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LifeTopix Optimization for iPhone 5 Unveiled

The iPhone 5 has hit the streets — with a larger four-inch screen and higher res­o­lu­tion. All of Apple’s older gen­er­a­tion phones have had 3.5-inch screens — so this is big news. This new screen changes the user expe­ri­ence for iPhone app users, and app devel­op­ers are scram­bling to opti­mize their apps to take advan­tage of the newly-added real estate. In fact, accord­ing to “Notable apps yet to take advan­tage of larger iPhone 5 screen” from the Los Ange­les Times, many notable apps still haven’t updated their apps as of Sept.24, 2012.

LifeTopix on the iPhone 5

Life­Topix on the iPhone 5

Today we announced that LightAr­row has updated Life­Topix for the iPhone 5. Ver­sion 5.04 is opti­mized for the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6, tak­ing advan­tage of the iPhone 5’s larger four-inch screen and higher res­o­lu­tion. Now, you can do more, be more, and live more, but also see more!

As a robust and com­plete orga­ni­za­tion and pro­duc­tiv­ity app, Life­Topix uti­lizes very pow­er­ful nav­i­ga­tion and views. Our devel­op­ment team was very excited about opti­miz­ing Life­Topix for the taller screen because they knew the greater value that it would pro­vide for our cus­tomers. The addi­tional room really makes Life­Topix shine on this new device — giv­ing users a sim­i­lar expe­ri­ence to using Life­Topix with the much larger iPad.

In case you haven’t had a chance to upgrade to the iPhone 5, we’ve included some screen­shots below to give you an idea of how Life­Topix appears with the larger 4 inch screen.

Click the images below to see the full size.

iPhone My Topics

iPhone Home

iPhone Project

iPhone My Apps

iPhone Calendar

You’ll see that By fill­ing out the iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen, you can bet­ter take advan­tage of LifeTopix’s 9-view dash­board, Quick Menu, 12 topic views, and detail views with side panel sup­port. The detail views in Life­Topix are designed for height because of the rich­ness of the app so the larger screen results in enhanced usability.

A lot of apps have been updated, and I’m sure we’ll see more in the weeks to come.

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