LifeTopix Pack


This is the most economical way to purchase every topic and receive the same features as the LifeTopix app.

Get Things Done Pack


Organize and track even the most complex projects. Add tasks to purchased topics that allow tasks, such as Events. Use Contexts to keep your items organized. Capture thoughts in the Quick Inbox and convert objects into actionable items. Pack includes the Tasks + Projects topic, My Contexts, and My Inboxes.

Event Planning Pack


Organize large or small events and track events you’re attending. Manage dates, locations, invitees, tasks, and shopping items. Pack includes the Events and Shopping topics.

Go Paperless Pack


Manage audio, video, text, and hand-drawn notes and todo lists. Access online items from Dropbox, Box, Google, Toodledo, Asana, and Evernote. Get access to Media topic to associate photos, audio, drawings, and video in purchased topics that allow media. Pack includes the Notes + Files, Media, and Bookmarks topics.

Organized Home Pack


Track asset data — purchase date, price, serial number, VIN, SKUs, etc. Manage financial information including accounts, bill payments, and donations. Create service templates. Enables People + Services topic for Home + Assets and other purchased topics. Pack includes the People + Services, Home + Assets, and Finances topics.

Sync + Share Pack


Adds device-to-device Cloud sync via Dropbox, Box, iCloud (tech preview), Google Drive (tech preview), and OneDrive (tech preview). Enables discussion via email and social. Adds export to CSV (tasks, events, trips, visitors, service providers, notes, metrics, shopping lists, etc.) from purchased topics.

Pro Contacts Pack


CRM like contact management features. Custom forms for contacts, configurable contact grid view, CSV import/export. It also allows data items such as tasks, appointments, reminders, notes, files, bookmarks, and expenses to be associated with contacts.

Extra Contacts


Purchase extra contacts in packs of 100, 200, 500, 1000, or 2000. Out of the box, you can manage 100 contacts. These packs are cumulative. For example, if you purchase the 100 pack and the 200 pack at a later time, you can manage a total of 400 contacts (with the out-of-box contacts).

Pro Inbox Pack


Rule all your social, web and email data! Create custom inbox rules for Twitter, Facebook, email and web content. Convert inbox items to actionable app items such as tasks, projects, products, appointments, hosting events, attending events, notes, trips, visitors, and inbox items — and extract bookmarks and files. Support for email rules includes Gmail, iCloud Mail, Yahoo Mail,

NOTE: This functionality is not meant to replace your Email, Facebook or Twitter clients. It aims to give you the ability to extract actionable information from those sources into the app via configurable feed rules utilizing text search and other criteria. Email feeds read only the Inbox folder of supported Email accounts, and go back to 1000 items at most. We have included some basic client functionality for convenience, such as reply, retweet, etc. We will continue to enhance this feature set over future updates with user feedback as well as new innovations.

Extra Inbox Rules


Purchase extra inbox rules in packs of 10, 20, 50, or 100. Once you purchase the Pro.Inbox pack, you will receive 10 custom inbox rules for creating social, email and web feeds.  These packs are cumulative. For example, if you purchase the 10 pack and the 20 pack at a later time, you can manage a total of 40 inbox rules (with the out-of-box rules).