Get Smart About Preventive Healthcare

Routine preventive care services to maintain your health and prevent disease for you, your family, and your pets is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy. And as you may know, mobile apps for health are hot these days. There’s an abundance of apps that provide an awareness of the health of our families and pets. Tech savvy people are now using apps to track medications, prenatal care, alcohol intake, pain, fitness, nutrition, and more. However, you’re stuck installing several apps to track everything. This is why LifeTopix is different. You’re able to track ALL of these items (and more) — in one place, which helps you to understand the relationships between them. For example, you’re able to see the cause and effect relationships, such as nutrition and feelings of well being.

LifeTopix Preventive Care Tracking

Take Control of Your Own Healthcare

Many doctors track and prompt you to schedule preventive care; however, it’s important to keep a personal record to alert you of preventive services for many reasons. For example, you might change doctors, a doctor might leave the practice, you might see a variety of doctors (both holistic and traditional) to track different disorders, or your doctor may not recommend care and tests that are important for you. Types of services and items to track include prenatal care, children’s and pets’ immunizations, pediatric preventive health, dental care, medications taken, test results for blood pressure, and screening tests such as mammograms.

Watch Your Budget

Keeping track of the cost of preventative care is also important for budgeting — and is especially important if you elect to use an FSA (flexible spending account). An FSA is a tax-advantaged financial account set up from your employer in the United States, which enables you to use those funds for health care without resulting in payroll taxes. If all funds aren’t used by the end of the year, you lose those funds — so keeping track helps to remind you if you’re spending the right amount and the right times.

Tracking – the LifeTopix Way

We’ve included a brief introduction about using LifeTopix to track pet preventive care below. This guide is meant to provide you with an understanding of how you can use LifeTopix to track your own needs — your own way. As a reminder, always consult a doctor about your family’s or pets’ healthcare so he or she can recommend the right care.

In this example, a family adopted a new puppy, Lucky. As you know, puppies require immunizations, well checks, and medications to prevent diseases such as rabies, heartworm, fleas, and ticks. View our slides below to learn how simple it is to track preventive care with LifeTopix.

LifeTopix Preventive Care Tracking

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