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Launch 3rd Party Apps with LifeTopix’s “My Apps”

In the true spirit of LightArrow’s mis­sion to build soft­ware prod­ucts that dra­mat­i­cally improve our cus­tomers’ every­day lives and to help our cus­tomers be more pro­duc­tive, we’ve intro­duced an excit­ing new fea­ture in Life­Topix 5 — My Apps. Con­tin­u­ing with our quest to help you eas­ily find your apps on your iOS device, you can now launch many pop­u­lar apps all from one place — within Life­Topix — which makes enter­ing impor­tant data even eas­ier. For exam­ple, per­haps you’re log­ging calo­ries and you’re enter­ing the num­ber of calo­ries for foods and drinks from a dif­fer­ent app. This is a quick way to access this 3rd party app.

And it gets even bet­ter — not only can you launch other iPhone or iPad apps from Life­Topix, you can also access com­mon views or func­tions of those apps in a sin­gle tap by includ­ing cus­tom short­cuts (URL Schemes). For exam­ple, you can instantly see your Twit­ter men­tions or Face­book news feed in one tap from LifeTopix.

Using iOS fold­ers is one way to eas­ily find your apps on your device; how­ever, My Apps can hold so many more Apps than an iOS folder and also include short­cuts, so it results in a super-powerful tool to fuel your pro­duc­tiv­ity engine. Also, keep in mind that Team LightAr­row will be con­tin­u­ously improv­ing My Apps based on your feed­back so please share your ideas and thoughts.

The LightAr­row team is col­lect­ing a list of short­cuts for your favorite apps and pub­lish­ing the list at Launch URLS for Pop­u­lar Apps; feel free to sub­mit your favorite apps through the com­ments on this page.

The App Launcher

My Apps is one of the main views of Life­Topix. Just tap on it from the View Selec­tor in the left panel. Face­book and Twit­ter are auto­mat­i­cally included in the App Launcher. Below is an example:

My Apps - App Launcher

To add more apps, sim­ply tap Plus Sign and then add an App Name, Launch URL, and App Id. You can find more infor­ma­tion about how this is done in your Life­Topix 5.0 Online Help.

Here’s one of my own short­cuts, which allows me to see Twit­ter men­tions of Life­Topix. Go to the App Detail in My Apps, and type infor­ma­tion such as the fol­low­ing (with your own Twit­ter han­dle) to see your own mentions:

In this exam­ple, in one tap, you can view all men­tions of your Twit­ter han­dle from the Tweet­bot app. Hint: You can find many of these types of short­cuts by per­form­ing a Google Search. You can also find URL schemes at han­dleopenurl.

Do you have favorite short­cuts / URL schemes that you com­monly use? Please com­ment to let us know your favorite short­cuts, or web­sites that include great lists of shortcuts.

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