LifeTopix 8.1, My.Agenda 3.1 and Pro.Inbox 1.1 Guided Tour

Team LightArrow is excited about the new updates of LifeTopix 8.1, My.Agenda 3.1 and Pro.Inbox 1.1. Our new updates include several new features to maximize your productivity at home, at work and while you’re on the go. Some features are only applicable if you have the relevant in-app purchases. Keep reading to learn how you can take advantage of the latest exciting features.

Usability Enhancements

Quickly Open Items / Reduced Taps

With our most recent releases, the expanding cell was added in order to quickly allow you to access common functions for items. With this release, we introduced the “long press gesture” for opening items with fewer taps. For example, from your Agenda view, you can now tap and hold any item and it will open it immediately. If you prefer not to use the long touch, you can turn it on and off via a new setting in “My Settings,” – “Toggle Actions for Tap and Long Press on Items.”

Easy Reordering and Sorting of Checklists

You will notice a new icon in checklists that allows you to sort the checklist items alphabetically. This option has been broken out from the manual re-ordering of checklists.

Easy Setting of Task Status

In task lists, you can now tap directly on the task icon to set the status of tasks. You’re no longer required to open the item.

New Swipe left to Right Gesture for Completed Tasks

For tasks that are in lists (such as in the Agenda view), you can swipe to the right to cross off a completed task to indicate that it’s complete.

Simplification of Sync and Backup Setup

When setting up device-to-device sync, fewer steps are necessary and the online folder is selected for you, which simplifies the setup process.

Non-intrusive Alerts for Rating and Backup Reminder

The alerts for the rating reminder and backup reminder have been made less intrusive.

New Light or Dark Theme

You now have the option of white (instead of black) for the top bar and left navigational panel. Also, you can change the 12 Topics view to show a white background, instead of the various colors that normally display.

You’ll see the new white top and left navigational controls shown throughout this post shown in the sample images. Below, view an example of the new 12 Topics view, as well as the settings that are now available (found in My Settings) for changing the colors from black to white and vice versa.

LightArrow My Settings Themes

Calendar Enhancements

In this latest update, your Agenda view is now combined with your Calendar views and all views have been greatly improved with the patent pending “time ribbon” as shown in the images below. In addition, the start of the week (Sunday/Monday) is now determined by your locale setting.

Agenda View

The new merged Agenda View is shown below:

LightArrow Agenda View Best Calendar View

Day View

In the Day View, you are now able to tap and hold in an empty time slot to access the quick add panel and add a calendar item at the selected time. The redesigned Day View is shown below:

LightArrow Day View

Week View

The redesigned Week View is shown below:

LightArrow Week View

Month View

The redesigned Month View is shown below. When a date is selected, you can tap and hold on items listed for that date to move and drop them on a different day in the month view.

LightArrow Month View

Year View

The redesigned Year View is shown below:

LightArrow Year View

Contexts View Enhancements

Contexts views have been enhanced to allow you to better follow the GTD® method through the viewing of items tagged with multiple contexts. In addition, you’re now able to create your own “Custom Topic Views” by tagging items with context tags in order to group these items and view the associated items through tiles in the Contexts view.

The following image shows an example of the re-designed contexts view with tiles. Within this view, you can define contexts and colors, view all tagged items with your selected tags and access the Multiple Contexts view.

LightArrow Context Tags

The new Multiple Contexts view allows you to view items associated with multiple contexts for items all at once. The filter shown in the following example allows you to select several different contexts at one time. All items tagged with one or more of these contexts will be returned in this view.

LightArrow Multiple Contexts

In addition, the Multiple Contexts view enables you to sort your items that are tagged with contexts by type, date, last updated or by context as shown in the following image. This rich organization allows you to better organize and view your upcoming tasks, appointments and other items. In addition, it allows you to see what’s coming up next if you assign due dates to items, such as tasks.

