Our Promise
Our word matters to us.
Because what we do matters to you.

Dear Users,

Thank you for giv­ing our first app a chance. This is our promise to you.

  • This is just the begin­ning. We are in this for the long haul with a great vision. We plan to suc­ceed by com­mu­ni­cat­ing with you, delight­ing you, win­ning your sup­port, and earn­ing your trust. With your con­struc­tive feed­back, reviews and sug­ges­tions, we promise to excel and make our apps your favorite ones on your device.
  • Our first app is very ambi­tious with a broad fea­ture set. Ini­tially, some fea­tures may seem too light to some users, or too com­plex to oth­ers, but we trust in our abil­ity to respond very quickly. With your con­struc­tive feed­back, reviews and sug­ges­tions, we promise to excel and move our apps for­ward con­stantly to keep them the most enjoy­able ones on your device.
  • There are many use­ful apps avail­able on the iOS plat­form that address a topic really well. We want to take the power of your device to the next level with our unique approach of address­ing and con­nect­ing mul­ti­ple top­ics that are rel­e­vant to most users. With your con­struc­tive feed­back, reviews and sug­ges­tions, we promise to excel and make our apps the most use­ful ones on your device.

Thank you for engag­ing with us, stick­ing with us, and dri­ving us towards excel­lence. Help us in our mis­sion to be the com­pany that pro­vides your favorite apps on your device.


Team LightAr­row


  1. Lea G
    Sep 24, 2013

    After work­ing with Life­Topix for a month and really try­ing to use it as the 1 cen­ter app for all the strands in my life, I find there are 2 very spe­cific fea­tures that would make it much more use­ful: 1) the abil­ity to set mul­ti­ple “pester” alarms for some tasks, meet­ings and such, so that I can’t brush it away in the first reminder because I hap­pen to be right in the mid­dle of some­thing, and then I promptly for­get the thing I was reminded about (I need to set about 3 alarms to get out of bed).o 2) the abil­ity to color-code, so that every­thing doesn’t all look the same in cal­en­dar view. Even if the color cod­ing wasn’t user-selected, but expenses might be green, birth­days pur­ple, meet­ings red, etc.
    hope these are easy to do because they would make the app way more help­ful in my life.

    • LightArrow
      Sep 25, 2013

      Hi Lea,
      Thanks so much for reach­ing out to us with these sug­ges­tions!
      On the first point, we do plan to sup­port what we are call­ing “reminder sets” — they’d be cus­tom col­lec­tions of reminders/alerts you can cre­ate, and use them for tasks, appoint­ments, etc.
      In our next major update (Octo­ber), we are adding col­ors to con­text tags, so things with those con­texts (Work, Health, Fam­ily, etc.) show up with the color of those con­texts, regard­less of type. Over time. we’ll add color sup­port by type, cat­e­gory, etc.
      Please let us know as you think of other things you’d like.
      Team LightArrow

  2. Bryan Frank
    Mar 20, 2013

    Your cur­rent app and stated goals sound like you read my mind for what a pro­duc­tiv­ity app should be. But, before entrust­ing my time and data to some­thing that will main­tain my “dig­i­tal life”, I’d like to think the com­pany will be around for at least a few years. I did buy your app at the “sale price”, but 99¢ still seems way too LOW to keep a com­pany going.

    I know it sounds odd to “com­plain” about an app being too cheap, but I would almost feel more com­fort­able pay­ing more, if it meant the con­tin­ued exis­tence and sup­port of the devel­op­ment group.

    You do sound like good peo­ple, but I’ve been burned by too many “hit and run” devel­op­ers, mak­ing it hard to trust an app again with my “dig­i­tal heart” ;-)


    • LightArrow
      Mar 20, 2013

      Dear Bryan,

      Thank you for reach­ing out with such a gen­uine sen­ti­ment, and also for buy­ing our app.

      A lit­tle bit about us — we are vet­er­ans from the enter­prise soft­ware indus­try, and we do every­thing with a long term vision in mind. One of the biggest take­aways from our enter­prise soft­ware days is the value of a close rela­tion­ship with users. We are def­i­nitely “giv­ing away” the app right now, but what that has allowed us to learn (and plan for the future) is priceless.

      We are a well-funded com­pany, we are very agile, we run lean, and we take immense pride in delight­ing our users — both with our tech­nol­ogy and our gold-class sup­port. And like a true business-class app, we make sure you can export your data into XML and CSV for­mats, as well as back it up to Drop­box, Google Drive and Email.

      We have just begun. We have many amaz­ing things com­ing down the road. Just you wait! :)

      Team LightAr­row
      Austin, Texas

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