Better Manage Customer Relationships with Custom Forms

LightArrow apps, which include LifeTopix, Pro.Calendar, Pro.Inbox and My.Agenda, have built-in and optional features, which allow you to better manage relationships with customers and contacts. These CRM features are primarily contained within the People + Services topic. The Pro Contacts pack adds CRM contact management features, including custom forms for contacts, a configurable contact grid view, and CSV import/export. It also allows data items such as tasks, appointments, reminders, notes, files, bookmarks, and expenses to be associated with contacts.

Introduction to Custom Forms

The ability to create custom forms is one example of the many features for managing your customer relationships. Custom Forms allow you to capture information about your customer that’s important to you. You can record any type of data you wish. For example, for business, you can create forms for orders, customer satisfaction, bookings, account data, employment data and more. In your personal life, you can keep details about your contacts, such as special dates to remember, gifts you received, or other personal information.

Custom forms can be applicable to groups and statuses. For example, you might only want to collect information about special dates to remember for friends and family, while order information is only applicable to clients. In addition, you can limit the forms to be applicable to contacts for which you’ve applied individual statuses. For example, you might apply a status such as Lost Client, and only Customer Survey and Lost Client forms apply.

You can easily define the forms and fields for collecting data. They’re very simple to set up as demonstrated in the following video.

Watch the Video

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