An All-in-One App for Trip Management

Trip Management

Going on vacation can be fun, but keeping track of the details can be a nightmare. Many of us use a bunch of reservation sites with different logins, find places online we want to visit and still have to remember all the things we need to pack. Not to mention we have friends, family and coworkers that we want to visit and share travel details with.

At LightArrow, we believe there’s a better way to organize trip details — all in one place. LifeTopix for iPhone and iPad gives you an effortless way to coordinate the details of your trips. Watch the video below to learn how.

Learn How Trip Management Works in LifeTopix

Managing Real Estate Projects and Tasks With LifeTopix

Real Estate Projects

Managing a busy real estate business can be challenging. As a result, many real estate agents turn to mobile apps to help them manage their day-to-day tasks and real estate projects. However, many list apps and calendar apps that you find these days fall short when you’re trying to manage projects and tasks with your iPhone or iPad.

Manage Real Estate Projects and Tasks With an All-In-One Productivity App

With many apps you’re able to create a do list or create calendar events, but for any meaty project, you’re left wanting more. This is when LifeTopix for iPhone and iPad can help. LifeTopix provides an effortless way to manage and track projects and tasks – anywhere, anytime. With LifeTopix, you can create projects and tasks, which assist you in tackling all sorts of home and business projects.

Watch the Video

Watch the following video to see how you can manage real estate and other projects with ease.

The Power of All in One Tools and Why We Love Them

LifeTopix Swiss Army Knife of AppsIn the 1800s, Victorinox® introduced the Swiss Army Knife® as an all-in-one tool to aid the Swiss Army. If you’re not familiar with the Swiss Army Knife, it’s essentially a single instrument that can include several different tool combinations such as a blade, screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, nail file and a host of other tools. The Swiss Army Knife is known for its multi-tool design, red color and white cross logo. It’s an excellent example of smart and versatile design that eliminates unnecessary bulk in your backpack or pocket.

LightArrow Apps – Swiss Army Knives of the App World

Some things never change. In the 1880s, it was important to keep essential tools in one place. These days, many of us keep a variety of tools (apps) for managing our work and life on our smartphones and tablets. Imagine your device is like a pocket or backpack – you don’t want 24 different apps weighing down your device when you can use just one. And just like your pocket, you don’t want to keep reaching into it to find a different tool to do the job when one tool can do it all.

At LightArrow, we believe that versatility and all-in-one design is essential for optimizing productivity, and that’s why we love this type of smart design. For example, if I’m at a conference and I meet new connections, I want to save the information about those connections in notes, but I don’t want those notes to be separate from contacts on my device. Or, if I create a shopping list for a home project, I want that shopping list to be associated with that project. That’s why it’s great when my data is connected and inside one app. I also don’t want to search for a different app every time I want to create a reminder or make a to-do list. For the sake of efficiency, it’s important to have a “go-to” app for this information.

LightArrow Connected App.001-001


Many of our apps are packaged much like Swiss Army Knives. You can choose LifeTopix, which includes the most functionality in our product line right out of the box, or you can pick the features you want by downloading one of our other products. These apps: Pro.Calendar, My.Agenda and Pro.Inbox allow feature set flexibility through in-app purchases. Hence, it’s much like picking the tools that you need on your Swiss Army Knife. You can learn more about the features included in each app by visiting our Compare Page.

Your Turn

Have you discovered the power and versatility of all-on-one design? Let us know about your experiences with our products or others.

Introducing Integration of Box with LightArrow Apps

box_partnership_seal_blue(1)The LightArrow team is very excited to announce that we’ve developed a partnership with Box, and we’ve integrated all our personal organization and business productivity apps with Box services. Box services integration enables LightArrow app users to use LightArrow apps and Box services for:

  • Device-to-device syncing of LightArrow apps.
  • Backing up and restoring LightArrow app data.
  • Accessing online folders and files in Box for easy access while mobile.
  • Downloading, viewing, emailing and printing files from Box while mobile.
  • Associating files from Box to LightArrow items, such as projects, products, events, trips, visits, notes, services, service providers, metrics, subjects and assets.

Watch the tutorials below to learn about the integration and how you can take advantage of the new features.

