Our Values
What we treasure.
And why it matters.

We value our customers

We believe in deliv­er­ing qual­ity prod­ucts at a fair price because our cus­tomers deserve value for the money they spend.

We value our reputation

We believe that we must always com­mu­ni­cate clearly with our cus­tomers and that we should never set­tle for less than exceed­ing their expectations.

We value our commitments

We believe that our word means some­thing and that we must con­tinue to demon­strate that every day.

We value our peo­ple and their inno­v­a­tive thinking

We hire only the best and bright­est who share our total ded­i­ca­tion to our customers.


  1. Terry
    Jul 01, 2012

    I can find no pri­vacy state­ment in the help or on this web­site. What data does the app send back to your com­pany? I’m not inter­ested in any pro­duc­tiv­ity app that helps itself to my per­sonal info.

    • LightArrow
      Jul 01, 2012

      Hi Terry,
      Thank you for your ques­tion.
      We do not pro­vide an online com­po­nent for Life­Topix from us, and Life­Topix does not have an online login unlike other apps. Hence we do not send any Life­Topix data to our com­pany. Life­Topix does give our users the abil­ity to see their Ever­note notes, Drop­box files, Google Docs etc. when they explic­itly choose to see that infor­ma­tion in the con­text of trips, projects etc. inside Life­Topix, but none of that data is acces­si­ble to use — it is all on the device of the user. We don’t even have an online app (except for a stan­dard Word­Press web­site) do get any data. When the user enables iCloud sync­ing in Life­Topix (to sync their Life­Topix data on their iPad with their iPhone, for exam­ple), that uses Apple’s iCloud servers, and that data is not avail­able to us either.
      The app gets infor­ma­tion FROM our web­site TO the device — for the built-in online help and Life­Topix noti­fi­ca­tions let­ting users know of impor­tant updates from us.
      We hope this gives you a bet­ter idea. We have released our app under the stan­dard end user agree­ment pro­vided by Apple. We are in the process of plac­ing a sep­a­rate pri­vacy state­ment acces­si­ble via both the app and our web­site that states what we have shared here.
      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow

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