LifeTopix 5.2 Guided Tour

Team LightAr­row is very excited about our new 5.2 update of Life­Topix, which includes several new features and usability improvements. Life­Topix 5.2 is available immediately from the Apple App Store as a free update for anyone with previous Life­Topix versons. If you’re new to Life­Topix, it’s avail­able for a lim­ited time at a spe­cial price of 99 cents. As a uni­ver­sal app, a sin­gle pur­chase enti­tles you to use it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

We’re happy to give you a quick tour of the exiting new Life­Topix features, and help you to understand how to take full advantage of the significant changes.

Asana Integration

LifeTopix now syncs Asana projects and tasks across LifeTopix and Asana, which enables you to manage your work-related or personal Asana projects and tasks directly in LifeTopix. The integration allows you to see and manage dated and undated tasks from Asana directly in your LifeTopix Agenda view, LifeTopix Calendar, and LifeTopix Projects + Tasks topic on your  device.

To set up your Asana integration, first find your Asana API key in the Account Settings from the Asana web application, as shown in the following screenshot:

In Online Tasks in your Tasks + Projects topic, you will see that Asana is now included. Tapping Login and entering you API key will allow you to sync your projects and tasks to and from LifeTopix and Asana.

Freehand Handwriting and Drawing

LifeTopix now includes enhanced note-taking. You can draw or write with freehand strokes, view and reorder notes, record audio, add video, or add photos. The new handwriting and drawing feature replicates the experience of freehand writing and sketching, much like using a real pen and paper. Taking handwritten digital notes or drawing sketches directly on the device’s screen makes it easier for you to record notes in class or meetings, save brainstorming sessions, or quickly jot down important to-dos. With 40 colors, adjustable line width, clearing option, and an eraser, you can creatively express your thoughts with a variety of options. The new, streamlined note-taking screen organizes notes by automatically adding the date the note was added, and by sorting each note. You can also arrange items in notes by using drag to reorder. You’ll see the new options in the following screenshot.

Appointment Status

For those who schedule appointments, it is handy to know if the appointment has been confirmed, stayed unconfirmed, or has been completed, or canceled. This is especially helpful for those who schedule appointments with others such as hair stylists, therapists, or others. It is also helpful to set status of your own appointments as confirmed or unconfirmed — making sure that you follow up with your service providers or colleagues. You’ll see the new options in the following screenshot.

LifeTopix New Appointment

Email or Call Contacts Displayed Via Search Results

For your convenience, we’ve added the ability to call or email your contacts directly from your LifeTopix search results. You’ll see the new options in the following screenshot.


All Day Calendar Events in Day and Week views

Previously, all-day calendar events from your device calendars blocked out the entire day, which made it difficult to see your other items. Now, all-day events do not obscure your calendar in Day and Week views. You’ll see how all-day events appear in the following screenshot.

Enhanced Calendar Filters

You now have the ability to modify filters on each calendar individually and also for the Agenda view, and to see inactive items (such as previous trips). Previously the main calendar filters applied to all calendars and you could not view inactive items on your individual Task Calendar, Trip Calendar, Expense Calendar, Visitor Calendar, Payment Calendar, Agenda view, and Main calendar. This gives you better control over what you see on each calendar and on the Agenda view. You’ll see the new filter control in the following screenshot.

LifeTopix Calendar Filters

Pull to Refresh

You can now pull to refresh on the touchscreen in multiple views. For example, you can now refresh by dragging  your finger to get recent updates while in the app. This is especially useful if you are using LifeTopix’s integrations, such as Asana, Toodledo, Google Tasks, or Evernote. You’ll see an example of Pull to Refresh in the following screenshot.

LifeTopix Pull to Refresh

Open Items in Agenda View

Undated items are now shown in the Agenda view so items such as Reminders, Shopping, and Tasks don’t through the cracks. You’ll see how undated items appear in the following screenshot.

LifeTopix Agenda View, Undated Items

We hope this helps you under­stand how to lever­age the new fea­tures in 5.2. Enjoy!

6 replies
  1. Karla says:

    Hi, I am new to Life Topix and hope you can help me. I love using this app but I am still trying to learn the features of it. I have noticed that in my month view of the calendar that in the month of May, for example, that the 3rd of May shows up as a Saturday when in fact it is actually Friday. It is like the days of the week do not always match the number of the month in this view. Is there a setting or something that I may not have setup correctly? Thanks!

    • LightArrow says:

      Hi Karla,

      Thank you for reaching out! If it is the My Calendar issue where the Month view shows only 6 weekday columns sometimes on the iPhone, it is resolved in 6.0.3 which was submitted to Apple last week. The update is expected to be approved and be available in the middle of this week. The way to temporarily resolve this is to slide the My Calendar view to the left to its full width using the top toolbar. We apologize for the issue. If it is some other issue, please let us know, and send us a screenshot at support @ lightarrow . com (without the spaces).

      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow

  2. Rachel says:

    I am new to life topix (and iOS) so please excuse me if I am asking something obvious. I am trying to set up a set of ‘habit-forming’ tasks that repeat every day. I want to see today’s list in the agenda, but want to keep subsequent days clear of those tasks so I can easily see my future appointments. Is this possible?

    Other than this, I am really enjoying the app even though it is taking quite a bit of effort to work out how to use it! Your help section is great. Thank you.

    • LifeTopix Support says:

      Hi Rachel,

      Thank you for reaching out to us with your question.

      We are planning to add an option in a future update that will allow a repeating item, such as a task, to show only the most current instance in the Agenda view.

      In the meantime you may consider using a to do list, from the To do lists section of the Agenda view, to keep track of your “habit-forming” items. You can add the items you wish to track in the to do list and simply check them off when completed. Then every morning you can open the to do list and tap the “Clear” button to reset the list for the day.

      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow

  3. Michelle Miller says:

    Love the enhancements. It would be great if we could easily add a task directly from the Undated Open Items view. I check that list and realize something is missing and I then have to back put to quick add. Not a big deal but would be handy.

    This app rocks.

    • LightArrow says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for reaching out with the request!
      We have added this in our 6.0 update (available in a few days).

      We truly appreciate your kind words!

      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow


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