LightArrow Apps – Using Box for Sync and Backup/Restore

LightArrow Apps – Accessing Files and Folders from Box

The LightArrow App Engine 7

The Box integration is built into the LightArrow App Engine 7, which is used by all our apps, providing a common set of functionality across all the apps. The LightArrow App Engine currently supports Dropbox™, SkyDrive™, and Google Drive™, and by adding Box services, LightArrow opens the features to millions of existing Box users. The LightArrow App Engine 7 has over three years of development and constant improvements with feedback from users.

Learn More at the Box Website

LifeTopix | My.Agenda | Pro.Notes | My.Notes | My.Shopping

LifeTopix 6.0 Guided Tour

Team LightArrow is very excited about our new 6.0 update of LifeTopix, which includes several new features, usability improvements, and defect fixes. LifeTopix 6.0 is available from the Apple App Store as a free update for anyone with previous LifeTopix versions. If you’re new to LifeTopix, it’s available for a limited time at a special price of 99 cents. As a universal app, a single purchase entitles you to use it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

New Sync Options

We’re happy to introduce Dropbox sync to keep your data in sync across your multiple iOS devices. We’ve also introduced a technology preview of Google Drive sync/backup and restore. You’re welcome to preview it, but we recommend that you utilize Dropbox sync at this time. We’ve made several improvements to iCloud Sync, and we’re working with Apple to resolve issues that affect reliability. However, we’re continuing to consider iCloud Sync a “Technology Preview.” When you update to LifeTopix 6.0, iCloud sync will be disabled. We highly recommend that you switch to Dropbox sync after updating your devices.

To access sync options, tap Settings and then tap Cloud Sync to access the new view shown in the following screenshot. Tap Manage to get started with your device sync setup.

LifeTopix cloud sync

Freehand Drawing & Note Taking

In the 6.0 update, we’ve given freehand drawing and written note taking a complete makeover. Writing and drawing is now easier and provides a richer experience. We’ve added pinch zoom and expand; undo and redo; and the ability to email your drawings directly from the drawing view. Drawing/writing includes an eraser; 40 color choices; alpha capabilities; six shapes including circles and squares; and line width adjustment.

You can create freehand drawing and take notes by choosing Notes + Files from the My Topics view. The screenshot below shows an example of the drawing view with the variety of shapes that you can create.

LifeTopix Freehand Drawing

New Colors in My Topics View

When you open the the My Topics view, you’ll see that we’ve given it a new look. The changes were made to give you easier identification of the 12 topics through varying colors, as shown in the following screenshot.

LifeTopix My Topics View

Configurable Dashboard Navigation

You can now reorder the navigational items in the Dashboard on the left side. Simply tap the i icon, which is identified in the following screenshot, and then drag the items to the position you prefer.

LifeTopix Configure Dashboard

New Themes

You now have the ability to change the main and accent colors that LifeTopix displays throughout the app. Choices include Azure, Beige, Black, Charcoal, Classic Blue, Classic Green, Dark Blue, Dark Red, Deep Ocean, Forest Green, Gold, Hot Orange, Lime Green, Magenta, Mocha, Plum, Scarlet, Slate, and Violet. Themes are not synced across devices, which allows you to create a unique theme for each of your devices.

You can change colors in the My Settings view as shown in the screenshot below.

LifeTopix Themes

New Engage View

As collaboration and support are among our highest priorities, we’ve made it easier for you to locate information about LifeTopix, contact us, and share LifeTopix with your friends, family, and colleagues through the Engage view. We welcome your questions and comments via social media, our website, or directly through email.

By tapping the Smile in the navigation panel of LifeTopix, you can view the central location for sharing via social media, contacting LightArrow, and finding information, as shown in the following screenshot.

Engage View

Support of All Day or Date and Time in Appointments

You now have the ability to view all-day appointments, tasks, projects, trips, and visits at the top of each day, above the list of times. This allows you to easily view other appointments that might be scheduled during the day. The following screenshot shows how all-day items display.

All Day

Person Detail Tap Through To Associated Items

In your Person view, you will now be able to see associated items with a person, and tap the associated items to view the details. For example, in the screenshot below, you’ll see that you can tap [Personal Trainer]: Johnny to view this service provider’s details and any associated appointments, tasks, checklists, reminders, bookmarks, files, audio, photos, video, notes, or services.

Person Tap

Repeat Schedule Improvements

We’ve improved recurring appointments, bills, and tasks. Previously, the maximum number of these items was 72. This number is increased to 150, and performance is improved when this large number of items is created. However, if you’re using an older device, a large number of items may take a few seconds. The following screenshot shows the options for the maximum number of appointments in the My Settings view.


