LifeTopix 8, My.Agenda 3 Guided Tour

Team LightArrow is excited about the new updates of LifeTopix 8 and My.Agenda 3. Our new updates include several new features to maximize your productivity at home, at work, and while you’re on the go. Keep reading to learn how you can take advantage of the latest features.

New Look

All Lightarrow apps have been redesigned with a new look and a new app icon. LifeTopix has already been updated, and the other apps in the LightArrow family will be released over the next few weeks with the new look. The most significant change is the new flat look of the 12 topics view, as represented by the following image.

LifeTopix 12 Topics

Another significant improvement is the new expanding cell. With this change, when you tap on a cell, you’re instantly given options for common functions for the item you’re managing. For example, as shown in the following image, you’re now able to easily access common features for a task, as shown in the  “Maintenance” task.

LifeTopix Expanding Cell

You’ll also notice new colors and icons throughout the app, and topic items now inherit topic colors. In addition, lists have been replaced with tiles to make it easier to find and edit information.

Revamped People + Services with New In-App Purchase: Pro Contacts Pack

The Pro.Contacts Pack takes customer relationship management to a new level. This pack adds new functionality to the People + Services topic in LifeTopix and My.Agenda, which allows you to better manage your personal and customer relationships. In addition, we’ll soon be introducing this functionality as a stand-alone app, for those who only wish to manage their contacts.

Custom Forms / Fields for Contacts

The following image represents a contact showing custom form fields for Alex Cooper. In this example, the user has added custom fields for her personal training clients. This gives her the ability to record their weight and BMI and to track these statistics over time to measure how her clients are progressing.


The next image shows an example of the custom log form and a list of entries for the Personal Training log form. Keep in mind; these forms are completely user configurable, allowing you to track any stats for friends, customers, prospects, family or other contacts. You can view the stats individually for the contact, by type of stat, or by all contacts.

Custom Fields

Associate Tasks, Appointments, Reminders, Notes, and More with Contacts

The Pro.Contacts Pack also allows you to associate tasks, appointments, reminders, notes, files, bookmarks, and expenses with contacts, which makes it easier to manage multiple personal or business relationships. An example is shown below:

LifeTopix Contact Details

Manage Contacts in a Spreadsheet-like Grid View

With the addition of the Pro.Contacts Pack, you can manage multiple attributes for contacts at once with the grid view. You can decide which fields to show and in your specified order via the filter. In addition, you can contact your friends, family, and colleagues directly from this view via phone (iPhone only), email, or text. An example is shown below for a personal trainer who is managing her clients.

LifeTopix Pro Contacts Grid

Import Multiple Contacts

With the addition of the Pro.Contacts Pack, you can import contacts through a comma separated values (CSV) file. You can email this .csv file to an email address that is accessible from your device and open it directly in your LightArrow app. Specific directions are available in your online help.

Manage Additional Contacts with Extra Contacts Packs

If you wish to manage additional contacts above the default of 100, you can purchase more contacts via the Extra Contacts packs.

Improved iOS Contacts Integrations

The integration with your iOS Contacts has been improved in this version of your LightArrow app. You can now easily import contacts from your iOS contacts or easily link a contact in your app to an iOS contact. Information imported from the iOS contact includes first and last name, Facebook profile info and Twitter handle, birthday, anniversary, email, company, phone numbers, email, company, notes, and address. The following example represents a contact and shows the options for linking/importing from iOS contacts.

Linking Contacts LifeTopix

Revamped My Inboxes with New In-App Purchase: Pro Inbox Pack

In the 8.0 version of the LightArrow app engine, we’ve revamped “My Inboxes” to act as a place to harvest information from multiple sources, including Twitter, Facebook, Email, and the Web. This is excellent for researchers and anyone else who wishes to gather information from multiple sources all in one place.

Custom Rules

Through inbox rules, you can create custom rules, which gives you the ability to focus on the information you really want to see. Enter hashtags or keywords for Twitter and narrow the results down to your own tweets, your lists, a particular person, public lists, or all of Twitter. For Facebook, enter keywords and hashtags and narrow the results down to your own timeline, your news feed, a user timeline, or all of Facebook. For the web, enter a search term and narrow the search to a specific URL or website or search the entire web. All of the rules can be saved in a view with easily-accessible tiles, as shown below:

My Inboxes

Convert Feed Items With Pro.Inbox In-App Purchase

Whether you’re a business person, parent, or student, you’re inundated with information from many sources — including email, social media, and the web. Most likely, you’re hopping between Twitter, Email, Facebook, and the web to keep up with all of this information. In the new version of your LightArrow app, as you discover and harvest this information from these multiple sources, you can make this information actionable. For example, your supervisor might request that you create a report via email or you might find a webinar mentioned on Twitter that you want to attend. You can convert these actionable items from web, email, or social channels into items you can take action on such as: tasks, notes, events, projects, trips, visitors, or products. For example, you can convert the webinar invitation found on Twitter into an event in just a few simple taps – no app switching is required.

