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A Mom’s Guide to Making Brilliant To-do Lists and Getting Stuff Done

In our mod­ern world, we’re busier than ever — espe­cially when rais­ing chil­dren and run­ning a house­hold. We’re rush­ing from one activ­ity to another, and we strug­gle to find the time to get every­thing done that we plan to do. Impor­tant tasks fall through the cracks lead­ing to embar­rass­ment and other con­se­quences, such as an …

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Five Ways to Start and Finish Tasks and Responsibilities

Many of us believe that some peo­ple are nat­u­rally highly moti­vated to com­plete tasks while oth­ers are not. This may or may not be true, but I believe that there’s always ways to improve your abil­ity to get things done. A study pub­lished in the Amer­i­can Jour­nal of Phys­i­ol­ogy: Reg­u­la­tory, Inte­gra­tive and Com­par­a­tive Phys­i­ol­ogy indicates …

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Understand Your Brain Dominance for Better Productivity

Some­times peo­ple are described as right-brain dom­i­nant or left-brain dom­i­nant. Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize win­ner and Neu­ropsy­chol­o­gist, described right and left-brain dom­i­nance in 1981 when research­ing the split brain. Accord­ing to his find­ings, the left side of the brain con­trols logic and focus, and the right side of the brain con­trols cre­ativ­ity. Cor­re­spond­ing to Sperry’s …

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Five Motivational Quotes to Inspire You to Build Good Habits

Quotes sim­ply inspire us. When we’re feel­ing down or unmo­ti­vated, they can reflect what we’re feel­ing inside and lift us up when we need it. If we’re unen­thu­si­as­tic or we’ve lost inspi­ra­tion, a thought­ful quote can moti­vate us because we relate to it — espe­cially when it’s expressed in a poetic way by a knowledgable …

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Guide to Using LifeTopix as a Quantified Self Tool

The Quan­ti­fied Self is a move­ment that advo­cates mea­sur­ing aspects of your daily life such as calo­ries, blood pres­sure, exer­cise, diet, heart rate, and other met­rics. The pur­pose of mea­sur­ing these aspects of your life is to gain knowl­edge about your­self, which can lead to insights for improv­ing your health and hap­pi­ness and for reaching …

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5 Popular Ways Mobile Devices Can Improve Your Life

With this week’s announce­ment of the iPhone 5c, pur­chas­ing an Apple smart­phone is now more afford­able than ever with prices rang­ing from $99 to $199 for first time smart­phone buy­ers or for those who are eli­gi­ble for an upgrade (plus the monthly fees). Accord­ing to a study by eMar­keter, in 2012 there were 44.3 mil­lion Apple …

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Your Family Calendar, All in One Place

Orga­niz­ing your cal­en­dar and sched­ule is a big chal­lenge when you have a lot going on — and most of us do. And if you’re a mom who’s orga­niz­ing the whole fam­ily, it’s even more chal­leng­ing. Learn how Life­Topix and our starter app, My.Agenda, come to the res­cue. Tran­script Orga­niz­ing your cal­en­dar and sched­ule is …

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Earth Day 2013 — Eight Things You Can Do Today to Save the Planet

Each year, Earth Day is cel­e­brated to edu­cate Amer­i­cans about ecol­ogy and what they can do to reduce their envi­ron­men­tal impact. Sen­a­tor Gay­lord Nel­son cre­ated Earth Day in 1970 and it’s still cel­e­brated today to honor our planet. In this post, we’d like to do our part to edu­cate you about a few sim­ple things …

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7 LifeTopix Organizational Tips For Adults Living With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Atten­tion Deficit Dis­or­der (ADD) or Atten­tion Deficit Hyper­ac­tiv­ity Dis­or­der (ADHD) are com­plex and there can be many symp­toms, but gen­er­ally adults who are liv­ing with ADHD face dif­fi­cul­ties stay­ing orga­nized and focus­ing on the task at hand. Most experts agree that pro­duc­tiv­ity apps or day plan­ners can help those with ADHD man­age their lives. The LifeTopix …

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Six Good Life Habits and How to Develop Them

If you’re like most peo­ple, stick­ing to good habits wax and wane over time. It takes dis­ci­pline to stick to habits, and there are cer­tainly peri­ods of time that we’re more moti­vated than we are at other times. We even beat our­selves up over our inabil­ity to replace bad habits with good habits, which affects …

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