Photo, Video, and Drawing Thumbnails

In list views, such as the Recently Updated view, thumbnails for photos, videos, and drawings are displayed in place of an icon, as shown in the following screenshot.

LifeTopix Thumbnail

Improved Agenda View

The Agenda view now includes a streamlined Alerts section with overdue and undated items. In addition, you’re now able to open these items directly from this view.

LifeTopix Agenda Alerts

People + Services Usability Enhancement

Groups are now available directly from the People + Services view, which provides easier access to Groups, as shown in the following example.

LifeTopix Groups

Autoscrolling to First Item in Day in Month Views

In My Calendar, when viewing the Day and Month views, LifeTopix will automatically scroll to the first item, which makes it easier for you to view your schedule. For example, when viewing the Day view, if you have a 9:00 am appointment and a 10:00 pm appointment, LifeTopix will automatically scroll so the 9:00 am appointment will be the first item that you see.

Calendar View Performance Enhancements

In this update, you will notice general speed improvements in the My Calendar and Agenda views.

We hope this helps you under­stand how to lever­age the new fea­tures in 6.0. Enjoy!

Does Your Pregnancy App Allow You to Think Beyond Nine Months?

Our customers tell us time and time again that they install many apps and soon get bored with them or no longer find them useful. This is a trend that we typically see with “niche” apps, such as pregnancy apps that are built to manage one thing — your pregnancy. Imagine what you could do with an app that could manage your quest to get pregnant, your pregnancy, and your life after baby. This is what LifeTopix does — and more. Keep reading to learn how.

Get Pregnant LifeTopix

Pregnancy apps generally include the following features (but not all in one app): photo journals; text journals; logging (mood, energy, appetite, morning sickness, cravings, weight, measurements, medication, fitness, nutrition, etc.); MD visit planning; graphical charts; baby shower planning; baby shopping lists; pregnancy to-dos; favorite websites; and contraction counters. What’s great about LifeTopix is it’s completely user configurable so you can decide what you want to track. You can track everything from the days you’re ovulating to planning your child’s college fund.

Note: This post was created using a pre-released version of LifeTopix, which will be coming soon to the Apple App Store.

Charting Fertility

Each month, there’s a window of time (12 to 24 hours) during which an egg can be fertilized. You can track the times that you’re most fertile in your LifeTopix calendar. I recommend adding a LifeTopix Bookmark to this handy ovulation calculator from WebMD. Let it calculate the times it believes you’re fertile and add those times to your calendar. The following shows an example of your calendar with appointments.

high fertility

Scheduling Doctor’s Appointments

You can schedule your doctor’s appointments, midwife appointments, and tests such as ultrasounds the same way that you chart fertility. If you prefer to use your Google Calendar or Device’s calendar, LifeTopix works seamlessly with both.


Creating Pregnancy Journals

Keeping a journal of your pregnancy is a wonderful way to record this special time in your life through your thoughts and photos. With LifeTopix, you can use the Notes + Files topic to record text, audio, video, photos, and drawings. The best way to get started is to create a Pregnancy Project, and then add a Note to the project. And if you use Evernote, you can also add your Evernote notes. In addition, printing capabilities are included. The following example shows the Notes view in which your journal would appear.

pregnancy journal

Logging Pregnancy Statistics

LifeTopix enables you to log just about any type of stat that you can possibly dream up. These stats are very helpful for fertility doctors, your OBGYN, and for your own reference. Examples of items to track might be mood, energy, appetite, cravings, morning sickness, blood pressure, glucose levels, prenatal vitamins, exercise, nutrition, calories, measurements, weight, and meditation. In addition, you can combine many of these items into multi-topic log forms and view a graphical representation of combined items to recognize any trends (such as meditation and mood). The following example shows data for waist circumference, represented in centimeters over time, in a graphical format.

waste circumference

Planning Baby Shower Events

An item that is unique to LifeTopix, as opposed to special Pregnancy Apps, is the ability to plan entire events, such as baby showers. LifeTopix enables you to add tasks, checklists, appointments, reminders, bookmarks, files, audio, photos, video, notes, expenses, services, and shopping items to events. You can also manage the invitees, including keeping track of responses and emailing all invitees at once with updates.

baby shower

Recording Baby Shower Gifts Received

When you’re expecting, you’re likely to receive many gifts. With LifeTopix, you can keep track of all the gifts that you received during your pregnancy and after the baby arrives. When you record each gift, you can create reminders to make sure you send a thank you card.  The following shows an example of the gift record.


