Launch 3rd Party Apps with LifeTopix’s “My Apps”

In the true spirit of LightArrow’s mission to build software products that dramatically improve our customers’ everyday lives and to help our customers be more productive, we’ve introduced an exciting new feature in LifeTopix 5 — My Apps. Continuing with our quest to help you easily find your apps on your iOS device, you can now launch many popular apps all from one place — within LifeTopix — which makes entering important data even easier. For example, perhaps you’re logging calories and you’re entering the number of calories for foods and drinks from a different app. This is a quick way to access this 3rd party app.

And it gets even better — not only can you launch other iPhone or iPad apps from LifeTopix, you can also access common views or functions of those apps in a single tap by including custom shortcuts (URL Schemes). For example, you can instantly see your Twitter mentions or Facebook news feed in one tap from LifeTopix.

Using iOS folders is one way to easily find your apps on your device; however, My Apps can hold so many more Apps than an iOS folder and also include shortcuts, so it results in a super-powerful tool to fuel your productivity engine. Also, keep in mind that Team LightArrow will be continuously improving My Apps based on your feedback so please share your ideas and thoughts.

The LightArrow team is collecting a list of shortcuts for your favorite apps and publishing the list at Launch URLS for Popular Apps; feel free to submit your favorite apps through the comments on this page.

The App Launcher

My Apps is one of the main views of LifeTopix. Just tap on it from the View Selector in the left panel. Facebook and Twitter are automatically included in the App Launcher. Below is an example:

My Apps - App Launcher

To add more apps, simply tap Plus Sign and then add an App Name, Launch URL, and App Id. You can find more information about how this is done in your LifeTopix 5.0 Online Help.

Here’s one of my own shortcuts, which allows me to see Twitter mentions of LifeTopix. Go to the App Detail in My Apps, and type information such as the following (with your own Twitter handle) to see your own mentions:

In this example, in one tap, you can view all mentions of your Twitter handle from the Tweetbot app. Hint: You can find many of these types of shortcuts by performing a Google Search. You can also find URL schemes at handleopenurl.

Do you have favorite shortcuts / URL schemes that you commonly use? Please comment to let us know your favorite shortcuts, or websites that include great lists of shortcuts.

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