LightArrow CEO Interviewed on Vision — Shares Priorities for iOS, Windows 8, and Android in the Enterprise

May 29, 2013 — Austin, Texas — LightArrow, Inc.

LightArrow, Inc. co-founder and CEO Adi Mishra gives interview to *second screen INSIDER about LifeTopix — their flagship iOS app. Mishra shares the vision for the future of their apps and the company’s relative priorities for iOS, Android and Windows 8 platforms for business apps.

*second screen INSIDER Angel Milev interviewed Adi Mishra, the CEO of LightArrow, Inc., about  LifeTopix — their flagship iOS app — and Mishra’s vision for the future of the company. This interview follows two significant events for LightArrow including wrapping up a new round of funding for $1 million dollars in March 2013 and the release of LightArrow’s second app, My.Agenda, in April.

Since 2010, LightArrow has been providing users with the most com­pre­hen­sive app for man­ag­ing all aspects of their lives and busi­nesses. The Life­Topix app allows users to cap­ture, track, con­nect, know, and act upon all the infor­ma­tion in their lives. In this interview, Mishra explains that LifeTopix differentiates itself from the typical “one-trick pony” apps by providing a breadth of features for managing all aspects of their user’s lives. He reports that their users replace several of their apps with LifeTopix, which makes it unique. He indicates that LifeTopix is categorized in the Productivity section at the Apple App Store, but spans many categories.

Mishra explains that this is just the beginning for LightArrow, as the company will continue to release several new apps in the coming months for consumers in various categories, while expanding its app portfolio to B2B offerings. Mishra announced that LightArrow will be completing additional consumer apps in May, a new set of business apps in June, soon followed by Windows 8 support and Android apps in the following months. He indicated that many of their current users are small business owners who are using LifeTopix to manage their businesses. This insight accelerated LightArrow’s plans to release their line of business apps.

With a bold vision for 2013, LightArrow is executing fiercely on its two pronged-strategy — expanding its portfolio of apps and broadening its platform support beyond iOS with Windows 8 and Android devices, said Adi Mishra, CEO at LightArrow. Starting with my video interview with *second screen INSIDER, we have started sharing our plans of being a meaningful vendor of serious apps in the next few weeks and months, adding to and building on top of a solid technology base we have created over the last three years.

At second screen INSIDER, our primary focus is the exciting world of mobile apps, says Angel Milev, the site’s founder. LightArrow is amongst the bold startups that are driving innovations in this fast growing, multi-billion-dollar market. I was impressed with LightArrow’s vision, and talking to founders like Adi, and sharing their vision and experience with our audience, is a valuable service we provide within this ecosystem.

According to Mishra, LightArrow’s philosophy and their emphasis on customer support and engagement are keys to their success. He explains that LightArrow has a highly-engaged and loyal group of users and LightArrow’s team’s priority is to deliver world-class support to its users, and LightArrow has had several thousand interactions with its users via email, website comment threads, and phone calls. He explains that the team also does Skype or Google Hangouts sessions with “lighthouse users” to gain valuable feedback on product direction.

I had a great session discussing our vision and plans with Angel, added Adi. He has a very diverse view of the entire landscape of mobile apps and startups. Angel engages with founders on significant topics and meaningful questions. He is right in the thick of it all, and he shares the same energy that drives LightArrow as a company in these exciting times.

Watch the interview below or watch the original at *second screen INSIDER:

Adi Mishra from Angel on Vimeo.

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