In addition, if you’re a follower of the Getting Things Done® (GTD®) method, My Inboxes assists you in your implementation of the inbox. In GTD, an inbox is “simply the place where all the incoming things land.” Being able to record your ideas easily in a reliable system for later analysis represents the Collections phase of the GTD methodology. Converting these items to actionable items also helps you to achieve “inbox zero.” The following image shows an example of an email converted to a task:

LifeTopix Convert Items

Save Links from Email or Social Media to Bookmarks

While you’re in the process of converting your email or social media messages to actionable items, you have the choice to convert the links in those messages to bookmarks. Bookmarks can be managed in the Bookmarks + Lockers topic and associated with many items in your LightArrow app. An example is shown below.


Manage More Rules with Rule Packs

If you wish to manage more than the default 10 rules, you can purchase Extra Inbox rules, up to 100.

Goal Management

The Health + Goals topic (previously Health + Activity) now has the addition of goal management. Goals are items you wish to reach, such as buying a new house, losing 10 pounds, getting in shape, or learning a new skill. You can log metrics for goals and view your progress in a graphical format.

From the Health + Goals topic, there are several aspects of goals that you can manage. You can log your goal progress and show totals or averages for designated time periods and subsequently view the progress in a list or graph. Several values are provided, such as units (pounds, minutes, day, %, and more); target values; and default values. In addition, you can associate items such as tasks, reminders, appointments, etc. to goal metrics for reminders or other reference materials.

The following example shows a goal of going on vacation. This user wishes to include a workout routine to get in shape for the trip and a log of saved money to reach her goal. Both of these aspects of the goal can be measured in one log form.

LifeTopix Goal Management


The Bookmarks + Lockers topic now has lockers for securely storing secret information, such as text, photos, and audio. Lockers allow you to save secret information for any information you wish to secure. Lockers support securing of text, photos, and audio. Common uses include storing photos of credit cards, photos of passports, photos of secret receipts, sensitive audio files, and PINs. You must enter a PIN to reveal your secret data. You can feel secure because your LightArrow app uses military grade 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. The following image shows a list of Lockers and the resulting view after you’ve entered the PIN to reveal a group of Locker Items inside a locker.

LifeTopix Lockers

AES 256-bit Encryption Added to Sensitive Data Fields

Military Grade 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption has been added to sensitive data fields. This applies to PINs and account numbers in bank account detail, as well as for storing the password lock and secret question answers.

Near Me Improvements

The Near Me view gives you one-tap access to a view of your LightArrow app items that are in the vicinity of your current location. In other words, if you set a location for assets, appointments, audio, contacts, events, notes, photos, shopping items, service providers, tasks, trips, or video you can view these items on the map in the Near Me view, which helps you plan your day — especially if you’re running errands or visiting clients. You’ll notice that the Near Me view has a new look, as shown in the following image.

LifeTopix Near Me

The Near Me view is now powered by foursquare®, which allows you to search for arts & entertainment, events, food, shops, and other types of business near you. If these businesses are businesses that you frequently use, you can convert them to Places, Sellers, Banks, or Service Providers in your LightArrow app directly from the Near Me view. In addition, you can now relocate the area you wish to view by simply dragging the pin to the new area. The following image shows an example of this view, with the pin moved to Yosemite.

LifeTopix Near Me foursquare

Simplified and Merged Search + Quick View Interface

The Quick View interface and the Search interface have now been combined to allow you to quickly and easily find and view items. You can search for an item by typing any text (all text blocks are searched) in the Search bar or you can view items by their type of topic or by data item, simply by tapping an item type in the Data Items section or a topic item in the Topic Items section. The following image shows an example of the new combined view.

LifeTopix Near Me foursquare

Color Support by Context Tag

Context Tags Now include color support to help you better identify items that are tagged. The following image shows an example of tasks that are flagged with context tags and the view which allows you to set context tags.

LifeTopix Context Tags

Copy to Folder for Files

You’re now able to copy files and move them from local folders to online services or from one online service to another. The following image shows an example:

Copy to Folder

Copying Projects Now Includes Tasks

Previously, when you copied a project, only the project was duplicated (without the associated tasks). Now when you copy a project, it includes all associated tasks.

Managing Prescriptions for Medications

In the Health + Goals topic, you can now manage prescriptions for medications. You can record the prescription number, expiration date, count, remaining pills or other unit, pharmacist, and doctor. For these prescriptions, you can log when the medication is administered. The following screenshots show an example of prescription management.

LifeTopix Prescriptions

Optionally Specify iOS Calendar by Item

You can now optionally specify the calendar where you wish to push a specific LightArrow app item for many types of items. For example, if you want “work items” to appear on a work calendar, “home items” to appear on a home calendar, or certain items to appear on a shared calendar, you can specify this by item. The following image shows where you can take advantage of this option for a task.

LifeTopix iOS Contacts

Print Improvements

When you print items, a print time is now included in the footer and the LightArrow logo has been omitted.

New Default Date Types

You can specify the default date type (Date+Time or Date Only) for many types of objects. For example, when you create an object, such as a bill payment, you can specify date only to be indicated as opposed to a date and time. The types of objects that support this setting are appointments, bills, events, notes, projects, checklists, inbox items, services, shopping items, shopping lists, trips, tasks, and visitors.

