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Life­Topix™ is a com­plete orga­nizer and plan­ner for life and work that rede­fines pro­duc­tiv­ity. It is based on 12 life top­ics for man­ag­ing tasks and projects, shop­ping, events, travel and places, peo­ple and ser­vices, health and activ­ity, finances, home and assets, edu­ca­tion, notes and files, media, and book­marks — all in one place.

The top­ics are con­nected nat­u­rally, which results in reuse across your data — which ulti­mately saves your valu­able time. Enhanced views of your cal­en­dar and an easy-to-read daily agenda view give you a com­plete pic­ture of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule.

There are plenty of overly sim­plis­tic, one-trick-pony apps that just make lists, todos, tasks, notes or shop­ping lists — leav­ing you con­stantly hop­ping between them with dis­con­nected data and no reuse. With Life­Topix, you can cap­ture, track, con­nect, know and act upon all the infor­ma­tion in your life — EVERYTHING — and get things done your own way — from one place.

Cal­en­dars. Notes. Agenda. To-do lists. And every­thing else.

Whether you want to do some­thing basic like set reminders for trash and recy­cle or some­thing as involved as plan­ning a wed­ding, Life­Topix saves you time and enables you to achieve bet­ter results with less effort. Take con­trol of your life infor­ma­tion; eas­ily access your online doc­u­ments, book­marks and ser­vices; get things done faster and bet­ter; man­age the fam­ily cal­en­dar; and have more infor­ma­tion at your fingertips.

Get orga­nized, be pro­duc­tive and stay on task!

Buy once and use this uni­ver­sal app on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Works fully on your devices — no new online logins required. Works with Ever­note®, Too­dledo®, Drop­box™, Box™, OneDrive™ (Sky­Drive), Asana™, Online Docs, Face­book, Twit­ter, Email, SMS and more.

Pro­duc­tiv­ity pack­ages include Life­Topix Pack, Get Things Done Pack, Event Plan­ning Pack, Go Paper­less Pack, Orga­nized Home Pack, Sync + Share Pack, Pro Con­tacts Pack and Pro Inbox Pack. Get extra inbox rules with the Extra Con­tacts and Extra Inbox Rules Packs.

In App Purchases

Pro­duc­tiv­ity pack­ages include Pro Con­tacts Pack and Pro Inbox Pack. Get addi­tional con­tacts and inbox rules with the Extra Con­tacts and Extra Inbox Rules Packs.

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The 12 LifeTopix


Notes + Files, Lists Health + Goals Media Home + Assets


Notes + Files, Lists Health + Goals Media Home + Assets


 Tasks + Projects Events + Appointments Education Travel + Places


Tasks + Projects Events + Appointments Edu­ca­tion Travel + Places


 Finances Shopping + Gifts People + Services Bookmarks


Finances Shop­ping + Gifts Peo­ple + Services Book­marks + Lockers