There are 2 approaches you can use to share data between you and your colleagues. You can setup cloud sync in our app between the devices which will sync all the data across the 3 devices. You do this by using the same Dropbox account across the 3 devices. That syncs EVERYTHING, and is commonly used for business partners and families. Note: each user just sees their own iOS Calendar items (which we include along with app items in our Agenda and various calendar views).

In the future we will be adding selective syncing around specific topics (e.g projects, tasks, events, etc.).

A better option adopted by users wanting to just share calendar items: Our app works directly with the iOS Calendar app to access your calendars. If you have included a calendar that you and your colleagues share (such as a shared Google company calendar) then our app will be able to access it and will display the events of your shared calendar in our app. Also, you can configure our App to use that shared calendar as the default Calendar(in Settings -> My Settings). In that case, other users will not see the actual task created by one of you in the app, but will see its “shadow copy” created in the shared calendar automatically, thereby being able to be aware of what’s on the schedule.