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A common question we receive from our users is, “How do I get started?” We’ve put together this video to introduce you to the most commonly used features of LifeTopix and to get you familiar with some of the important personalization settings.

NOTE: This video covers our LifeTopix app, which includes all the topics in one place, and if you have My.Shopping, My.Notes, Pro.Notes, Pro.Lockers or any of the other apps, this may cover some general features, and may cover some of the specific topics in those apps.

We are working on a new video for this as well. It will be available in mid-December 2014.

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Thank you for choosing one of the most comprehensive personal organization apps at the Apple App Store for managing your life and getting things done. Perhaps you’ve noticed that LifeTopix includes many features. For this reason, we suggest that you start simple and build from there.

Before getting started, I’d like to talk about the power of LifeTopix. LifeTopix includes 12 life topics and everything is connected through touchpoints. Touch­points are the out-of-the-box connections that allow relevant information to be shared across topics which lets you define information in one topic, and then leverage that information in another topic. This eliminates the need to enter data in multiple places. For example, If you’ve created a landscaping project in Tasks + Projects, all the service providers you created in People + Services become available for that project.


I’ve created this Getting Started video so you can start taking advantage of some of the most frequently used features right away. This video includes:

Your LifeTopix Home
Adding Items Quickly
Creating To-do Lists
Creating Shortcuts
Using Your Calendar
Creating Reminders
Logging Health and Fitness Items
Making Shopping Lists
Searching for Items
Backing Up Your Data
Setting Security
and Customizing Your Colors

Your LifeTopix Home

This is the LifeTopix app. What you’re currently seeing is the LifeTopix Home or Agenda view. You can access almost all the features of LifeTopix from this Navigation pane. Feel free to explore the items, and you can obtain a description of each view by tapping the light bulb.

Four views that you will want to become familiar with right away are Agenda, My Topics, Engage, and Help Center.

The Agenda view provides an overview of the things you need to do today, tomorrow, and the next seven days.

The My Topics view is your gateway into the 12 life topics, which allow you to manage most things in your life.

The Engage view allows you to see fresh LifeTopix news and content, share LifeTopix with friends, and get in touch with the LightArrow team.

The Help Center provides a variety of ways to get LifeTopix help.

Adding Items Quickly

In LifeTopix, you can add items from multiple places throughout the app, such as inside the topic views, from My Calendar, from the Quick Menu, and from the Agenda. Simply look for the plus sign or the word Add

You can quickly add any type of LifeTopix item by choosing Quick Add from the Quick Menu. LifeTopix items include tasks, shopping items, checklists, notes, appointments, reminders, and more. Simply tap the item that you want to add.

Creating To-do Lists

One of the crucial tools for time management is creating to-do lists and checklists.

You can easily create a to-do list by accessing the Notes + Files topics.

To do lists are great for daily routines and for keeping track of things like books you want to read or movies that you want to see.

You can also create a to-do list directly from your Agenda view. You can also select an existing to-do list. In this case, I want to choose Books To Read. Now I’ve added it directly to my agenda.

You can also select an existing to-do list. In this case, I want to choose Books To Read. Now I’ve added it directly to my Agenda.

Creating Shortcuts

In LifeTopix, you can add items to your Hot List. Think of your Hot List as your “Favorites.” These are the items that you frequently use and it saves you time when navigating to a frequently used item, such as an Asset or category, such as Notes.

You can add an item directly to the Hot List from this view. Simply tap + to add a topic item or data item.

And you can add an item from most places in LifeTopix. For example, if I decide this project is going to be very important for me, I can add it to the Hot List by tapping and holding it.

Using Your Calendar

One of the most basic things that you do when managing your time is to create items that show on your calendar. Your calendar has four different views, which include Day, Week, Month, and Year. Tapping here always returns you to the current day. You can add items to your calendar by tapping here.

You can also specify exactly which type of items show on your calendar by tapping the filter here and then checking and unchecking the items that are shown. For example, I don’t want to see health stats on my calendar so I’ll uncheck it.

If you want to exclude items from showing on your LifeTopix calendar from your mobile device’s calendar, uncheck these calendars individually or uncheck Include Device Calendars.

You will also want to set calendar preferences by Tapping Settings -> My Settings and then scrolling to the bottom. Here you can set your default device calendar and the timing for calendar reminders. I like to get reminders at the time of my appointments, so I always choose Remind on the same day for Other.