Creating Shopping Lists for You and Baby

When you’re preparing for the baby, there are several items that you need to purchase for feeding, diapering, clothing, etc. You can find a great list of items to bookmark at Once you decide on the items that you wish to purchase, you can create your shopping lists directly in LifeTopix. In shopping lists, LifeTopix calculates the total cost of each item based on the quantity to help you with planning your budget. You can also check off the items as you purchase them. You can add a seller, photos, notes, and product details to each item if you need more detail while you’re shopping.

The following shows an example of shopping lists in LifeTopix.

baby shopping items

Tracking Your Pregnancy To-dos

Many moms-to-be can feel very overwhelmed during their pregnancy. Keeping track of the many things that are necessary to prepare, be healthy, and manage life can be quite challenging. Keeping a to-do list can lower your stress level by helping you not worry about all the things that are bouncing around in your head. There are plenty of resources to help you prepare. A site that includes a very helpful set of checklists is Babyzone. In LifeTopix, you can create tasks for items that might linger for a while; and alternatively, create checklists for items that you quickly check off each day or week. The following shows an example of checklists in LifeTopix.


Remembering Your Favorite Pregnancy Websites

With LifeTopix Bookmarks, you can use your device to quickly access all of the websites that are useful for your pregnancy, documents that you’ve stored, and user names and passwords for your favorite websites or pregnancy forums. The following screenshot shows an example of bookmarks in LifeTopix.


Recording Kick Counts

Currently, LifeTopix doesn’t include automated functionality for tracking kicks; however, it can be accomplished via a manual process. According to American Pregnancy, “The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that you time how long it takes you to feel 10 kicks, flutters, swishes, or rolls. Ideally, you want to feel at least 10 movements within 2 hours. You will likely feel 10 movements less than that.”

For kick counts, you can set a reminder or appointments in LifeTopix to remind you to record movements as directed by your doctor or midwife. In LifeTopix, this can be accomplished by creating a Wellness Log form, and selecting the options that appear in the screenshot below:


So if you’re thinking beyond nine months, LifeTopix will be a great app for you. You can start planning your child’s college fund; manage your household expenses; manage your fitness to lose any post pregnancy weight; keep track of service providers, such as babysitters and day care providers; and the list goes on and on. You can learn more about LifeTopix at the Apple App Store.

Manage Passwords With the LifeTopix App

A little known feature of LifeTopix is the ability to manage your passwords. This feature allows you to organize the multiple passwords on various websites that you use on a regular basis. There are several password management apps that you can download from the App Store that handle this functionality, but LifeTopix lets you manage them within the context of everything else that you do in your life — and they’re managed through the LifeTopix Bookmarks topic; therefore, you can view your credentials as you view pages from Bookmarks.

View the short video below to learn how to manage your usernames and passwords in LifeTopix.

You can find LifeTopix at the App Store.

Security Notes

Before you can view any of your usernames and passwords, you must enter a personal identification number (PIN). You can also add an extra level of security by adding a passcode to LifeTopix. All of your data is stored on your device unless you use sync or backups. The password is “Base64 encoded” so it’s not human readable, and always requires the PIN to be read.


Welcome to LifeTopix. If you’re not familiar with LifeTopix, it’s a complete productivity app for personal organization. With LifeTopix, you can manage your calendar, tasks/to-dos, projects, notes, files, health, bookmarks, online passwords, and much more with its 12 topics.

Storing passwords is a two step process, which includes setting a personal identification number and then setting your passwords in your LifeTopix Bookmarks. I also recommend an optional step of setting a passcode in LifeTopix, which will give you extra security. Today, I’m going to show you how in LifeTopix you can keep track of the many passwords that you set for multiple websites.

Before we get started, I’d first like to show you how to set a passcode. If you’re storing passwords in LifeTopix, turning on Passcode Lock will give you an extra level of security. When your Passcode Lock is on, you’re required to enter it after LifeTopix has been placed in the background for a designated period of time or if LifeTopix has been closed.

