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5 Powerful App Features to Get Things Done Naturally

- An Ulti­mate Pro­duc­tiv­ity Approach.

GTD devo­tees know that there are 5 phases to mas­ter­ing work­flow - Col­lect, Process, Orga­nize, Review, and Do. But how you apply tech­nol­ogy to the task of actu­ally putting these 5 phases into practice?

We pro­pose a sys­tem that takes an organic view of pro­duc­tiv­ity to more truly reflect how we get things done in life. This sys­tem takes into account all the real-life ele­ments of get­ting things done — things beyond notes and lists of tasks. For exam­ple, with some­thing as com­plex as plan­ning an event (like a birth­day party or wed­ding), going on a fam­ily vaca­tion, or embark­ing on a large house­hold project (major land­scap­ing improve­ments),  tasks and notes with sim­ple reminders only take you so far. Many more ele­ments are involved, such as ser­vices uti­lized, man­ag­ing the providers for those ser­vices, shop­ping, book­marks, shar­ing with and man­ag­ing event co-hosts, travel com­pan­ions, or project team-mates, in addi­tion to a com­pre­hen­sive cal­en­dar view of every­thing with proper reminders.

Life­Topix does 5 things to make it all come together more naturally.

  1. Quick Inbox
  2. Touch­points
  3. Dash­boards
  4. Device Inte­gra­tion
  5. Social Col­lab­o­ra­tion

Let’s quickly take a look at each concept.

1. Quick Inbox

It’s not just about quickly enter­ing some­thing to be processed later. It’s about cap­tur­ing an item that can become any­thing — a project, a trip, and event, etc. While it resides in the Quick Inbox, it can be marked as some­thing to be done soon, or some­day, it can be given a type from the begin­ning, it can be con­verted later into a spe­cific type, and it can be man­aged in the inbox to track the next action date, while simul­ta­ne­ously being man­aged from what­ever topic the item got con­verted into.

2. Touch­points

Once it’s con­verted, the abil­ity to asso­ciate all items with it in the app as it nat­u­rally does in real life, is key. To be able to man­age shop­ping for a trip from within the trip, man­age tasks, reminders, check­lists, appoint­ments, book­marks, media, ser­vices, providers, notes, files, and share with par­tic­i­pants from within the trip, from the same app, is price­less. Touch­points are exactly that.

3. Dash­boards

Across every­thing you are doing/planning/thinking, across every­thing you need to know, con­fig­urable dash­boards put it all together in help­ful panes like What’s Next, Recently Updated, and Quick Access to the most pop­u­lar items from a a sin­gle place. The power of expen­sive busi­ness apps in the palm of your hands for orga­niz­ing your per­sonal life rede­fines what a top pro­duc­tiviy app does.

4. Device Integration

Use the con­tacts in your device directly, while know­ing how the peo­ple in your life are asso­ci­ated with things you do over time — trip com­pan­ions, event attendees/hosts, task own­ers, project mates, ser­vice rela­tion­ships (doc­tors. plumbers, etc). Take advan­tage of the device cal­en­dar in a way that fully inte­grates it with all things man­aged in the app. Uti­lize loca­tion to know errands, shop­ping and other loca­tion rel­e­vant items. Whether at home or on the go, get more from your device to man­age the infor­ma­tion in your life.

5. Social Productivity

Face­book, Twit­ter, MobileMe, Google Docs, Drop­box — the list keeps grow­ing. By using your favorite social and cloud apps directly from the things you do and need to know, usher in a level of pro­duc­tiv­ity impos­si­ble to imag­ine with sim­ple apps that do one thing only — like man­age tasks, or keep lists, or just jot down notes. Go pro. Check out Life­Topix — tell us what more you want from this new kind of app.


  1. Netjera
    Jan 24, 2012

    I won­dered if there was any way to mail some­thing INTO Life­topix? For exam­ple, a com­mon workaround for those of us who use Siri, is to have Siri send mail to (Spring­Pad, Ever­note, etc). This cre­ates a note or what­ever, auto­mat­i­cally, because items emailed into the app are con­verted auto­mat­i­cally. All you have to do is add the app email address to your con­tacts. So, “Siri, send email to Ever­note say­ing “Do research on Life­topix” later today.” would open the Ever­note con­tact, then email Ever­note with the to-do “Do research on Life­topix later today.” and it would show up in the Ever­note inbox. Since Life­topix already has an Inbox, and works on GTD, being able to do this would be a great workaround till full Siri inte­gra­tion could happen.

    • LifeTopix Support
      Jan 24, 2012

      Hi Net­jera,
      Thanks for the sug­ges­tion and sce­nario, and we com­pletely agree! Our plans are twofold on this — con­sump­tion of emails (regard­less of Siri), and con­sump­tion of emails com­posed and sent via Siri. We plan to con­sume such emails from Life­Topix to make it a lot eas­ier to get infor­ma­tion in (for var­i­ous types of things). We plan to start rolling out these fea­tures this quar­ter, and improve on it with user feed­back over time.
      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow

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