LightArrow Announces Partnership with Box, Integrates all Personal Organization and Business Apps with Box Services

August 30, 2013 — Austin, Texas — LightArrow, Inc.

LightArrow, Inc. creators of the popular Life­Topix™ personal productivity app for iOS, announced today that the company has completed powerful integrations of all its business and personal organization apps with Box services via a close partnership with Box.

LightArrow, Inc. creators of the popular Life­Topix™ app for iOS, announced today powerful integrations of its business productivity and personal organization apps, LifeTopix™, My.Agenda™, Pro.Notes™, My.Notes™, and My.Shopping™ with Box services. The integration of Box services provides LightArrow mobile app users with access to online files from Box, device-to-device sync via Box, and online backup and restore for users of Box.

This integration is built into the LightArrow App Engine 7, which is utilized by all the apps from LightArrow, providing a common set of functionality across all the apps. The LightArrow App Engine currently supports Dropbox™, SkyDrive™, and Google Drive™, and by adding Box services, LightArrow opens the features to millions of existing Box users. The LightArrow App Engine 7 has over three years of development and constant improvements with feedback from users.

With the Box services integration, LifeTopix, My.Agenda, Pro.Notes, and My.Notes users can create links to online folders and files on Box for easy access on their mobile devices. This gives them the ability to download, view, email, and print the documents while mobile. Additionally, LifeTopix, My.Agenda, and Pro.Notes users can associate specific files on Box with items in the apps, such as projects, trips, assets, service providers, events, notes, and more. Users can also upload local documents and media files directly to specific folders on Box with a single tap. This gives the users tremendous power in terms of storing their important files and documents on Box, while making them easily accessible in the context of items for personal organization and business productivity from within the LightArrow apps.

Furthermore, the Box services integration allows LightArrow app users to keep their app data the same on all their devices through device-to-device sync. All apps from LightArrow are universal apps, so that a single purchase lets users install the apps on their iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Additionally, the integration provides online backup and restore directly from LightArrow apps via Box.

“This is an integration we are very excited about, as Box is extremely popular with users, and Box services are evolving powerfully for additional possibilities down the road,” said Adi Mishra, CEO at LightArrow Inc. “By integrating the Box services directly with the LightArrow App Engine 7, our entire line of apps for business productivity and personal organization will take advantage of the integration. We’re aiming to offer a total of about 25 key apps by the middle of next year.”

Pricing and Availability

The updated apps are either already available, or will be available by early September. Prices range from US .99 cents to US 4.99 cents. Depending on the purchased app, some integrations are available only through in-app purchases. These updates will be free for existing users. As universal apps, a single purchase entitles buyers to use the apps on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

About LightArrow

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, LightAr­row, Inc. ( was founded in 2010 by a team of visionaries and repeat entrepreneurs who have dedicated their professional careers to the challenge of leveraging state-of-the-art information technology to solve problems that matter to people. Their mission is to build intelligent, world-class software products that dramatically improve their customers’ everyday lives. The company has extensive experience delivering quality solutions to some of the most sophisticated customers in the world, and are very proud of their successful track record.

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