An All-in-One App for Trip Management

Trip Management

Going on vacation can be fun, but keeping track of the details can be a nightmare. Many of us use a bunch of reservation sites with different logins, find places online we want to visit and still have to remember all the things we need to pack. Not to mention we have friends, family and coworkers that we want to visit and share travel details with.

At LightArrow, we believe there’s a better way to organize trip details — all in one place. LifeTopix for iPhone and iPad gives you an effortless way to coordinate the details of your trips. Watch the video below to learn how.

Learn How Trip Management Works in LifeTopix

Holiday Travel Tips from LightArrow

6531440We know that traveling during the holidays can be stressful and difficult so we put together this short guide with some helpful tips for surviving the travel season through better organizing. Keep in mind that travel is unpredictable. Keep backups of travel docs, alternate routes, and backup plans for those unexpected times. Packing stress relief items such as sleep masks, neck pillows, and noise-canceling headphones can help you unwind during delays or other unexpected events. Pack snacks for kids and make sure to stay hydrated — especially during flight travel.

Key Features of the Travel + Places Topic in the LifeTopix App

The LifeTopix app’s Travel + Places topic includes many features for organizing travel; however, you’ll find little gems throughout the app to make your trip more organized.

  • Ability to create entries for all your trips, visitors, outings, and places, and to view them at-a-glance
  • Ability to share trips and visitors via email with other users
  • Automatic reminders through integration with your device’s calendar
  • Touchpoints to the People + Services, Events, Shopping, Tasks + Projects, and Notes + Files topics

Travel Tips from LightArrow