LightArrow Multiple Contexts

You are also able to override an item’s color with the context color if you wish. For example, you’ll see in the following example, all items with the context of “Exercise” items are flagged with a red context tag. The option in the My Settings view, “Override Item Color with Context” is set to ON. Because I’ve set this option to ON, all of the items that are tagged with Exercise are now red.

LightArrow Multiple Contexts

Improved Colors for Drawings and Context Tags

The number of colors available for drawings and context tags is increased from 35 to 48, as shown below.

LightArrow Drawing and Handwriting

Status Support for Projects, Assets and Contacts (with the Pro Contacts Pack)

Custom Project, Asset, and Contact Statuses are now available. You can create statuses by tapping the Project Statuses tile in the Tasks + Projects topic; the Asset Statuses tile in the Home + Assets topic; or the Contact Statuses tile in the People + Services topic. After you tap the appropriate tile, you tap the plus sign in the Project Statuses view, Asset Statuses view, or Contact Statuses view, which allows you to define a name for each status. A Hide/Show option is available, which allows you to hide projects, assets or contacts that are defined with the indicated status. For example, you could set a status of Bypassed and hide all the projects that are currently in the status of Bypassed. All types of status (Project, Asset or Contact) work the same way. The following shows an example of custom-defined project statuses and a project defined with a custom-defined status.

LightArrow Project Status

Custom Task Status

It’s now possible to set custom tasks statuses. The default task statuses include Not Started, In Progress, On Hold, Completed and Cancelled. If you wish to add new statuses, you define those new statuses and then map them to the default statuses. For example, your company might use statuses such as New, Planned, Waiting, Pending, etc. If so, you could map those statuses to the default status, and subsequently hide the default statuses, if you wish, as described below.

You can also hide tasks in certain statuses. For example, if you wish to hide all tasks that have a status of completed, you simply switch the Hide/Show switch to Hide. In the following example, the user wants to add a status “Waiting,” which is mapped to the status “On Hold.” To begin, the user goes to the Tasks + Projects topic and taps on Task Statuses as shown below.

LightArrow Tasks + Projects

Next, the user sees the default tasks’ statuses, which can be mapped as described. Tapping the plus sign accesses the New Task Status view, which allows the user to create a new status, by tapping the plus sign, such as “Waiting” as shown below.

LightArrow Task Statuses

In this example, I’ve chosen to not hide the status, “On Hold,” but to also include the status, “Waiting.” Both statuses are available as shown below:

LightArrow Tasks Status

Optional Comment field in Bill Payments

It’s been requested that an optional comment field be included for bill payments. This field is now available for your use.

Bulk Delete Support for Contacts

You now have the ability to delete several contacts at once. To initiate a bulk delete of contacts, go to the Contacts view by tapping the Contacts tile in the People + Services topic. Next, tap the icon indicated in the following graphic.

LightArrow CRM Contacts Management

After you tap the icon, select Bulk Delete as shown in the following image.

LightArrow CRM Contacts Management

The Contacts view displays your contacts in a list. When this list appears, tap all the contacts you wish to delete and each one will be checked. After you’ve completed your selections, tap Bulk Delete to remove the contacts. The following image shows an example:

LightArrow Bulk Delete of Contacts

Asset Total Values by Group 

When viewing total assets by group, you can now view the total cost and value, as shown in the following example:

LightArrow Asset Management

Enhanced Printing, Sharing and Email Support for Agenda, Assets and Contacts

When viewing your agenda, a group of assets, a group of contacts and the detail for a contact, you can print this information to a PDF and save this PDF file for the purposes of sharing, saving or printing. For example, if you want to print an agenda for a group of people, you can save the agenda to PDF and share it with the group by emailing it.

To print, begin by going to the view you wish to print (your agenda, a group of assets, a group of contacts, or the detail for a contact). Tap the icon in the upper right and then choose Print. Next, choose whether you wish to print in Portrait or Landscape view. The Agenda View is shown in the following example.

LightArrow Agenda Printing

Next, choose whether or not you would like to save a local file of this document. You can locate this file by going to the Notes + Files, Lists topic and tapping Folders. You’ll find a folder named My Documents. The saved file is stored in the My Documents folder and is indicated by the name and date. You can share/print this report (or save it to an online file service) by choosing the icon indicated in (4) below.

