Cloud in Your Pocket

The iPhone turned things upside down.

Overnight, we found ourselves in a world where we could go for longer periods of time without needing a real computer. Just like the Blackberry had redefined email on the go, the iPhone redefined what’s possible on a phone. Quickly, other phones followed Apple’s lead in this ambitious effort. A full database, a real OS, and an SDK for apps that rival those on desktops enabled the development of “real” software applications on these devices. But it did more – it achieved a great leap forward, bringing together previously-unrelated capabilities of mobility, location awareness, touch, orientation, and media capture. All of this led to mass user appeal. Now, many more people buy many more apps than they buy software for desktops.

LifeTopix taps into that power — and makes it even more powerful.

Leveraging this new reality, Team LightArrow does three big things in the LifeTopix app in order to deliver incredible value to users.

To start with, we take all that power and deliver it as relevant features to you.

LifeTopix takes advantage of every basic and advanced feature of the phone in a way that seems natural to the user. For example, users now have a powerful, one-touch charting capability for all of their health and activity metric data, and they can easily set locations for many types of items to allow them to utilize the very useful “Near Me” feature. The result is a truly business-class application, in contrast to much simpler apps that just try to do one thing.

None of this would be possible without an industry class information model within the app — a data model that rivals the most complex business apps, but delivers its power simply and easily. It does this through a device that empowers the user by working so intuitively and naturally that it frees the user from the burden of having to think about how to do what they want to do. LifeTopix gives them access to all of the information in their life, tied together as it is naturally, always in the context of what the user is doing or looking for.

Secondly, we deliver Your Information Cloud: In Your Pocket.TM 

The user today is flooded with an endless amount of information important to them — whether it’s something given to them by someone else, something they have created themselves, or something that they come across that they want to remember. LifeTopix connects to services in the cloud to allow them to capture all of this and make it available to them anywhere.

A document you have on Dropbox or Google Docs can now be linked into a project, a trip, a note, an asset, or any other item that is relevant. LifeTopix gives you access to your information spread all over the cloud, neatly in the place where it matters to you. We continue to integrate LifeTopix with additional popular online services across topics, with exciting ones like Evernote and others coming soon.

Thirdly, we turn the model upside down.

With a real database, the authoritative source of information is the device. That is where the app is, and where the database is. A client app on the Mac (LifeTopix AirAccess) allows you to access the date, use it, and manipulate it. The Mac client is a “slave” to the device, instead of the device being a slave to an old-school app on the Mac or PC. This is where we have truly put our trust into what the real power and potential of your device is.

We strongly believe in this model where the user always has their data in their pocket, while being able to use the Mac for easier typing and data entry. Whether it’s being able to push a bookmark quickly and easily from the desktop into the phone, or being able to look up the password of an online account securely while using the desktop – the data is always on their device. We submit this model turns traditional thinking on its head, thanks to the power and connectivity of the device.

This is only the beginning – look for many more fundamental innovations that set LifeTopix apart.