.
  4. SimpleProductivityBlog: Although this blog’s author – LJ Earnest – has a “real” day job, she is prolific and very diligent about posting new entries regularly to keep her blog fresh. In fact, judging from her content, you might wonder when she has time to sleep, let alone have a day job, husband, and a child. We like the organization of her site and the content on it, spanning the main headings of Productivity, Simplification, Balance, Life Design, Organization, and Clutter.
  5. Work Awesome: Unlike the other productivity blogs in this list, Work Awesome is geared toward helping people be more effective at their job or anything that they are passionate about. Consistent with their mission, they have categories for their content including Office Life, Management, and Work Life Balance.

Do you have a favorite productivity blog that you visit regularly? If so, let us know — we’d like to check them out if we haven’t already!

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