LightArrow Reporting

Default Locker Field for New Lockers

For Lockers that you create over and over again, you can now create “Default Locker Items.” For example, perhaps you store several personal identification numbers (PIN codes). With this feature, you can set up a Default Locker Item called “PIN,” eliminating the need to enter the same information repeatedly. To take advantage of this feature, go to the Bookmarks + Lockers topic and tap the Default Locker items tile. After entering your PIN, tap New Locker Item (1). Next, enter the Field name and Value to indicate the default name and value. The Field name is required and the Value is optional. After you complete this procedure, tap the Lockers tile and tap the plus sign to create a new Locker. In the New Locker view, add the Title and Description, and then tap Add Default Items (2). You’ll see the Default Locker Item that you created. Select it, tap Create, and tap the new Locker Item to make any modifications (3). The following image shows an example of the views that are described above.

Lightarrow Private Data


Manual Ordering of Undated Tasks

When viewing Undated tasks, you can now reorder the tasks with a “touch to reorder” gesture. When viewing Undated tasks, tap “Tap to reorder.” Three lines appear next to each task. Tap and hold the three lines and move the tasks up and down as necessary to re-order them. The following image shows an example.

Lightarrow Task Management

Editable Titles for Photos, Drawings, and Video

It is now possible to edit the titles of photos, drawings and video files. Simply edit one of these items and modify the name.

Repeat Schedules for Events

Previously, Appointments, Tasks and Payments supported repeat schedules and now we’ve introduced the ability to use repeat schedules in events. This feature works the same as it does for Appointments, Tasks and Appointments. You can find more information about how to configure repeat schedules in your Repeat Schedules online help.

Online Task Integration Improvements

We’ve included improvements and more flexibility when using online tasks from Google, Toodledo and Asana.

Create iOS Calendar Item for Online Tasks

A new setting is available in My Settings, “Create iOS Calendar Item for Online Tasks,” which allows you to choose whether or not to create an iOS calendar item for your online tasks that are synced in your LightArrow app with Google, Toodledo and Asana.

Choice of Deleting Corresponding Online Task

When you delete an online task that is synced with Google, Toodledo and Asana, you can choose whether or not to delete the corresponding online task, as shown below:

LightArrow Delete Local Only

Unlink Online Tasks

You now have the ability to unlink a task synced with an online task (such as Asana, Google or Toodledo). When you unlink a task by choosing Actions -> Unlink from the task, the task becomes a local LightArrow app task.

LightArrow Unlink Google Tasks

Pro Contacts Pack Enhancements

We’ve introduced several new features, which are available via the Pro Contacts Pack, as described below. In addition to the features below, a configurable status for contacts is included, which is described earlier in this post.

Auto-complete for Custom Fields if Previous Answers Exist

If previous answers exist in custom fields that you’ve designed for contacts in the People + Services topic, auto-complete is now available for custom fields for contacts.

Forms Applicability by Group and Status

Custom forms can now be applied according to group and/or status as shown below in the following example. To take advantage of this feature, tap the Custom Log Forms tile in the People + Services topic. Next, tap any of your custom log forms. In the Contact Log Form view, tap Applicable Statuses and/or Applicable Groups, then check the statuses or groups you wish to include, and then tap Save.

LightArrow Contact Groups

Custom Filters (Reporting) in the Contacts View

The Contacts view now includes the ability to create custom filters for your contacts, and to subsequently print a report of your contacts that meet the criteria that you defined via your custom filters. For example, imagine you’re a personal trainer and you’re keeping track of the Body Mass Index (BMI) of your clients. You can create a custom filter that identifies those with a BMI above or below a threshold that you’ve decided upon. An example of this scenario is shown in the following images.

