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7 Tips to Get Organized for Back to School

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college studentThe LightAr­row Vision

The vision of LightAr­row is to pro­vide afford­able soft­ware that man­ages all your infor­ma­tion in a sin­gle app, free­ing you from the bur­den of pur­chas­ing sev­eral apps and re-entering the same thing mul­ti­ple times in those apps. Also, if you’re on a bud­get, you’ll find that Life­Topix gives you the same fea­tures of sev­eral apps. Cus­tomers tell us they’ve replaced more than six apps with LifeTopix.

Tips for Orga­niz­ing Your Education

The lazy days of sum­mer are almost over, and it’s time to start get­ting seri­ous about back-to-school orga­ni­za­tion. Before school begins is a good time to pre­pare for what’s ahead. Whether you’re a mom man­ag­ing a sched­ule for your kids or if you’re a high school or col­lege stu­dent — Life­Topix makes it easy by pro­vid­ing pow­er­ful capa­bil­i­ties for all your education-related data. The result is bet­ter learn­ing with less time and effort.

Life­Topix allows you to man­age every­thing in your life, but we pro­vide spe­cific fea­tures for orga­niz­ing your edu­ca­tion. Read the tips below to help you orga­nize — and to learn how Life­Topix can help you achieve your goals.

Tip 1 — Cre­ate Shop­ping Lists

Before you start school, cre­ate shop­ping lists for all the items that you need to pur­chase. This is espe­cially impor­tant if you’re a col­lege fresh­man who’s going away to col­lege. There’s sev­eral items you’ll need to pur­chase to get ready, such as dorm room items and text­books. Strayer Uni­ver­sity includes a great list of the items you’ll need at [Pack It Up — What to Bring to Col­lege]. Life­Topix makes keep­ing track easy by pro­vid­ing fea­tures for both shop­ping lists and check­lists. Or, if there’s an online list of sup­plies, you can book­mark it or link to the file.

Tip 2 — Orga­nize Your Class Schedule

It’s impor­tant to keep track of your sched­ule. There are sev­eral ways you can approach this in Life­Topix. We sug­gest that you set up a “Sub­ject” and a recur­ring appoint­ment for the sub­ject. This way, the class always dis­plays on your cal­en­dar. Another way you can keep track is to attach a file of your sched­ule or cre­ate a book­mark to an online sched­ule. If there’s an app that keeps track of your sched­ule, you can use the new built-in app launcher “My Apps”, which is avail­able in the upcom­ing 5.0 update.

Tip 3 — Track Your Assignments

Life­Topix pro­vides a lot of flex­i­bil­ity for track­ing assign­ments. If your teacher or school pro­vides assign­ments online, you set up a book­mark to them — and you can choose to cre­ate the book­mark for the class or “sub­ject.” You can also set up assign­ments directly for each sub­ject. Set­ting up reminders for tests and quizzes is a good way to make sure you pre­pare. Using the Life­Topix col­lab­o­ra­tion capa­bil­i­ties, you can dis­cuss assign­ments with study part­ners or instruc­tors over Twit­ter, Face­book, text mes­sages, or email.

If you use Ever­note for tak­ing notes, Life­Topix includes built-in inte­gra­tion so you can eas­ily find notes that you cap­ture on any of your devices. The Life­Topix app also includes built-in fea­tures for tak­ing notes.

Tip 4 — Make Sure You Know the Priorities

In the 5.0 ver­sion of Life­Topix, we’re intro­duc­ing the “Hot List.” The “Hot List” gives you quick access to your high­est pri­or­ity items. You can add items to the “Hot List” from other views in Life­Topix. Quizzes, tests, and home­work assign­ments are great items to add to the hot list.

Tip 5 — Use Loca­tion Services

If you’re just learn­ing your way around cam­pus, loca­tion ser­vices are a great way to make sure you find your classes, dorms, libraries, stu­dent union, banks and atms, and other impor­tant places.

Tip 6 — Use Book­marks and “My Apps”

Once school begins, you’ll find that you fre­quently visit the same web­sites and use the same apps over and over again. Set up book­marks and use the new app launcher “My Apps” for quick access to those items.

Tip 7 — Track Expenses

Life­Topix includes all the tools you need to track expenses for school, such as tuition pay­ments, food, enter­tain­ment, and other costs. With Life­Topix, you can add all your accounts — check­ing, sav­ings, etc. You can record all your recur­ring bill pay­ments for any ser­vices you use — and you can view these pay­ments in a time­line view. You can also set a pass­code to ensure all this infor­ma­tion is secure.


Get famil­iar with the 5.0 ver­sion of Life­Topix for Edu­ca­tion by view­ing the slides below.

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