LightArrow Announces Version 4.1 of LifeTopix with Toodledo Integration and Expense Tracking

Austin, TX, March 18, 2012

LightAr­row, Inc. is pleased to announce the imme­di­ate avail­abil­ity of the lat­est ver­sion of Life­Topix with Too­dledo inte­gra­tion and a new expense track­ing fea­ture. Life­Topix — the advanced life infor­ma­tion man­age­ment app for iOS devices — is business-class soft­ware for every indi­vid­ual. The 4.1 release con­tin­ues to demon­strate the company’s mis­sion to help users be more effec­tive and more efficient.

Avail­able now for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Life­Topix 4.1 com­bines an improved user inter­face and an inte­grated, all-in-one design to deliver out-of-the-box value for new and exist­ing users. A uni­ver­sal app that lever­ages Apple’s iCloud tech­nol­ogy to deliver auto­matic device-to-device sync, Life­Topix is one of the most afford­able ways for users to uti­lize mul­ti­ple iOS devices to orga­nize all their life information.

Too­dledo inte­gra­tion enables seam­less access to one of the most pop­u­lar online task prod­ucts on the mar­ket and adds to the grow­ing num­ber of 3rd party inte­gra­tions for Life­Topix. This rein­forces the company’s com­mit­ment to pro­tect­ing users’ invest­ments by giv­ing them the max­i­mum amount of choice in their prod­uct selec­tion. Exist­ing finan­cial man­age­ment fea­tures in the prod­uct are sup­ple­mented by the new capa­bil­ity to track expenses.

Sev­eral new fea­tures in release 4.1 greatly enhance ease-of-use, includ­ing cal­en­dar improve­ments such as sup­port for mul­ti­ple device cal­en­dars; abil­ity to open Life­Topix items directly from a device cal­en­dar; abil­ity to edit device cal­en­dar entries directly from Life­Topix; and cal­en­dar views for trips, vis­i­tors, and events. Other usabil­ity enhance­ments include auto-save for notes con­tent and improved meth­ods for set­ting the due date and sta­tus of tasks.

A top pro­duc­tiv­ity app for iOS devices, Life­Topix deliv­ers native sup­port for man­ag­ing tasks and projects; track­ing ser­vices and the peo­ple who pro­vide them; main­tain­ing shop­ping lists; track­ing events; coor­di­nat­ing travel and leisure activ­i­ties; log­ging health met­rics; track­ing finances and per­sonal pos­ses­sions; man­ag­ing pho­tos, videos & audio clips; access­ing online file ser­vices; and more.

Pric­ing and Availability

Life­Topix 4.1 is avail­able imme­di­ately from the Apple App Store as a free update for any­one with Life­Topix 1.0, 1.0.1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, or 2.0, 3.0, 3.0.2, or 4.0. For new users, Life­Topix 4.1 is avail­able for a lim­ited time at a spe­cial price of $2.99. As a uni­ver­sal app, a sin­gle pur­chase enti­tles the buyer to use this top pro­duc­tiv­ity app on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

About LightAr­row

LightAr­row, Inc., based in Austin, Texas, is a pre­mier devel­oper of appli­ca­tions for mobile plat­forms. The com­pany was founded in 2009 by a group of ser­ial entre­pre­neurs with a suc­cess­ful track record of build­ing soft­ware com­pa­nies from the ground up and delight­ing cus­tomers for 20 years.


  1. David
    Sep 17, 2012

    How do I keep track of busi­ness expenses for IRS report­ing with Life­Topix? Thanks Dave

    • LightArrow
      Sep 17, 2012

      Hi David,
      One way to do that is to cre­ate a con­text tag called IRS, and use that tags expenses meant for IRS. That way you can see all the expenses tagged as IRS from the My Con­texts view.
      Also, you can extend the expense cat­e­gories (Enter­tain­ment, Meals, Trans­porta­tion) by adding your own.
      We hope that helps. Always make back­ups of Life­Topix data using either the built0in Online Backup or Email Backup from Life­Topix Set­tings.
      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow

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