Get Organized and Make the Most of Your Travel Time — Part 2

Wel­come to Part 2 of our three part series that cov­ers man­ag­ing your trips and travel with the Life­Topix app. In this series, we’re fol­low­ing Polly on her bird­ing trip on the coast of North­ern Cal­i­for­nia. Polly is in search of the rarest birds in Cal­i­for­nia so she wants to make sure all the impor­tant details are cap­tured — and kept with her at all times. Enjoy the fol­low­ing slideshow to get an under­stand­ing of how Life­Topix can help Polly so she can spend time enjoy­ing the birds, instead of fum­bling through her backpack.

[This SlideShare was created using LifeTopix 5.2, which is coming soon.]

Whether you’re a recreational or business traveler, the LifeTopix app can help you make the most of your time while traveling by helping you to organize the details all in one place.

Best Calendar and Itinerary

The best way to view all the details of your trip is through your calendar. With LifeTopix’s powerful calendar, you can view everything that you’ve planned. LifeTopix works with your device’s calendar, and allows you to see your Outlook or Google Calendar events. And with the Agenda view, you can see what’s coming up today, tomorrow, and the next 7 days — in one glance.

Track Expenses

Whether you’re traveling on business or for entertainment, it’s a good idea to keep track of expenses — especially if you require reimbursement. LifeTopix lets you keep all receipts together for easy reimbursement filing. And, if you’re traveling with friends, tracking expenses will help you share the cost of excursions, meals, or other events.

Associate Photos and Other Media

Associate audio files, photos, and videos with LifeTopix Places so you always remember when and where you took a photo, made a video, or recorded a note.

Create Journal Entries

LifeTopix notes let you record memoirs. Take notes about special dinners with friends, keep a diary of your daily activities, record unique and special finds, or (coming soon) draw a quick sketch of a special person, place, or thing.

Use Location Services

LifeTopix location services allow you to see what’s near you so you can plan your route and day accordingly.

Take Advantage of Bookmarks

With LifeTopix, you never have to go to a different app or web browser to find the websites that are important for your trip. Create bookmarks in context to the trip or to the individual places you’re visiting — directly in LifeTopix.

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