To set up your passcode the first time, simply tap the lock and then tap Setup Passcode. In the Passcode Lock Settings view, tap Turn Passcode On. This is where you can set a passcode and confirm it, and you can also set up security questions that will allow you to retrieve your passcode if you’ve forgotten it. You will also want to specify how long LifeTopix will run in the background before it is locked by tapping Set Timeout here. I’m going to set it for 10 minutes.

If you plan to store passwords, you’re required to set up a Personal Identification Number to reveal secure data. In your Settings view, locate Reveal Secure Data and type numbers or characters into the PIN field. Now you’re ready to start storing your passwords.

Go to All Bookmarks and add or locate a bookmark where you enter your credentials. In this example, I’ll view the details for EveryTrail. Here, I can enter my username and password. And then the next time that I go to this website, I can easily find my username and password by tapping here.

LifeTopix 5.2 Guided Tour

Team LightAr­row is very excited about our new 5.2 update of Life­Topix, which includes several new features and usability improvements. Life­Topix 5.2 is available immediately from the Apple App Store as a free update for anyone with previous Life­Topix versons. If you’re new to Life­Topix, it’s avail­able for a lim­ited time at a spe­cial price of 99 cents. As a uni­ver­sal app, a sin­gle pur­chase enti­tles you to use it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

We’re happy to give you a quick tour of the exiting new Life­Topix features, and help you to understand how to take full advantage of the significant changes.

Asana Integration

LifeTopix now syncs Asana projects and tasks across LifeTopix and Asana, which enables you to manage your work-related or personal Asana projects and tasks directly in LifeTopix. The integration allows you to see and manage dated and undated tasks from Asana directly in your LifeTopix Agenda view, LifeTopix Calendar, and LifeTopix Projects + Tasks topic on your  device.

To set up your Asana integration, first find your Asana API key in the Account Settings from the Asana web application, as shown in the following screenshot:

In Online Tasks in your Tasks + Projects topic, you will see that Asana is now included. Tapping Login and entering you API key will allow you to sync your projects and tasks to and from LifeTopix and Asana.

Freehand Handwriting and Drawing

LifeTopix now includes enhanced note-taking. You can draw or write with freehand strokes, view and reorder notes, record audio, add video, or add photos. The new handwriting and drawing feature replicates the experience of freehand writing and sketching, much like using a real pen and paper. Taking handwritten digital notes or drawing sketches directly on the device’s screen makes it easier for you to record notes in class or meetings, save brainstorming sessions, or quickly jot down important to-dos. With 40 colors, adjustable line width, clearing option, and an eraser, you can creatively express your thoughts with a variety of options. The new, streamlined note-taking screen organizes notes by automatically adding the date the note was added, and by sorting each note. You can also arrange items in notes by using drag to reorder. You’ll see the new options in the following screenshot.

Appointment Status

For those who schedule appointments, it is handy to know if the appointment has been confirmed, stayed unconfirmed, or has been completed, or canceled. This is especially helpful for those who schedule appointments with others such as hair stylists, therapists, or others. It is also helpful to set status of your own appointments as confirmed or unconfirmed — making sure that you follow up with your service providers or colleagues. You’ll see the new options in the following screenshot.

LifeTopix New Appointment

Email or Call Contacts Displayed Via Search Results

For your convenience, we’ve added the ability to call or email your contacts directly from your LifeTopix search results. You’ll see the new options in the following screenshot.


All Day Calendar Events in Day and Week views

Previously, all-day calendar events from your device calendars blocked out the entire day, which made it difficult to see your other items. Now, all-day events do not obscure your calendar in Day and Week views. You’ll see how all-day events appear in the following screenshot.

Enhanced Calendar Filters

You now have the ability to modify filters on each calendar individually and also for the Agenda view, and to see inactive items (such as previous trips). Previously the main calendar filters applied to all calendars and you could not view inactive items on your individual Task Calendar, Trip Calendar, Expense Calendar, Visitor Calendar, Payment Calendar, Agenda view, and Main calendar. This gives you better control over what you see on each calendar and on the Agenda view. You’ll see the new filter control in the following screenshot.

LifeTopix Calendar Filters

Pull to Refresh

You can now pull to refresh on the touchscreen in multiple views. For example, you can now refresh by dragging  your finger to get recent updates while in the app. This is especially useful if you are using LifeTopix’s integrations, such as Asana, Toodledo, Google Tasks, or Evernote. You’ll see an example of Pull to Refresh in the following screenshot.

