7 Tips to Get Organized for Back to School

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college studentThe LightArrow Vision

The vision of LightArrow is to provide affordable software that manages all your information in a single app, freeing you from the burden of purchasing several apps and re-entering the same thing multiple times in those apps. Also, if you’re on a budget, you’ll find that LifeTopix gives you the same features of several apps. Customers tell us they’ve replaced more than six apps with LifeTopix.

Tips for Organizing Your Education

The lazy days of summer are almost over, and it’s time to start getting serious about back-to-school organization. Before school begins is a good time to prepare for what’s ahead. Whether you’re a mom managing a schedule for your kids or if you’re a high school or college student — LifeTopix makes it easy by providing powerful capabilities for all your education-related data. The result is better learning with less time and effort.

LifeTopix allows you to manage everything in your life, but we provide specific features for organizing your education. Read the tips below to help you organize — and to learn how LifeTopix can help you achieve your goals.

Tip 1 – Create Shopping Lists

Before you start school, create shopping lists for all the items that you need to purchase. This is especially important if you’re a college freshman who’s going away to college. There’s several items you’ll need to purchase to get ready, such as dorm room items and textbooks. Strayer University includes a great list of the items you’ll need at [Pack It Up – What to Bring to College]. LifeTopix makes keeping track easy by providing features for both shopping lists and checklists. Or, if there’s an online list of supplies, you can bookmark it or link to the file.

Tip 2 – Organize Your Class Schedule

It’s important to keep track of your schedule. There are several ways you can approach this in LifeTopix. We suggest that you set up a “Subject” and a recurring appointment for the subject. This way, the class always displays on your calendar. Another way you can keep track is to attach a file of your schedule or create a bookmark to an online schedule. If there’s an app that keeps track of your schedule, you can use the new built-in app launcher “My Apps”, which is available in the upcoming 5.0 update.

Tip 3 – Track Your Assignments

LifeTopix provides a lot of flexibility for tracking assignments. If your teacher or school provides assignments online, you set up a bookmark to them — and you can choose to create the bookmark for the class or “subject.” You can also set up assignments directly for each subject. Setting up reminders for tests and quizzes is a good way to make sure you prepare. Using the LifeTopix collaboration capabilities, you can discuss assignments with study partners or instructors over Twitter, Facebook, text messages, or email.

If you use Evernote for taking notes, LifeTopix includes built-in integration so you can easily find notes that you capture on any of your devices. The LifeTopix app also includes built-in features for taking notes.

Tip 4 – Make Sure You Know the Priorities

In the 5.0 version of LifeTopix, we’re introducing the “Hot List.” The “Hot List” gives you quick access to your highest priority items. You can add items to the “Hot List” from other views in LifeTopix. Quizzes, tests, and homework assignments are great items to add to the hot list.

Tip 5 – Use Location Services

If you’re just learning your way around campus, location services are a great way to make sure you find your classes, dorms, libraries, student union, banks and atms, and other important places.

Tip 6 – Use Bookmarks and “My Apps”

Once school begins, you’ll find that you frequently visit the same websites and use the same apps over and over again. Set up bookmarks and use the new app launcher “My Apps” for quick access to those items.

Tip 7 – Track Expenses

LifeTopix includes all the tools you need to track expenses for school, such as tuition payments, food, entertainment, and other costs. With LifeTopix, you can add all your accounts — check­ing, sav­ings, etc. You can record all your recur­ring bill pay­ments for any ser­vices you use — and you can view these pay­ments in a time­line view. You can also set a passcode to ensure all this information is secure.


Get familiar with the 5.0 version of LifeTopix for Education by viewing the slides below.

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