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MyAgenda256We commonly receive questions about how My.Agenda and LifeTopix differ; therefore, today we’re providing a post that gives you a good overview of the features of My.Agenda. It’s one of LightArrow’s newest apps built on the LightArrow App Engine 7. The LightArrow App Engine is utilized by all of the apps from LightArrow, and the engine provides a common set of functionality across all of the apps.

Out of the box, My. Agenda includes Reminders, Backup and Restore, Near Me (map view), Passcode Lock, Hot List, Context Tags, Bookmarks, Quick Inbox, Appointments, and the Calendar Views. You can choose to add more features and new topics through in-app purchases or you can purchase the “Everything Pack,” which essentially makes My.Agenda the equivalent of LifeTopix.

My.Agenda is considered the “little sister” of LightArrow’s flagship app, LifeTopix. The My.Agenda app is available for those who want to get productive at a lower price point, US 99 cents, and add features and topics as they desire. This enables you to start small with your productivity needs and grow as your needs expand. LifeTopix includes a calendar, agenda, and checklists plus 12 topics for organizing items such as Tasks + Projects, Shopping, Events, Travel + Places, People + Services, Health + Activity, Finances, Home + Assets, Education, Notes + Files, Media, and Bookmarks. LifeTopix also includes device-to-device sync via cloud services, such as Dropbox or Box. Sync is optional with My.Agenda.

If you’re contemplating swapping the built-in calendar app on your iPhone or iPad, My.Agenda is a great substitute. It acts as a “front end” to the calendars you’ve set up in your device’s Settings (including, Google, Yahoo, etc.), and it gives you additional functionality for scheduling and organizing your life. If your friends, family, or colleagues use the iOS calendar or a different calendar that your Apple device supports, you’re in luck because My.Agenda shows events from those calendars.

The images in this post were created by using LifeTopix, but keep in mind that My.Agenda is very similar, and can include the same features through in-app purchases. If you wish to compare our apps in more detail, refer to


Let’s first discuss design. LightArrow apps are not superficial. They’re not just pretty on the outside — they also have deep substance, which pleasantly surprises most users. These apps have a multifaceted personality, and when you peel back the layers you’ll find that they’ll adapt to a multitude of uses because of their configurability. The colors, fonts, and typefaces are meant to emphasize readability. We’ve taken customer feedback to heart and applied their advice to accentuate your productivity.

The Agenda View

The My.Agenda app includes more functionality right out of the box than your usual calendar or to-do app. It includes your to-do lists (checklists) and your calendar in one place in an easy-to-read Agenda view. With other apps, your schedule and to-do lists are disconnected resulting in a disjointed experience. My.Agenda helps you get productive right away by eliminating the app hopping that you would experience with these detached apps.

The Agenda view, which is available in both My.Agenda and LifeTopix is the view that you use to remember all the appointments, to-dos, tasks, etc. that you need to track every day. In a single glance, you know what’s going on for the day. Types of items that you can create through the Agenda view vary depending on your in-app purchases, but appointments and checklists are provided out of the box. Notice that you can add your appointments and to-dos directly from this view using the Add links and the Quick Add menu at the bottom of the screen. The Agenda View is shown below.

Agenda View

The Calendar Views

We understand that the calendar is one of the most important tools that you use for daily life. Most of us are lost without our calendars. That’s why we provide you with easy-to-read and user-friendly views for your calendar. We invite you to compare LightArrow calendars with the iOS 7 calendar views and decide which views you prefer to use for your daily life. My.Agenda provides you with a variety of views including Day, Week, Month, and Year. Furthermore, you can choose the calendars (Google, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) and items (Appointment, tasks, etc.) you wish to view on your calendar by tapping the filter icon in the upper right of the calendar.

Day View

The Day view includes a detailed list view for the day. It shows you your appointments (and tasks, workouts, projects, events, etc. – depending on what you’re managing) for a given day. If you’re using multiple calendars, the events are color coded by calendar. Tapping the appointment accesses the event’s details. You can manage your items directly through this view.

Day View

Week View

The Week view gives you a good overview of the items that you’ve scheduled for the week. Once again, they’re color-coded based on their calendar. Managing the items is easy – just a tap away.

Week View

Month View

The Month view includes detailed list views and a calendar for the month. It shows you a list of your appointments for a chosen day and you can easily choose the day you want to view by tapping the date on the calendar. There’s an indicator on each day to show you if items are scheduled on those days. You can also completely manage those items by tapping them.

Month View

Year View

The Year view allows you to scroll through a list of all your appointments and other items in one view for the entire year. You can also access past years’ items. You can manage your items directly from this view.

Year View

Appointment Creation

You’ll find an abundance of power and flexibility in appointment creation. Creating an appointment is very user friendly as shown in the screenshot below. Essentially, you complete the fields and optionally add a location via Search, current location, or through a direct address. And keep in mind if you like to use Siri to quickly add events, those events will appear in your My.Agenda app, and you can tap the events in the calendar to convert them to a My.Agenda object if you wish.


My.Agenda also gives you a variety of options for repeat appointments, such as various days of the week or certain days of the month. This functionality is great for part-time work schedules, education schedules, volunteer schedules, coaching, meetings, etc. — any type of appointment that occurs on a varying schedule. A custom month schedule is shown in the graphic below.


Repeat Schedule Month

Your app allows you to preview the schedule before you create it to ensure that you scheduled it correctly, which is very handy. The preview is shown in the image below.

Repeat Schedule

The Near Me view also helps you to get productive and plan your day according to the location of your appointments. If you add a location to your appointments (and other optional items, such as shopping items, tasks, etc.), you can view those items on a map, which gives you a clear picture of how your day looks from a geographic perspective.


Reminders and Alarms

You can create both My.Agenda reminders and device (iOS) reminders directly from your app. And keep in mind that you can use Siri, and My.Agenda will show the reminders that you create by using Siri. You can view reminders in the Agenda View, and you can manage these reminders directly from your app.

You can choose whether or not your My.Agenda items (appointments, or optionally — projects, tasks, bills, etc.) are displayed on your built-in iOS calendar, and you can also choose when you would like to be notified by your device. We suggest that you show the items on your iOS calendar so you can take advantage of your device’s alarms and notifications. In the Settings view, the app provides you with a variety of ways to manage the alarms for your items, as shown below:

Calendar Settings

Note: This screenshot was taken from the latest update currently in testing and due to ship soon. Your screen will vary slightly.

How do you get the Apps?

LifeTopix 7.x and My.Agenda 2.x are available from the Apple App Store for US 4.99 and US .99, respectively. As universal apps, a single purchase entitles you to use these top productivity apps on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The apps require iOS 5.0 or later and are optimized for the newest devices with iOS 7.


Your Turn

We hope this gives you a good overview of the calendar and agenda features of My.Agenda. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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    • LightArrow says:

      Hi John,
      Thanks for reaching out!
      You can create task or an appointment, for the first date, and then go to the repeat schedule portion in its detail view and set up a monthly schedule.
      Each item will be created in the app, and will get both an iOS Calendar reminder as well as a local notification alert.
      Please let us know if you need anything else. You can also email us at for additional questions, as well as check out the Self Help portion from the app’s Help Center view.
      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow
      Austin, Texas

    • LightArrow says:

      Hi Doug,
      We currently only support iOS (and we have a free app on the Mac). We are working on full Mac, Windows 8.1 and Android versions.
      Team LightArrow
      Austin, Texas


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