To take advantage of this feature, go to the Contacts view in the People + Services topic. Next, tap Filter By. To create a new filter, tap New Filter. After entering a title and optional comment, tap New Criteria. Select an attribute from the choices that are provided (which include your custom statuses and log forms). Next, enter an operator, such as Equal, Contains, etc. Finally, enter a value you wish for the items to equal. Below, Image 1 shows an example of the available attributes and Image 2 shows a completed filter.

LightArrow Contact Filters

The images below show an example of a filtered search and the printable report, which can also be exported to a CSV file for use in your favorite spreadsheet application.

LightArrow Contacts Report

Pro Inbox Pack Enhancements

The following enhancements apply to the Pro Inbox pack available in the apps that include this optional pack, such as My.Agenda and LifeTopix. These enhancements are standard with the Pro.Inbox app.

IMAP 4 and Limited Exchange* Support

For those using IMAP 4 (Internet Message Access Protocol) and Exchange (Outlook) for email can now enjoy the features for converting email messages to a rich variety of data types and calendar items, such as tasks, appointments, events and more.

*Exchange support has only been tested for Exchange Online hosted by Microsoft. Supported configuration includes IMAP4 for “Exchange Online” with SSL/TLS option. We currently do not support some typical corporate Exchange environments, such as the Microsoft NTLM authentication and others. This is due to the limitations of the underlying 3rd party technology we use in our Apps. We are working on making our support of Exchange broader over future updates.

Email Preview

A new “Email Preview” is available and many functions are available from its view. From the icons shown below the new email preview (refer to the following image), users can now access common actions such as Reply, Reply All, Forward, Follow-up, Flag, Mark as Unread, Delete, Convert to Any Type, Create as Note and Associate, Add to Existing Note, Create as Evernote Note, Create as Toodledo Note, Convert Sender to Contact, Add Sender to Group, Convert Everyone to Contacts, Add Everyone to Group, Smart Convert, and Select a Target (online and local folders).

LightArrow Email Client

Evernote Custom Feeds with Search and Convert Actions

It is now even easier to work with Evernote. We’ve added the ability to create Evernote feeds, which enables you to access your Evernote notes in a list view. Once you access notes, you can convert the notes to tasks, projects, products, appointments, hosting events, attending events, notes, checklists, trips, visitors, and inbox items. Once these items are converted, you can associate them with LightArrow app objects and schedule the items on your calendar, which works seamlessly with your iOS calendar and all the calendars that your iOS device supports.

For example, as shown below you can (1) choose Evernote from among your email, web and social feeds; (2) convert a note from a variety of types (including checklists); (3) choose a type of object to convert to; and (4) create an object (e.g. checklist), which can be published on your calendar and agenda (automatically).

LightArrow Evernote Feeds

As you would expect from any excellent personal assistant or organizer, the items that you convert or access through the Notes + Files, Lists topic automatically appear on your calendar (if you wish), as shown below.

LightArrow Agenda View

OAuth Support for Gmail (Two-step Authentication)

Previously, email accounts that were set up with two-step verification (OAuth) were not supported by LightArrow apps. Now you can take advantage of the extra security that these accounts offer and enjoy the convenience and productivity boosting features of LightArrow apps (LifeTopix, My.Agenda or Pro.Inbox) if you’re using two-step verification.

Improved Search for Email Feeds and Evernote Notes

Searching for text within email body and email subject has been made faster and more accurate with improved technologies. In addition, LightArrow apps now support Evernote feeds and support Evernote server-side search, which uses a powerful Evernote grammar.

Act on Emails from a Contact (View from Contact Detail similar to Twitter and Facebook)

It is now possible to view email messages from a contact for all email accounts that you’ve given your LightArrow app access to – from one place. For example, if you set up an email address for a contact in the People + Services topic, you can simply locate a contact, add their email address (if you haven’t done so already), and simply tap Email tile -> View Emails to see all emails for all of your accounts from this person. Once you’ve accessed the email, you can act on these emails by converting them to the data types shown in the image below.