Online Help

New, contextual online help has been added for your LightArrow app.

Additional Improvements

This post focuses on the most significant changes. You will notice smaller additions and defect fixes throughout the app.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions.


17 replies
  1. Theo says:

    Love the app! Question:
    How can I convert we pages into actionable items in LifeTopix?
    Is there a bookmarklet?
    I have Pro.Inbox, but it seems only to be for web searches.
    Thank you

    • Team LightArrow says:

      Hi Theo,

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      With Pro Inbox Pack, you can select any block of text (or perhaps the whole content of the webpage) and select “Process In LifeTopix” to convert the selected text in to an actionable item, such as a note or a task, append to existing note, etc.

      Alternatively, you can email that webpage to yourself and then convert the email message in to an actionable item so the webpage can be created as a bookmark.

      Best Regards,
      Team LightArrow
      Austin TX

  2. Jeff says:


    Looking forward to upgrading to 8.0
    However I never learned how to back up my life topix data, and I would like to FINALLY install life topix on my Iphone. ( I only have it working on my Ipad)
    I also to learn how to sync iphone with ipad.
    I do not use a computer because i have an old operating system.
    Could we arrange a time for a phone call so I can learn all of this please?


    • LightArrow says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for reaching out! Yes, we can set up a phone call for all this – please email us at with times that work for you either this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon (we are on central time).
      Before the call, please install the Dropbox app on your devices, and verify that you can connect to Dropbox through it. That’ll make sure the setup for backup, sync, etc. goes smoothly and quickly.

      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow
      Austin, Texas

  3. Tim B says:

    From what you’ve said about the Pro Contacts app, does that mean that I can’t add more than 100 contacts to LifeTopix unless I buy the Pro Contacts via in-app purchase?

    • Team LightArrow says:

      Hi Tim,

      This is correct, you can have at most 100 contacts within LifeTopix.
      However, as you may have known, the contact picker in our App will show you all the LifeTopix contacts plus the iOS contacts that you might have.
      Once, an iOS contact is selected, a corresponding LifeTopix contact will be added automatically.

      Extra Contacts pack can be purchased from the In-App Purchases section under Settings.

      Let us know if you have any other questions.

      Team LightAr­row
      Austin TX

  4. Marcin says:

    Is there any way to delete contact in some portions? Or all of them with one click ?
    Or i have to delete them one by one ?

    • Team LightArrow says:

      Hi Marcin,

      Currently you must delete contacts one at a time but in a future update we will support batch actions on contacts and other items. This will include batch add and deletion of contacts.

      Best Regards,
      Team LightArrow
      Austin, Texas

  5. Marcin says:

    Hi there, two issues:
    – when i go to inbox and for example favourite tweets, i got message like this: “You evernote credential have expired. Please try again” and after that it shut down a livetopix. The same when i go to for example gmail feeds.
    – is there any way to connect email inbox to inbox,but not one of you suggest i mean gmail, yahoo, icloud etc, i mean proffesionall email box i use in my company? I have configured these email box on my ipad.

    • Team LightArrow says:

      Hi Marcin,

      Thank you for reaching out to us, and we’re sorry that you are having an issue with our new and exciting Inbox feature.
      It looks like your Evernote credentials may have expired.

      Can you try the following steps and let us know if your problem is fixed?
      1. Navigate to “My Topics” –> “Notes +Files” –> “Online Notes” and tap on the Evernote user name (in the Evernote notes section header) and clear the Evernote sign-in information.
      2. You can either cancel sign-in to Evernote in the next screen (if you do not plan to use Evernote) or login to Evernote to re-establish the sign-in information for Evernote.
      We will fix this issue in the next update.

      As you’ve noted, we currently support Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud and email accounts. We will support generic email inbox accounts in our next release (version 8.1).

      Have a great day!

      Best Regards,
      Team LightArrow
      Austin TX

      • Marcin says:

        It work, i just did first suggestion and no more problems with everynote.

        So i’m waiting for a generic email inbox, i have bought pro inbox but without my company inbox is usefull for me.


        • Team LightArrow says:

          Hi Marcin,

          We are glad to hear that the Evernote issue you were experiencing has been resolved.
          We will be adding support for additional email types in a future update.

          We appreciate your patience.

          Best Regards,
          Team LightArrow
          Austin, Texas

      • Kim says:

        Is there a difference between using Dropbox for sync or Box? I have more space in my Box account so have been using that for back ups.

        Thanks, Kim

        • Team LightArrow says:

          Hi Kim,

          Thank you for reaching out to us with your question.

          The only difference between Dropbox and Box is how quickly changes on one device sync to the other. We do recommend using Dropbox because in our tests Dropbox has been shown to be the fastest and is very reliable. Our app does not use much space on either Dropbox or Box so even though you do not have as much available space on your Dropbox account this may not be an issue. We do support Box as well but we definitely recommend Dropbox for better performance.

          Best Regards,
          Team LightArrow
          Austin, Texas


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