LifeTopix Pull to Refresh

Open Items in Agenda View

Undated items are now shown in the Agenda view so items such as Reminders, Shopping, and Tasks don’t through the cracks. You’ll see how undated items appear in the following screenshot.

LifeTopix Agenda View, Undated Items

We hope this helps you under­stand how to lever­age the new fea­tures in 5.2. Enjoy!

Don’t Let Bad Planning Derail Your Vacation – Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of our three part series that covers managing your trips and travel with the LifeTopix app. LifeTopix is one of the most complete apps available for planning your travel; for documenting your travel; and for making a smooth transition back to your daily life when your travels are complete.

In this series, we’re following Polly on her birding trip on the coast of Northern California. Polly is in search of the rarest birds in California so she wants to make sure all the important details are captured — and kept with her at all times. Enjoy the following slideshow to get an understanding of how LifeTopix can help Polly so she can spend time enjoying the birds, instead of fumbling through her backpack.

LifeTopix Travel from LightArrow

LifeTopix Travel Planning Quick Summary and Ideas

With LifeTopix, the possibilities for recording your travel arrangements are endless. I’ve included a list below to spark some ideas for when you’re planning your next trip.

  • Trip checklist
  • Trip to-do lists
  • Packing lists
  • Shopping lists
  • Places to visit
  • Bookmarks to brochures, field guides, directions, restaurants, parks, tourist attractions, transportation, or hotels
  • Password management for airline sites
  • “My Apps” for quick access to Yelp, Trip Advisor, or other apps
  • Photos of places you wish to see
  • Audio notes
  • Agenda sharing
  • Planning notes
We honestly hope this helps you plan your next vacation or excursion — in context with everything else you do in your busy life. We welcome your questions and comments!
Or even better, send us a tweet @LightArrowInc!

13 Ways LifeTopix Can Improve Your Life in 2013

What are your goals for 2013? Everyone wants to live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life — but how do you get there? We’ve compiled a list of 13 ways that the LifeTopix calendar, productivity, and organization app can help you do more. The result? Get more done, reduce stress, and spend more time doing the things you really want to do.

1. Improve your nutrition

After the holidays, many of us are mortified when we step on the scale. Perhaps you can relate and you’re wanting to make better food choices and to maintain a healthy weight in 2013. LifeTopix can help you track your food consumption. For example, you can record and view the calories, protein, solid fats, alcohol, desserts, or almost any other item that you’re consuming each day in a graphical format. As an example, in the LifeTopix Health + Activity topic, you can use the LifeTopix Nutrition Log Forms to view the maximum number of calories that you’ve set to make sure you’re not exceeding this number. Or, if your goal is to eat more vegetables or protein, you can set this too!

2. Get your health under control

Ignoring health issues can have serious consequences. LifeTopix includes many features for tracking your health stats. Are you dealing with hypertension and your doctor has asked you to log your blood pressure? Are you anemic and you need to track your blood count? Do you have sleep problems and you want to track your sleep quality? LifeTopix can handle these items and many more via the LifeTopix Medication Log and Wellness Log in the LifeTopix Health + Activity topic.

3. Take vitamins and medications consistently

Do you have good intentions about taking your vitamins and prescription medications, but frequently forget to take them or cannot remember if you’ve taken them? With some medications, it’s imperative that you’re taking them each day, and sometimes even at the same time each day. With the LifeTopix Medication Log form in the LifeTopix Health + Activity topic, you can record your intake of vitamins and medications each day — and the log automatically includes the current date and time when you add a medication entry.

4. Reach your fitness goals

Are you wanting to start a fitness routine, maintain your current fitness level, or bump your fitness up to a new level in 2013? Perhaps you’re training for a triathlon or planning your first marathon. Or, maybe you want to make sure you take a 30 minute walk with your dog each morning. Whatever your fitness level, LifeTopix provides the flexibility for planning and tracking your fitness. You can use the LifeTopix Activity Log Forms in the LifeTopix Health + Activity topic to set and view any type of exercise you wish — and just like nutrition, you can see if you’re reaching those goals via a graphical format.

