Integrated Solution vs. One-Trick Pony

Integrated vs. point solution — it is one of the longest-running debates in the technology industry.

It can be summarized as a battle between those who believe it is better to provide a single product that solves multiple, related problems (the “integrated” approach) and those who believe it is better to leave it to the user to pick and choose standalone products to solve every problem they have.

Advocates of a point solution approach claim that technology moves too quickly, and that maintaining an integrated product prevents a vendor from being able to take advantage of advancements in one area or another. If such a person wanted to be able to manage information in their life, they would go out and acquire the best to-do app, the best shopping app, and the best travel app, for example.

We set out to build LifeTopix as an integrated solution specifically because we recognized the fatal flaw in the point solution approach — that it prevented the compelling efficiency gains available from the re-use of information. We decided to build into one app the capabilities for managing your to-do’s, shopping lists, and your travel, as well as over a dozen other information areas of your life.

To understand the benefits of this approach, consider the example where you are going to take a trip to France next summer. As you plan that trip, you need to enter dates for the start and end of the trip. You also need to enter tasks for things like getting your passport updated, brushing up on your French, researching hotels and sightseeing recommendations, booking airline tickets, etc. And you need to create shopping lists for items you want to buy like new summer clothes, a camera, some travel guides, and a few other things you will need for your trip.

In an integrated solution like LifeTopix, you can create all your tasks and shopping lists automatically as part of the trip. That means any time you want to view your trip details, tasks, or shopping information, they are all available in one place. If you want to change to the date of the trip, you only have to do that once and all your associated information gets updated. And if your trip gets canceled, deleting the trip deletes the trip information and the associated tasks and shopping lists all at once. In a point solution approach, you would have had to enter all this information in separate places, and to change or delete it, you have to go to each separate product to make the change or deletion.

We are clearly on the “integrated” side of this debate. And with a team of superstars utilizing an agile development methodology, we have proven our ability to keep up with the pace of advancement of technology platforms on which we build. Our users enthusiastically agree ours is the right approach.

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