A Day in the Life With LifeTopix

In this video, we’re following Susan who is a busy woman on the go. She’s a wife, mom, and real-estate agent. How does she do it all? She manages her time using LifeTopix. Watch the following video to learn how…

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Today, we’re going to be following Susan. Susan is a busy woman on the go. She’s a wife, mom, and real-estate agent. How does she do it all? She manages her time using LifeTopix.

Welcome to LifeTopix. If you’re not familiar with LifeTopix, it’s a complete productivity app for personal organization. With LifeTopix, you can manage your calendar, tasks/to-dos, projects, notes, files, health, and much more with its 12 topics. 

Let’s take a look at Susan’s busy schedule. We’ll start at the LifeTopix Agenda view. The Agenda view is a high-level view of everything that Susan has planned today, tomorrow, and the next 7 days.  This way, Susan always knows exactly what’s on her schedule. 

Also with the handy Agenda view, Susan can also manage her to-do lists. She sets up a daily checklist so she makes sure she hasn’t forgotten anything.

And if there’s something Susan doesn’t want to see, she can easily filter it out.

Susan has several ways of viewing her busy schedule on her calendar. She can view it by Day, Week, Month, and Year. And once again, handy filters let her decide what she wants to see.

The Near Me view makes planning your day very convenient because you can see exactly where all of your items for the day are located. You can tap the pin for more information, or you can dive into the details by tapping here.

Let’s dive into some of the details of Susan’s schedule. Sometimes Susan is required to drive the kids to school via carpool. So she set up a recurring appointment. She has not set up the location yet, but it is easy to do. If you tap here, select Specify/Show on Map, Add the Address, or just the name of the school, Search — it will automatically find the location for you and you can save it and refer to it at a later time.

Susan is a very fit and healthy woman and it’s important to her to exercise and eat right. I’m going to show you how she logs her calories and workouts each day. By choosing the Quick Add here. And then choosing log form, you can see the different log forms that she’s set up. One is for Activity, One is for Calories, and the next one is for her Daily Medications. When she wants to log her activity, she simply taps here, enters in the information, let’s say she did the treadmill for an hour today, and saves it and it’s logged for the day. It works the same way for calories and daily medications.

During lunch, Susan has set up an initial appointment with her Interior Designer for her home remodeling project. She sees her appointment is not confirmed so it’s easy to give Tad a call by tapping here and finding his contact information.

Susan has set up her home remodeling project as a LifeTopix project. When she meets with Tad, she will want to make sure she has some notes. Tad might have a blueprint that she can easily add, by adding a file here. 

It looks like Tad has brought his sketches. What’s great is Susan can attach them to her remodeling project in a PDF format.

Susan is also furthering her education by getting certified as a real estate broker. What’s very important for her is getting certified, so she’s set up a broker certification in her Education topic in Lifetopix. Today she has a test scheduled, so she has scheduled that as a task. In addition, she’s added notes to this so she can make sure to study for this quiz. She can also use Evernote to sync notes back and forth from LifeTopix to Evernote.

Last but not least, Susan has set up dinner with her family. Let’s go back to the My Calendar view and take a look at that. Here’s the appointment. She can easily tap here and see where to find the restaurant. But what’s really important to Susan is sharing her remodeling notes for collaboration with her husband. All she needs to do is tap here and send her husband this note via email. He can import this note directly into LifeTopix or he can open it.

I hope you found our “day in the life” helpful to give you an idea of how you can leverage LifeTopix in your own busy life. 

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  1. Greg says:

    I bought this app just last week after trying SO many others over the last year and I guess I’m the opposite of some users who comment – all the other apps I tried were just too basic so lacked the features I like to have. I love the power and customisability of LifeTopix.and am prepared to put in the groundwork to learn it , and it is not at all slow on my iPhone 4s. I have found your videos very useful for training me in its use. Not sure if I’m missing something that already exists – but would love to be able to change text size & have more control of colors for eg categories. In any case, love your app I’m your latest best buddy just sorry I didn’t find it sooner !!!

    • LightArrow says:

      Thank you for the kind words! With users like you giving us feedback, we make continuous improvements – the next version (7.0) is under testing for an early June release with several improvements.
      We do plan to support customizable text sizes and colors – by category, type, status, etc. – in a future update.
      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow

  2. Jacob Reeder says:

    Hi – First, I want to say that I like the affordability of your app and I hope it’s to encourage us to give you lots of feedback. I want to let you know that I strongly prefer that you offer a landscape view mode. Also, when I tried playing the above video on my iPhone and streamed through airplay, it timed out when the screen lock kicks. This doesn’t happen with other videos that I play instream through airplay.

    Although I bought this app a while ago, I still find it extremely difficult to use. I intend to be very constructive with my comments, so I’ll let you know that I don’t have a lot of time to figure things out. It has to be very very easy to use. And I find your app very difficult. I’m not sure if it’s the design or the lack of understanding with and help documents. I’m a very busy person with school and lots of doctors appointments. Plus I like to work out an awful lot. I feel that your app has the potential to really help me, but I’m just not sure how to really use your app and I find it very difficult to figure out.

    Also, it seems like I’m constantly hitting a “back” button. How come I can’t easily get to the home screen or previous section heading? Or is there a way to get back easier? Sometimes tap and holding a button in other apps allows an easier experience.

    Lastly, your app appears to be slow. It does not indicate that it’s thinking, so I’m not sure if it’s a bug. But especially when using the help section, or when creating a new appointment and adding details and hitting “save”… I noticed there is lag time.

    I look forward to any enhancements your app will have. I intend to use this and provide feedback to help you and other users. I appreciate you letting me provide comments.


    • LightArrow says:

      Hi Jacob,

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      We do have full landscape support on the iPad, and on the iPhone, we do plan to enable landscape mode for media files, documents and our health and activity graphs and plots. We will look into the AirPlay issue related to the timeout screen lock.

      You are right about the need to make our app simpler to use. We have been improving it over time, and also developing more videos to give short examples of how to use various features. We do a lot more than overly simplistic list and note apps, so it is always a challenge to improve usability without compromising its power. Feel free to suggest specific things that are difficult to use, and we will work hard to improve those areas – we will also continue to improve the usability and responsiveness in general.

      Agree with you on the back button issue – we do show a dashboard icon in the center of the bottom toolbar in various views – tapping on that brings you to the top level. Also, we do plan to support a swipe from bottom to bring in a toolbar to go to the home view.

      We have made some speed improvements in our 6.0.1 update that we hope is available next week.

      Please keep sending us feedback like this. We are fortunate to have thoughtful users like you. We will work our hardest to keep improving the app. We love what we do and we hope to delight our users with many useful things over time.

      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow


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