5. Make shopping trips more efficient

Do you spend hours planning your family meals and shopping at the grocery store? Do you want to spend less time shopping and more time with your family or friends, catching a game, or spending time on your hobbies? If this is one of your goals for 2013, LifeTopix can help. Many of us are creatures of habit so LifeTopix helps you organize the stores you go to frequently and the items you buy most often. You can add the items that you purchase — along with the seller, unit price, unit, quantity, and total price to your master list of products. Then, simply select these items, add them to your lists, and check them off as you buy them. It’s as simple as that.

6. Save money and stick to your budget

After the holidays, you might want to put a little jingle back in your pocket. And with the downturn in the economy, sticking to a budget in 2013 might also be one of your highest priorities. The LifeTopix Finances topic was created for just this reason. Not only can you track all your financial accounts, credit card and debit cards, and investment accounts  — it lets you record the recur­ring bill pay­ments for all the ser­vices you use and the one-time pay­ments you make. You can view all of these pay­ments on your Expenses Calendar. And you can track the things that you sell, such as through a garage sale or ebay. And, as an added bonus, you can track your online coupons in the Shopping topic to help you save a little extra money.

7. Get smart

Whether you’re a student or a professional who’s focusing on their personal growth or professional skills, LifeTopix can help you organize and track the things that you need to further your education. If you’re a student, the Education topic enables you to take notes about education, set up projects and assignments, and add the subjects that you take. As a student, you can create a class schedule and associate a location with each of your classes. Or perhaps you’re a professional who’s obtaining a HIPAA certification, taking graphic design classes to improve your design skills, or becoming a fitness instructor — with LifeTopix, you can utilize personal growth categories to help you track your certifications and training in the LifeTopix Education topic.

8. Be creative

Are you planning to start a new business, write a novel or screenplay, or compose music in 2013? Have you ever had a creative thought related to your job or hobbies, but didn’t catch that idea immediately and then forgot it later? We just can’t predict when a great idea is going to pop into our heads so being prepared through journaling is wise. Mobile devices are amazing for capturing those ideas because we carry them almost everywhere we go. The LifeTopix Notes + Files topic is perfect for this use. You can take notes everywhere you go and if you prefer to use Evernote for note taking, LifeTopix conveniently works with it too.

9. Build relationships

In 2013, one of your goals might be to build business or personal relationships. To build relationships, it’s helpful to record your interactions with friends, family, or colleagues. For example, perhaps you’ve included all your friends’ and family members’ birthdays and you want to ensure you wish them a happy birthday and send them gifts. Through LifeTopix, you can set a reminder, plan the gift you wish to purchase, and automatically add it to a shopping list. Any time you associate a person with an item in LifeTopix, those people are filed under the People + Services topic. The possibilities are endless. You will be the star of your next family reunion. And, LifeTopix works with your iOS contacts so double entry is not necessary.

10. Make more time for yourself

For your well being, it’s a great idea to schedule time for yourself. If you’re the type of person who takes on too much responsibility and needs to share more of it, then LifeTopix is for you. Through the LifeTopix “Discuss” features, you can share your projects, checklists, events, shopping lists, trips, visits, notes, and more. For example, you can create a shopping list and then share it with your spouse. Or you can create a “honey-do” list with chores for your husband. Your spouse can view it via email and then add it to LifeTopix in just one tap.

11. Go paperless and reduce clutter

Is your home office a cluttered mess? Do you want to reduce your consumption and accumulation of paper to reduce your impact on the environment? Do you want to lighten your load when meeting clients or going to the office? If so, LifeTopix is for you. LifeTopix works with popular cloud-based file storage systems such as Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive so you can store all your items digitally — and then associate those documents in the context of your life items within LifeTopix.

12. Get things done

Do you have DIY projects that you want to complete such as organizing your closet, remodeling your kitchen, or landscaping the backyard? Or perhaps you’re planning to build a new website? With LifeTopix, you can plan your projects and tasks with ease. The LifeTopix Tasks + Projects topic gives you the abil­ity to enter, orga­nize, pri­or­i­tize, track, and check off your projects’ tasks.

13. Take a vacation

Now that you’ve saved money, got more done, built up your client base, got your health under control, finished your projects, and lost a few pounds — it’s time to take a vacation. Luckily, with the Life­Topix Travel + Places topic, you can plan your vacation from end-to-end. You can track the dates, set reminders, make packing checklists, set bookmarks to travel websites, and make note of places you want to visit such as restaurants, golf courses, or tourist attractions.

We hope this gives you some ideas of how you can use LifeTopix to improve your life in 2013. Please share and comment! Happy New Year!

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