LightArrow Partners With Box to Turbocharge Your Personal Organization and Business Productivity

box_partnership_seal_blue(1)Organizing your life and business can be difficult, especially when there’s so many appointments, events, meetings, and projects that you’re juggling. And as a matter of course, you have supporting documents for many of your projects and meetings, and it’s always difficult to find those documents when you need them. You can print them and store them in file folders that clutter your office space or you can save them to your hard drive and risk the chance of hardware failure and losing them for good. So what’s the solution for keeping these documents stored safely, easily finding and retrieving them when you need them, and making them accessible wherever you go? LightArrow and Box have teamed up to solve these problems. Imagine you’ve started a new project and you have a weekly meeting to discuss all the logistics. Your boss calls you while you’re at the airport and needs to know the specific details about deadlines and the roadmap. You can pull up the project in LifeTopix then and there, and access all the supporting files containing the weekly meeting notes from the LifeTopix project. Or, perhaps you’ve moved to a new city and you need to start preventive care for your pets. Instantly access a Health project in LifeTopix and locate photos or scanned documents of your pets’ vaccination records. With LightArrow’s new integration with Box, you are now able to easily associate your files that are stored in the cloud with Box to LifeTopix projects, products, events, trips, visits, notes, services, service providers, metrics, subjects, and assets.


Imagine having the ability to link tasks, checklists, appointments, reminders, bookmarks, files, audio, photos, videos, notes, expenses, services, and shopping items to your projects. And picture how impressed your boss will be when you answer his or her questions on the spot, while on the go. And if you’re using more than one iOS device, you can also use Box for device-to-device sync — keep data on all your devices the same.

So how do you get started?

  1. Go to and set up an account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Create and store your important documents and files in Box.
  3. Go to the App Store and purchase LifeTopix.
  4. In LifeTopix, tap Settings and then Logins for Integrations.
  5. Under the Box section, add your Box account.
  6. In the LifeTopix Notes + Files topic, add your Folders and Files from Box by tapping the Folders and Files tiles.
  7. Associate your files with LifeTopix projects, products, events, trips, visits, notes, services, service providers, metrics, subjects, and assets.

Want to learn more?

Find detailed tutorials about our integration at the LightArrowInc YouTube page by following the links below. Associating Files and Folders | Device-to-Device Sync Find information about LightArrow Apps at the Box website by following the links below. LifeTopix | My.Agenda | Pro.Notes | My.Notes | My.Shopping

Introducing Integration of Box with LightArrow Apps

box_partnership_seal_blue(1)The LightArrow team is very excited to announce that we’ve developed a partnership with Box, and we’ve integrated all our personal organization and business productivity apps with Box services. Box services integration enables LightArrow app users to use LightArrow apps and Box services for:

  • Device-to-device syncing of LightArrow apps.
  • Backing up and restoring LightArrow app data.
  • Accessing online folders and files in Box for easy access while mobile.
  • Downloading, viewing, emailing and printing files from Box while mobile.
  • Associating files from Box to LightArrow items, such as projects, products, events, trips, visits, notes, services, service providers, metrics, subjects and assets.

Watch the tutorials below to learn about the integration and how you can take advantage of the new features.

LightArrow Apps – Using Box for Sync and Backup/Restore

LightArrow Apps – Accessing Files and Folders from Box

The LightArrow App Engine 7

The Box integration is built into the LightArrow App Engine 7, which is used by all our apps, providing a common set of functionality across all the apps. The LightArrow App Engine currently supports Dropbox™, SkyDrive™, and Google Drive™, and by adding Box services, LightArrow opens the features to millions of existing Box users. The LightArrow App Engine 7 has over three years of development and constant improvements with feedback from users.

Learn More at the Box Website

LifeTopix | My.Agenda | Pro.Notes | My.Notes | My.Shopping

Introducing Pro.Notes 1.0 – Organize Notes in One Place


We’re very excited about our new note-taking app, Pro.Notes. Watch below to see how you can take advantage of it for gathering and retrieving information and accessing your online notes and files.

Watch the Video


Introducing Pro.Notes, designed for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Available at the Apple App Store.

Wouldn’t it be great to manage all your notes, checklists, to-dos, and online notes and files in one place? This is what Pro.Notes can do for you.

Is Pro.Notes right for you? Pro.Notes is very flexible. It’s great for Business People, Parents, Students — just about anyone one the go who needs to capture and share information.

When you launch Pro.Notes you’ll see the Home screen, The Home screen alerts you to what matters now, shows your recent notes — and gives you quick access to all your notes checklists, to-dos and more.

With Pro.Notes flexible note taking, you can always take notes like a pro.

With Pro.Notes you can easily add text and view a thumbnail.

Add and record video and view a thumbnail.

Take and add photos and view a thumbnail.

Record and add audio and view the associated date.

Imagine how useful this app will be when taking notes at a lecture or reviewing your notes with clients.

And once you capture your note text, it’s very easy to share it with family members, housemates, clients, or friends. Just send an email directly from Pro.Notes and they can open it in their app or view the text directly in the email message.

If you use Evernote or Toodledo for note taking, you can easily sync your notes and access them all in one place – from Pro.Notes.

You can draw amazing pictures and easily jot down hand-written notes. Pro.Notes includes

24 beautiful colors
alpha options
line width choices
and print

You can pinch to zoom to help you make precise movements.

And once you’re finished with your masterpiece, you can easily share it through email or social media.

All of this is neatly organized into one screen for easy access and retrieval.

Unlike other note-taking apps, Pro.Notes includes powerful tools for making checklists and todos. Add, re-order, and check off items. Share with friends or family.

Export to a .csv file through email to use in status reports, spreadsheets, or other applications.

If you use online services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive you can easily access those files to view notes and files that you’ve created elsewhere. Pro.Notes can be your central portal to those services.

Pro.Notes keeps everything organized.

View notes by categories, notebooks, context tags so you can easily find them when you’re looking for that important piece of information.

And to make finding your notes even easier, we’ve added full text search capabilities across notes.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate app to keep your notes organized all in one place, look no further. We’ve got you covered.

For more information, go to or find Pro.Notes at the Apple App Store in the business category.

Thanks for watching.

Celebrate Back to School with Free Note Taking Apps

In just a few weeks, kids and college students will be filling the rooms of schools and halls of campuses everywhere. In many schools, students will be carrying their iPads and iPhones — loaded with the latest and greatest productivity software. One of our newest apps My.Notes is a great app for recording assignments, making back-to-school shopping lists, taking notes in class or elsewhere and doodling. Give it a try for free by using a promo code below!

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To get you started, we’re giving away several copies of our new App My.Notes for free. But hurry, these promo codes will go fast and expire at the end of August.

If you’re not familiar with My.Notes, it’s a powerful and simple app for organizing and managing notes and lists — all in one place. You can create and organize todos and checklists, notes, drawings and media such as video and audio. My.Notes stores your data privately on your device. No ads, and no web logins required.

If you’ve never used a promo code at the Apple App Store, on your device, from the App Store, tap Featured and there’s a Redeem button at the bottom. Tap it, and then enter the code. It will find the app based on the code. You’ll need to redeem it quickly before someone else grabs it!



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