5 Ways You Can Expand Your Knowledge Online

Guest post from freelance contributor, Lindsey Patterson, who specializes in business technology, customer relationship management, and lead management.

It’s true that you never stop learning. Every day of your life, something new crosses your path, even if you don’t realize it. It’s a natural part of being human to thirst for knowledge, to crave learning. Now the Internet makes it even easier to satisfy your curiosity and keep your minds sharp. Below are five ways you can expand your knowledge online.

Free Online Courses

Did you know that one of the most well-known colleges out there, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), puts all of their course material online… for free? It’s all just waiting for you to explore. Whether you want to learn about business, health, or education, it’s all there, available for anyone to download and learn, no matter what their income or experience level. Maybe you’re a single mom working two jobs, or maybe you’re already in college, but you want to see if you’d like another subject better without making the commitment of switching majors just yet. MIT lets you learn something new no matter who you are. Courses are even available on nuclear engineering, game design, and anthropology. No matter where your interests lie, you can likely find something that appeals to your desires on MIT OpenCourseWare.

Advance Your Career

While MIT offers their courses for free online to whoever has the desire to learn, it doesn’t offer certification for those free courses. edX takes online learning one step further. In addition to advanced learning, you can get certified in valuable courses that can help in your current career or let you try a new one, take credit-eligible courses, gain skills in your chosen field, or even graduate from high school. This is invaluable for youth who find the stresses of physical high schools too much to handle or those who were unable to graduate for various reasons. And it’s all right there at your fingertips. Study at the library, at home, at the coffee shop, or even at the park. Online courses take the stress out of classroom learning and let you learn at your own pace.

Protect Yourself On The Road

Defensive driving isn’t just for soccer moms. Most car insurance companies will give customers a discount if they take a defensive driving class. Have you avoided taking a course because you don’t have the time to sit in class all day, or even for weeks on end? Now you can attend defensive driving school online. There are numerous benefits to taking an online defensive driving course. First, it’s a good way to get a traffic ticket dismissed. You can also get your insurance decreased or get points off your license from previous moving violations.

Find Random Information

There are a handful of sites out there that make their name by offering a nice, rounded collection of random bits of information. One of these sites is LifeHacker. LifeHacker’s tagline is “Tips and downloads for getting things done.” They offer a huge selection of information, ranging from tips on how to swap airline seats with another passenger to an explanation on why health insurance is so expensive to advice on how to negotiate better financial aid rates.

Take A Course On Literally Anything

Would you rather learn something that isn’t taught by an online college, such as photography or book cover design or even how to make beer at home? Udemy offers more than 40,000 courses on just about everything you could want to learn. There are classes on art therapy, coloring, cooking, even how to raise chickens in your own backyard.

Learning doesn’t stop after college. Take advantage of all the amazing options out there and take your experiences to the next level.

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Lindsey Patterson

Lindsey Patterson

Freelance Writer

Lindsey Patterson is a freelance writer and entrepreneur who specializes in business technology, customer relationship management, and lead management. She also writes about the latest social trends, specifically involving social media. Find her on Twitter: @LindseyPatter19

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