LightArrow Email ClientFollow Up (Create Quick Inbox Item with due date) for Emails, Tweets and Facebook items

Users can now immediately set a follow-up as a Quick Inbox item with a due date for email messages, Tweets and Facebook items. For example, you can simply select the Follow-up option for Email Messages, Tweets and Facebook items as shown in the example below.
LightArrow Email Client

Flag/Unflag Support for Email Items

It is now possible to flag and unflag email messages to help you remember to follow up on flagged email messages at a later time. Users can simply choose the flag option from an Email Feed in their LightArrow app as shown in the image below. LightArrow Email Client

Multiple Senders and Multiple Email Support in Email Feed Rule Configuration

LightArrow apps now support a unified email inbox. Not only can you process your social media messaging (Facebook and Twitter), you can also process and view all your emails (IMAP, iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, etc.) centrally within one view. Furthermore, you can filter the email by multiple senders if you wish by entering their email addresses in the Senders box as shown below. When configuring an email feed, simply check the email accounts you wish to use; optionally enter any senders you wish to include; optionally enter any search terms; enter the number of days you wish to go back in time; and choose whether or not to view read email. The configuration is simple and shown below.
LightArrow Unified Inbox

Converted Items in Contacts (Tasks, Appointments, Notes Etc.) Are Automatically Associated with the Currently-viewed Contact

Now, when users convert Tweets, Facebook posts or email messages within a contact (in the Contact detail from the Social or Emails tile) to items such as tasks, appointments, notes, etc., the Lightarrow app automatically associates that data with the contact that you’re currently viewing. To take advantage of this feature, tap the tile that’s highlighted below (or the Email tile); convert an item to an actionable item; and subsequently view it from the associated items. In the following example, a tweet was converted to a task.

LightArrow Contacts Associate Tweets

8 replies
  1. Evan templeton says:

    Hi guys. Digging your app but is there a way to get a traditional year view? The year view doesn’t actually show a full year on the screen. I would love year view like a wall calendar. Any plans?

    • Team LightArrow says:


      Thanks for reaching out to us and the kind words. Currently, we do not have a view where you can see the entire year on the screen like a wall calendar. We will investigate adding this feature in a future update.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or comments.

      Team LightArrow
      Austin, Texas

  2. Pete says:

    Hi. Noticing a problem. Whenever I click on “save” after converting an inbox item to another type (task, appointment, etc.), the conversion takes place and the inbox item is deleted (per my preference setting) however LifeTopix shuts down and I have to open it again. Overall, the app is awesome!

    • Team LightArrow says:

      Hi Pete,

      Thanks for reaching out to us and the kind words! We apologize for this issue. We are able to recreate the issue and it will be fixed in an upcoming update. We have submitted an update 8.1.3 to Apple this week. This will be fixed in the update following that one. Currently, there is a work around until we get the update out. To reveal the action buttons you can tap and hold or long press on the quick inbox item, and then tap the “Convert” button. That is another way to convert a quick inbox item to a task.

      Please do not hesitate if you have any further questions or comments.

      Team LightArrow
      Austin, Texas

  3. Marcin says:

    Hi there, new features are awsom.
    But i have few issues and ideas:
    – context menu: in every context we can choce what app is showing: open, open and close, close. And let say we have 5 open tasks and 5 close tasks in context @office. On “folder” @office is shown number of tasks which belongs to that context tag. So in that case is shown 10. But in my opinion would be much better if it shown number of just open tasks. And when we clear all topix belong to that context it shown zero (for when is some number it means that are still some topix not done)
    – context menu – multiple context view. In my opinion when i choice for example @office and let say #phonecall it should filter just topix which have those two context. Not every topix which include at least one of them.
    – hot list. When some topic which was on the hot list is done should automaticly be removed from hot list. Also i would like to have see on my hot list just topix for today. Not all of them

    Those are few suggestion a belive imprrove reliabilty of app, which is any way great 😉


    • Team LightArrow says:

      Hi Marcin,

      Thanks for the great suggestions! We will add them to our road map to analyze for future updates. If we need further clarification we will reach back out to you.

      Team LightArrow
      Austin, Texas


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