A simple solution to a challenging problem

Portable devices are great for keeping you close to your information, but they are not so great when you need to enter lots of data. AirAccess is an easy-to-use application for your Mac that gives you complete access to LifeTopix running on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Installing AirAccess

The installer module for AirAccess is available from Apple’s Mac App Store. Once you have downloaded the AirAccess installer module, run it by double-clicking on the module icon.

By default, AirAccess is installed in your system’s Applications folder and available for use by all user accounts.

Running AirAccess

To run AirAccess, double-click its icon in the Applications folder on your Mac.

When AirAccess is not connected to a device, Not connected will appear in the bottom status bar, followed by a red dot. When AirAccess is connected to a device, Connected will appear in the bottom status bar, followed by a green dot.

The first time you run AirAccess, you will see a popup titled Connect to a LifeTopix Device, followed by a list of devices that AirAccess can detect. If you do not see the device to which you wish to connect, then make sure all the following are true:

  • Wi-Fi is enabled via Settings on that device and the device is connected to a network to which your Mac has access
  • AirAccess is enabled via LifeTopix Settings > My Settings on that device
  • LifeTopix is running in the foreground on that device

Select the device to which you wish to connect, then click Connect. If you wish to connect to the same device every time, then click the checkbox next to Remember this device before you click Connect.

For security reasons, the connection request from AirAccess to an iOS device must be accepted from the iOS device itself. Once you click Connect in AirAccess, you will be prompted to accept the incoming connection request on the device. Do so by tapping Accept on the device.

Once the connection has been established, it can be halted from the device by tapping Cancel, or from AirAccess by clicking the X in the upper right of the AirAccess main view.

Using AirAccess

AirAccess allows you to interact with the following types of LifeTopix items on your iOS device:

  • Tasks
  • Notes (including hybrid Evernote notes‡)
  • Bookmarks
  • Files and Folders
  • Quick Inbox
  • Projects
  • Events
  • Trips
  • Visitors
  • Service Providers
  • Assets

‡ A hybrid Evernote note is a note that has been downloaded from Evernote to your device or a LifeTopix note which you have synced with Evernote.

Click on an item type in the column on the left to view a list of all existing items of that type.

To edit an existing item, click on the item in the main view panel, modify its details in the section below the main view panel, then click Save.

To add a new item, click Add just above the main view panel, enter the information for the new item, then click Save.

Note that for Files and Folders, you can only view the contents of existing files and folders or download files from those folders; you cannot delete existing files or folders nor can you add new files or folders. Also, in this release of AirAccess, you  cannot delete existing items of any type.

For more information on the capabilities of each LifeTopix item type, refer to the LifeTopix online documentation.

Quitting or disconnecting AirAccess

To disconnect AirAccess from a device, tap Cancel on the device or click in AirAccess. To connect AirAccess to a device, click in AirAccess.

Note: In this release, the AirAccess application cannot  be resized.

Refer to Getting Started for more information.