LifeTopix and Google Tasks mapping

The attributes and statuses of tasks in LifeTopix do not correspond exactly with those in Google Tasks. Therefore, it is important to understand the mapping of these characteristics when you sync tasks between LifeTopix and Google Tasks.

Task attributes

When you sync a task between LifeTopix and Google Tasks, some of the attributes of the task that was modified most recently are copied to the other task. The following table describes which attributes of a Google Tasks task correspond to which attributes of a LifeTopix task when a sync is performed:

Google Tasks attribute LifeTopix attribute
Name Title
Notes Description
Completed (Date / Time) End Date (with time)
Due Date & Time Due Date (with time)
Status Status

Task statuses

Google Tasks supports only two states for tasks: completed or not completed. When you sync a Google Tasks task with LifeTopix, the following table describes which LifeTopix task status will be set for any given status in the Google Tasks source task:

Google Tasks status LifeTopix status
Not Completed (Needs Action) Not Started
Completed Completed

When you sync a LifeTopix task with Google Tasks, the following table describes which Google Tasks task status will be set for any given status in the LifeTopix source task:

LifeTopix status Google Tasks status
Not Started Not Completed
In Progress Not Completed
On Hold Not Completed
Canceled Completed
Completed Completed