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Being A Successful Weekend Warrior

The “9-to-5 job” has pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur. Now, the demands of a career often require working more than just 8 hours a day. And if you are a parent, it gets even tougher to juggle all the necessities during the work week — jobs, daycare, schooling, shopping, doctors visits, after school […]

5 Great Blogs for Personal Productivity

It might surprise you how many results you get if you plug “productivity blog” into any search engine. Or maybe it wouldn’t surprise you since — if you’re reading this, it’s clearly an area of interest for you so why wouldn’t it be of interest to lots of other folks as well? To help you […]

Cloud in Your Pocket

The iPhone turned things upside down. Overnight, we found ourselves in a world where we could go for longer periods of time without needing a real computer. Just like the Blackberry had redefined email on the go, the iPhone redefined what’s possible on a phone. Quickly, other phones followed Apple’s lead in this ambitious effort. […]