Migrate Astrid Tasks and Shopping Lists to LifeTopix on iOS

Now that Yahoo is shutting down the popular Astrid to-do list and shopping list app, you’re probably wanting to know what to do about your tasks and shopping lists. We have a solution. You can easily migrate your Astrid tasks and Shopping lists from Astrid to LifeTopix (or the starter app, My.Agenda, with in-app purchases).

Migrating Astrid Tasks to LifeTopix Tasks

LifeTopix Astrid Replacement

Astrid logo is the property of Yahoo.

If you have basic knowledge of Excel, then you will find this painless and simple. You’ll need access to Excel or a different application that supports .csv files, your Astrid username and password, and access to your email.

The steps below explain how it’s done:

First, go to the App Store and purchase the LifeTopix app. It is located at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lifetopix-12-topics-to-organize/id399076264?mt=8.

Next, on your web browser, go to http://www.astrid.com/home/export (link no longer available) as shown in the following screenshot:

Astrid Export

Click Backup my data and your data will be emailed to you in a zip file. When you receive the email, download it. It’s important to change the extension of the to .zip or the file will not open correctly. After you change the name of the file, double click it to extract it.

You will notice that separate files are extracted. You will be interested in the file named tasks.csv. It contains all of your tasks and shopping items. Open this file with Excel or a different program for spreadsheets. This file contains all of your tasks and shopping items in the following format:

Astrid Export

The format that LifeTopix accepts is shown in the following image. Create a separate spreadsheet called ProjectTasks.csv with the following columns. It must be named ProjectsTasks.csv.


This spreadsheet can include your tasks and shopping lists (or) you can choose to convert your Astrid shopping items to LifeTopix shopping lists, and I will discuss this further in this post.

Astrid LifeTopix
Title Name
Created By No Conversion
Assigned To No Conversion
Created On Start Date (custom cell format is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)
Due Date Due Date (custom cell format is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)
Importance (3, 2, 1) Priority (low, medium, high)
Repeat No Conversion
Lists No Conversion
Description Description
Completed On End Date (custom cell format is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)

Now place all your tasks into this spreadsheet with the fields mapped as directed above. You can add information to the blank columns if you prefer. You will notice that shopping items are indicated by the “Lists” column. I’ll discuss a separate spreadsheet for these items.

Note: it is very important to format the date cells with this format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss as a custom format or your date values will not migrate. An example is shown below:

Custom Date Format

Save the spreadsheet as .csv and email it to yourself. In the email message tap and hold the name of the .csv file and then open it in LifeTopix. LifeTopix will display the following messages. Accept them and continue.

 Import Messages

Now confirm that your tasks are migrated as shown below:

Tasks Migrated from Astrid to LifeTopix
Now that you’ve successfully migrated your tasks, I will show you how to migrate your shopping items.

Migrating Astrid Shopping Items to LifeTopix Shopping Lists

This spreadsheet will include your shopping items only and we suggest you map the data as follows:

Astrid LifeTopix
Title Product Name
Created By No Conversion
Assigned To No Conversion
Created On No Conversion
Due Date No Conversion
Importance (3, 2, 1) No Conversion
Repeat No Conversion
Lists Shopping List Name (e.g. Astrid Shopping List)
Description No Conversion
Completed On No Conversion

Your spreadsheet must be named ShoppingListItems.csv and it should be created as follows. You must enter a shopping list name into the first column and a product name; however, the other fields may stay empty if you choose. I chose to change the name to “Astrid Shopping List” so I could identify the items easily.

Shopping Items from Astrid

Save the spreadsheet as ShoppingListItems.csv and email it to yourself. In the email message tap and hold the name of the .csv file and then open it in LifeTopix. LifeTopix will ask you to confirm the import and continue.

Your resulting list will appear as follows:



If you have any questions about importing your tasks, please ask in the comments or contact support. We’re here to help. Good luck!

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