How to Clear Your Annoying Mental Clutter

Just like physical clutter, mental clutter can take a toll on your health, happiness and productivity. For example, can you remember a time that you tossed and turned all night long thinking about things that you needed to do, which resulted in a poor night’s sleep? This is what mental clutter can do. To combat mental clutter, we’ve developed a three step system that frees your mind of the things that are bogging you down.

Three Step System – Filter, Capture Everything and Make Actionable

  1. Filter – In today’s world it’s common for many of us to have multiple email and social media accounts. In addition, we’re constantly searching the web to find new information. That’s why we’ve combined social, email and web streams into one app — allowing you to filter this information by keywords and other choices, which results in a more efficient way to consume and curate this information.
  2. Capture Everything – Doing a “brain dump” is a common way to get everything out of your head and into a system. The Quick Inbox is designed specifically for this reason. Record everything and process it when you’re ready.
  3. Make Actionable – How often do you find information in email, on the web and from social media that you can’t act on right away? This is why we created a way to convert these items that you find into objects, which you can schedule on your calendar. For example, you can instantly convert an email message with a party invitation to an event on your calendar — in one app (no app hopping required). This is a great way to reach “inbox zero” every day.

View the Slides

You can carry out this three step system by using LightArrow Apps. To learn more, watch the slideshow below:

Watch the Video

You can carry out this three step system by using LightArrow Apps. To learn more, watch the video below:

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  1. PhiL says:

    The slides and video do not change with screen orientation. You need to fix that.

    Also the app on the iPhone does not change with orientation of screen. The screen is really small as it is. How about fixing that too.


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