Unified Calendar and Agenda

Calendars. Tasks. Agenda. Start Small and Power Up.

My.Agenda™ is the lightest version of LifeTopix and can be fully upgraded to have equivalent features of LifeTopix through in-app purchases. However, don’t be fooled when we say “light.” My.Agenda is full featured right out-of-the-box. You will find powerful calendar views with daily calendars, monthly calendars, weekly calendars and yearly calendars. The app works great with the built-in iOS calendar and your Google calendar.

Eliminate app hopping with the daily agenda which shows in a single glance what’s important today, tomorrow and the next 7 days. Make a to do list or a checklist and view it in your daily agenda. And use the task manager to keep you on track. If you want to try LifeTopix at the lowest price point or if you want to customize your productivity app to meet your specific requirements, My.Agenda is the best choice for you.

Start simple with the built-in options, choose to add the 12 Life Topics as À la carte purchases or choose one of the My.Agenda popular packages. Optionally, purchase the LifeTopix Pack to get all the useful features of LifeTopix in My.Agenda.

As you purchase topics from the 12 Life Topics, you receive touchpoints, which are out-of-the-box connections that allow relevant information to be shared across the My.Agenda topics. For example, if you purchase the People + Services topic, you can use the people and services data within relevant topics, such as a client notes for a real estate agent’s client in the Notes + Files topic.

My.Agenda is Universal

Buy once and use this universal app on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Optionally, use a free Dropbox™ or Box™ account to sync across your iOS devices.