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Q: How do I log into iCloud mail with two-factor authentication?

When in the Feed Accounts view in our Inboxes section and creating a new iCloud Email Inbox Account please follow the steps below for the password if you have enabled two-factor authentication for your iCloud account: Open your Apple ID webpage. Under “APP SPECIFIC PASSWORD”  in the “Security” section click on the “Generate Password” link. […]


iCloud Sync

Overview The very first thing you should do before enabling iCloud Sync for LifeTopix, is to perform a backup of your LifeTopix data using the backup features (Email, or Dropbox online folder) available within LifeTopix Settings. If you have an iCloud account, you can use that account to sync LifeTopix data across devices. Once configured, […]


iCloud Sync Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know when iCloud has gotten into a state where it is having trouble keeping my devices in sync? A. There are a couple of signs that indicate that iCloud is no longer correctly processing all data changes. These include: A change made recently on one device has shown up on another […]


Q. What Are the Limitations For MS Exchange & Generic IMAP Email In Inboxes View?

RELATED QUESTIONS: Our Inbox feature is not meant to replace an email client, but rather provide a powerful way to harvest, convert and organize data from a wide variety of sources (Email Inboxes, Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, and Web). It does support some basic client functionality that we keep improving upon. We support the following […]


Q. What All Can I Do In The Inboxes View?

The Inboxes view boosts your productivity by gathering the information that you care about social streams (Twitter & Facebook), emails, Evernote notes, and the web. Inboxes view allows you to easily harvest, filter, and view this information from these multiple channels, and then find the data nuggets and ideas that are important to you. The following […]


Why Did LightArrow Build Such a Huge App?

The Power of All-in-One Welcome from Team LightArrow, Austin, Texas. We did not build yet another simple list app or a toy app. There are already hundreds of those. If you need a simple to-do list app, we recommend Apple’s free Reminders app. The sheer power of our app is overwhelming to some. We aim to demystify its power […]


How do I customize colors for items in the Calendar?

For iOS events shown in your app, we respect the color assigned to the calendar in the default iOS Calendar App.  Unfortunately, through the iOS Calendar it doesn’t allow changing the color for some of the them.  In the iOS Calendar App if you tap “Calendars” in the bottom of the App and then scroll down to iCloud if […]