LightArrow Releases LifeTopix 7.0 and New App My.Shopping for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

July 31, 2013 — Austin, Texas — LightArrow, Inc.

LightArrow, Inc., creators of popular productivity and business apps for iOS, announce today the release of their newest app, My.Shopping, and a major update of LifeTopix with redesigned views, enhanced repeat scheduling, and powerful features for note-taking and bringing contact information into one place.

LightArrow, Inc., creators of productivity and business apps for iOS, announce today the release of their newest app, My.Shopping™ and a major update of LifeTopix™ and My.Agenda™. The My.Shopping app simplifies shopping with powerful and complete management of multiple shopping lists, products people buy, coupons and gifts. The LifeTopix and My.Agenda updates include redesigned topic views, enhanced repeat scheduling and powerful features for note-taking, and bringing contact information into one place.

LightArrow’s new app, My.Shopping, takes a comprehensive approach to organizing and managing shopping for groceries, clothing, personal items and more. Users can build reusable lists with photos, write detailed descriptions of products, and create categories such as grocery aisles or sellers. They can share lists for collaboration purposes with family, friends and housemates in a few simple taps. They can organize their lists, gifts given and received, things to sell, coupons, products and sellers. A significant improvement in the Near Me technology simplifies localized shopping. Unlike many shopping list or grocery apps, no web logins or advertisements are included. Users’ shopping habits are kept private on their devices.

LifeTopix and My.Agenda include several new features with complete redesigns of the Shopping topic, People + Services topic and Notes topic. These redesigned topics display useful “Ribbons” for viewing items that are urgent and due to help users stay on top of what’s important in their busy lives. The People + Services topic now makes it easier to stay in touch with colleagues, family, clients and friends. In one view, users can see their contacts’ phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, latest Facebook and Twitter posts, and association with LifeTopix items, such as appointments and LifeTopix tasks that they own.

“Most users prefer the everything-in-one-app approach, while others warm up to that idea by starting small. We cater to both,” said Rajul Mishra, President at LightArrow. “Paying attention to existing users via our exceptional support, we constantly strive to make significant usability and feature enhancements to our existing apps. Additionally, exploring newer markets, we have many more apps in the works across several categories, that are very targeted, like My.Shopping.”

Other LifeTopix enhancements include:

  • Substantially improved drawing and handwriting with all tools combined into a single control
  • Smart, dynamic scheduling of tasks — options to create repeated tasks only when the previous task is complete or cancelled
  • Custom month schedules — ability to choose recurring tasks or events on varying dates or days
  • Smart conversion of device reminders to LifeTopix shopping items or tasks
  • Repeat schedule previews
  • Reordering apps in the My Apps app launcher
  • Copying of projects
  • Unified view for logins to integrated apps
  • Improved search for places in maps
  • Service providers displayed on maps
  • More calendar filter options including photos, audio and video
  • Bonus theme colors
  • Paid amounts in bills
  • Full screen view of notes
  • More choices for alerts of LifeTopix events and other items
  • User specified dashboard view upon launch of LifeTopix
  • Defect fixes, usability and speed improvements

Pricing and Availability

LifeTopix and My.Agenda are available immediately from the Apple App Store. For new users, LifeTopix is available for US $4.99 and My.Agenda is available for US 99 cents. My.Shopping is available for US 99 cents. As universal apps, a single purchase entitles buyers to use the apps on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

About LightArrow

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, LightArrow, Inc. ( was founded in 2010 by a team of visionaries and repeat entrepreneurs who have dedicated their professional careers to the challenge of leveraging state-of-the-art information technology to solve problems that matter to people. Their mission is to build intelligent, world-class software products that dramatically improve their customers’ everyday lives. The company has extensive experience delivering quality solutions to some of the most sophisticated customers in the world and are very proud of their successful track record.

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