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Are You Guilty of Cyberslacking? Learn the Facts [Infographic]

Cyber­slack­ing, which is typ­i­cally defined as using the Inter­net or your mobile devices dur­ing work for per­sonal use, can be a seri­ous drain on your pro­duc­tiv­ity. It’s also a big con­cern for employ­ers due to the poten­tial dam­age to prof­its. In fact, accord­ing to, a com­pany with 1,000 Inter­net users could lose upwards of $35 mil­lion in pro­duc­tiv­ity annu­ally from just an hour of daily Web surf­ing by employ­ees. Another study by the IT ser­vices group, Morse, indi­cates that using social net­work­ing sites, such as Twit­ter, is cost­ing com­pa­nies approx­i­mately $2.25 bil­lion a year.

With that being said, accord­ing to “Social Net­works and Hap­pi­ness” by Nicholas A Chris­takis & James H. Fowler, happy peo­ple tend to be located in the cen­ter of their social net­works — and that adding happy friends increases a person’s prob­a­bil­ity of being happy by about 9 per­cent. It should be noted that happy peo­ple are more pro­duc­tive so iso­lat­ing peo­ple from their vir­tual friends at work might actu­ally be counterproductive.

But how much is too much? That’s for you and your employer to decide. Find­ing a good bal­ance between pro­duc­tiv­ity and “slack­ing off” will ulti­mately help you to be happy and achieve your goals and objec­tives. The Info­graphic below includes facts & solu­tions to help you be more pro­duc­tive, and still spend some time social­iz­ing with your net­work of friends. How do you find your bal­ance? Please com­ment and share your thoughts.

Free Cyberslacking Infographic

Cyber­slack­ing Info­graphic — LightAr­row, Inc.

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