NOTE: This feature is designed to get you started by adding a few simple things. Over the next few weeks, we’ll make the items richer, and add more roles. You can reuse this feature from time to time – it will not add already added items.


Configure for Me feature allows a new user to customize the app quickly based on the profession that you have selected. The following tutorial walk you through a scenario where the new user is a realtor and show how this feature helps new users get set up and running. Please note that we will update the configurations in the future and the Configure for Me feature can be run again to update to the latest changes.

This feature is available in LifeTopix, LightArrow Organizer, as well as My.Agenda and Pro.Calendar when the “LifeTopix Pack” is purchased. It is recommended that the modern dashboard feature be turned on from Settings->Preferences->Dashboard Style.

1. To access this feature, from the dashboard view, tap on the “Question Mark” button under “Help Center” card and then tap on “Configure for Me”.


2. From the “Configure for Me” view, you should see the top four professions. To view all the other professions, tap on “View All Roles” button. Now tap on “Real Estate Professionals” to set up the app.

3. From the confirmation alert, tap on “Configure” button to proceed.


4. After the configuration is completed, tap on “OK” from the alert to continue.


5. Now tap on “Done” button to go back to the dashboard view. Optionally, you can tap on other professions if you want to set up the app for multiple professions.


6. You should see “Showings”, “Inspections”, “Closing” events view pinned to the Calendar card. For the Contacts card, you should see “Buyers” and “Sellers” contact groups created and pinned there.


7. Under the Productivity card, you should see the context tag “First Time Buyers” and asset with “Property Listings” category pinned there. Under the Digital Content card, you should see a number of commonly used bookmarks and “Inspection Checklist” pinned there.