Can Your Cute Little List App Do This?

Lists are easy. But managing a real life project using a list or notes app is like showing up to perform at a jazz festival with a rubber band.

Let’s take a typical kitchen renovation project. From the main contractor’s perspective:

  • There are initial client meetings, planning, quotes, budget, and a statement of work.
  • Major parts of the project are coordinated with other service providers: plumbers, electricians, flooring, drywall, and cabinet guys.
  • Appliances are selected and purchased, with complex scheduling between cabinet, countertop, plumbing and appliance installers.
  • Shopping lists are managed, tasks are performed in coordination with the service providers, expenses are tracked, and payments are made to sub-contractors.
  • Cleanup, inspections, and touchups are scheduled and performed to the client’s satisfaction.

The sketch below describes what a real-life home improvement project looks like. Good luck doing this with a list or notes app!

When your cool little list app is just not enough, you need a super app. This is where LifeTopix excels — a true organization, management and productivity app for professionals, small business, organized parents, and productivity heroes.

LifeTopix: Managing a Real Project


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