It’s important to note that LifeTopix works with your device’s calendar so entries with dates in LifeTopix will display on both your device’s calendar and your LifeTopix calendar.

To remind you that these items were created in LifeTopix, all items on your device calendar show [LifeTopix] after the title.

Creating Reminders

With LifeTopix, you can add reminders through the Quick Menu and tapping Quick Add and tapping Reminder or Device Reminder.

If you want to add a reminder to a non-dated item in LifeTopix, such as a general maintenance to an automobile, then you would use a LifeTopix reminder.

If you want to add a general reminder or you’re using Siri, then a device reminder might be the best choice.

To add a reminder to an item, simply select the item and tap here. For example, I’m going to add a reminder to schedule service for my BMW.

Logging Health and Fitness Items

With LifeTopix, you can log activity, nutrition, health stats, medication, and wellness and the app comes pre-loaded with a variety of popular items that you would log. You can easily log items by tapping the Quick Menu, tapping the running man, and choosing an item to log.

If you want to add your own items, tap the Health and Activity topic, tap the type of log you wish to add an item to. I’m going to choose the Activity Log. And I want to add Fishing to My Activities. So I describe it here in the new Activity Log Form. I’m going to add a target value of 3 hours. I think that would be a good amount of time for fishing, and then I’ll save this.

Making Shopping Lists

With LifeTopix, you can create shopping lists of items that you like to buy. LifeTopix comes pre-loaded with several common products and you can add your own products.

To add a product, tap Shopping, tap Configure Products, tap the plus sign, add basic information, such as the category and type of product. I’m going to add groceries here as a category. And then you can add additional information, such as the seller.

Once your items are configured, you can create shopping lists. For grocery shopping, many people choose the same items week after week or might vary the items based on their meal planning, so these lists are re-usable.

In the Shopping topic, tap Shopping Lists. I’m going to choose this Grocery List that I previously created. Next, I’ll tap this icon and choose all the items that I wish to purchase at the grocery store. Next I’ll tap save. Now this list is saved. I can access this list through the Agenda view in the Open Undated Items or through the Shopping topic, and I can also check off the items as I purchase them.

Searching for Items

In any productivity system, it’s imperative that you can search for your items. In LifeTopix, simply tap the Quick Menu, tap the magnifying glass icon, and then type the item name your searching for. In this case, I’m searching for the BMW asset, which I found immediately. In this view I can manage this item or I can view the details.

Backing Up Your Data

We highly encourage you to back up your data on a regular basis. There are two methods for backing up data. You can back up your data by e-mailing it to your inbox. And you can back up your data to an online folder, such as Dropbox.

If you back up your data to email, LifeTopix excludes video files and media so we encourage you to use the Dropbox method.

For detailed information about backing up your data, please read your LifeTopix documentation.

Setting Security

Many of us have personal information that we store in LifeTopix. Your LifeTopix data is stored on your mobile device (not in the cloud or on our servers), unless you back up your data to Dropbox. For more information about the security of Dropbox, refer to their website.

As an extra level of security, you can set a secret code within LifeTopix so others that might be using your mobile device cannot see your data. Tap the Quick Menu and then tap the lock. Tap Setup Passcode and complete the fields here. You can provide up to four security questions so you can recover your passcode if necessary.

Customizing Colors

In LifeTopix, you can personalize the Main colors and Accent colors. If you’re using syncing across devices, the colors are specific to the device, and they do not sync. To change the colors, go to My Settings and Tap Main Color. I’m going to choose Deep Ocean. And then tap accent color. I’m going to choose Plum. and then save the colors. You can immediately see the changes.

I hope you enjoyed the video. For more information go to or find LifeTopix at the Apple App Store in the Productivity section. Thanks for listening.

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  1. Violet Sanchez says:

    Hi I wanted to know is this App available for a Android cell phone ?
    I have a Galaxy Note 2 from Verizon but i cant seem to find this App on that phone i really love this App so much and i really dont use my iphone 5 to much so i was just wondering … So if u can heip me thanks again so love this App!!!

    • Team LightArrow says:

      Hi Violet,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      No def­i­nite dates for Android yet — we’ve been focused on our big release (LifeTopix 8.0 is now available from the App Store) the last few months to get a lot of new func­tion­al­ity and new busi­ness apps out in the areas of CRM, Per­sonal Big Data, etc. We are next focussing on mak­ing more progress on our Win­dows 8.1 and Mac ver­sions, as well as Android.

      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow
      Austin Texas


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