All-in-One iPhone and iPad Productivity App for Managing Life and Business in One Place

Use calendars. Take notes. Track assets. Make to do lists. Manage contacts. And more!

LifeTopixIcon80Life­Topix™ is an all-in-one life organizer and productivity app for iPhone and iPad — available at the Apple App Store — that redefines productivity. Use it for life management or small business management to get and stay organized. LifeTopix is one of the best apps for families, is perfect for small and micro businesses and helps students and teachers take control of their education. Sales and marketing professionals, those who follow the GTD® method from David Allen, and anyone else who wants to boost their productivity benefit from LifeTopix.

LifeTopix is based on 12 Life Topics for managing Tasks + Projects, Shopping + Gifts, Events + Appointments, Travel + Places, People + Services, Health + Goals, Finances, Home + Assets, Education, Notes + Files, Media and Bookmarks + Lockers. The 12 topics are connected naturally, which results in reuse across data — which ultimately saves valuable time. Gone are the days when you’re forced to jump repeatably between multiple productivity apps — each one its only little island awash in the sea of data that comprises your life. With LifeTopix you are magically transported to a land where everything is maintained in a single app.

There are plenty of overly simplistic, one-trick-pony apps that just make to do lists, checklists, tasks, notes or grocery lists — leaving you constantly hopping between them with disconnected data and no reuse. With LifeTopix, capture, track, connect, know and act upon all the information in your life — EVERYTHING. It makes getting things done and managing your business easier than ever before.

LifeTopix is Universal and Integrated

Buy once and use this universal app on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Works fully on your devices — no new online logins or subscriptions required. Works with Evernote®, Toodledo®, Dropbox™, Box™, OneDrive™ (SkyDrive), Asana™, Online Docs, Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and more. Use a free Dropbox or Box account to sync across your iOS devices.

Not ready to jump in? Try the light version, My.Agenda.