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Your Family Calendar, All in One Place

Orga­niz­ing your cal­en­dar and sched­ule is a big chal­lenge when you have a lot going on — and most of us do. And if you’re a mom who’s orga­niz­ing the whole fam­ily, it’s even more chal­leng­ing. Learn how Life­Topix and our starter app, My.Agenda, come to the res­cue. Tran­script Orga­niz­ing your cal­en­dar and sched­ule is …

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Ladies and Gentlemen: Get Your Valentine’s Day Checklist Ready

Valentine’s Day is quickly approach­ing. We thought we would make it easy for our blog read­ers by show­ing you how you can set up your Valentine’s Day check­list so you’re not scram­bling on the morn­ing of Feb­ru­ary 14. And if your Valentine’s date is a pro­cras­ti­na­tor, feel free to share this blog to give him …

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Video Blog: Raise Your Productivity to a Whole New Level

LightAr­row believes in pro­vid­ing solu­tions that nat­u­rally sup­port the way peo­ple think about the infor­ma­tion in their lives — that’s why we’ve cre­ated Life­Topix. “Every once in a while a prod­uct comes along that raises your pro­duc­tiv­ity to a whole new level. And so it is with Life­Topix.” To learn more, watch our video. Enjoy! …

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Simple Ingredients for Productivity Success — LifeTopix, Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox

Get­ting orga­nized and pro­duc­tive might seem like a com­pli­cated endeavor, but with just a few sim­ple ingre­di­ents you can achieve your goal of liv­ing a clutter-free, orga­nized, and pro­duc­tive life. Just like mak­ing bread, you only need the basic ingre­di­ents to achieve the har­mo­nious life that you aspire to live. Start with the Sta­ples Just like …

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6 Tips for Boosting Your Productivity With Your Smartphone

If you’re any­thing like me, it’s hard to remem­ber a time that I checked my email on my per­sonal com­puter at des­ig­nated times at my home or at the office. The smart­phone has made me much more pro­duc­tive, allow­ing me to answer email while wait­ing at the cof­fee shop, salon, doc­tor, child’s lessons, or restaurant …

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Secrets of Power Shopping with LifeTopix

Power shop­ping means spend­ing less time in the stores and more time doing what you really want to do. Life­Topix can help you make your shop­ping trips more effi­cient so you can achieve this goal. Many of you might not think of Life­Topix as a pow­er­ful shop­ping app. Per­haps to your sur­prise, Life­Topix includes many …

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5 LifeTopix Tips to Help You Manage the Family Calendar

If your house­hold is any­thing like mine — with my work sched­ule, spouse’s sched­ule, kid’s school and events cal­en­dar, social events, house­hold chores, and pets — things can get a lit­tle crazy. I rely on my dig­i­tal cal­en­dar to make sure I stay on top of every­thing. For me, a dig­i­tal cal­en­dar is the way …

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Launch 3rd Party Apps with LifeTopix’s “My Apps”

In the true spirit of LightArrow’s mis­sion to build soft­ware prod­ucts that dra­mat­i­cally improve our cus­tomers’ every­day lives and to help our cus­tomers be more pro­duc­tive, we’ve intro­duced an excit­ing new fea­ture in Life­Topix 5 — My Apps. Con­tin­u­ing with our quest to help you eas­ily find your apps on your iOS device, you can …

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7 Tips to Get Organized for Back to School

Note: This post shows screen­shots of the next update of Life­Topix — 5.0. For the lat­est news about the update, sub­scribe to our blog. Keep in mind if you down­load now, the update, which is com­ing soon, will be free. The LightAr­row Vision The vision of LightAr­row is to pro­vide afford­able soft­ware that man­ages all your …

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Are You Guilty of Cyberslacking? Learn the Facts [Infographic]

Cyber­slack­ing, which is typ­i­cally defined as using the Inter­net or your mobile devices dur­ing work for per­sonal use, can be a seri­ous drain on your pro­duc­tiv­ity. It’s also a big con­cern for employ­ers due to the poten­tial dam­age to prof­its. In fact, accord­ing to, a com­pany with 1,000 Inter­net users could lose upwards of …

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