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Don’t Let Bad Planning Derail Your Vacation — Part 1

Wel­come to Part 1 of our three part series that cov­ers man­ag­ing your trips and travel with the Life­Topix app. Life­Topix is one of the most com­plete apps avail­able for plan­ning your travel; for doc­u­ment­ing your travel; and for mak­ing a smooth tran­si­tion back to your daily life when your trav­els are complete.

In this series, we’re fol­low­ing Polly on her bird­ing trip on the coast of North­ern Cal­i­for­nia. Polly is in search of the rarest birds in Cal­i­for­nia so she wants to make sure all the impor­tant details are cap­tured — and kept with her at all times. Enjoy the fol­low­ing slideshow to get an under­stand­ing of how Life­Topix can help Polly so she can spend time enjoy­ing the birds, instead of fum­bling through her backpack.

Life­Topix Travel from LightAr­row

Life­Topix Travel Plan­ning Quick Sum­mary and Ideas

With Life­Topix, the pos­si­bil­i­ties for record­ing your travel arrange­ments are end­less. I’ve included a list below to spark some ideas for when you’re plan­ning your next trip.

  • Trip check­list
  • Trip to-do lists
  • Pack­ing lists
  • Shop­ping lists
  • Places to visit
  • Book­marks to brochures, field guides, direc­tions, restau­rants, parks, tourist attrac­tions, trans­porta­tion, or hotels
  • Pass­word man­age­ment for air­line sites
  • My Apps” for quick access to Yelp, Trip Advi­sor, or other apps
  • Pho­tos of places you wish to see
  • Audio notes
  • Agenda shar­ing
  • Plan­ning notes
We hon­estly hope this helps you plan your next vaca­tion or excur­sion — in con­text with every­thing else you do in your busy life. We wel­come your ques­tions and comments!
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