“Pro Contacts Pack” available under Upgrade Advisor in the Settings view of the LifeTopix app (also My.Agenda, Pro.Calendar and Pro.Inbox apps) provides the following CRM features.

  1. Allows data items such as tasks, appointments, reminders, notes, files, bookmarks, and expenses to be associated with contacts.
  2. Go to People + Services Topic and tap on the “Contact Log Forms” – Note that this tile is visible only if you have the pro.contacts pack. From the Contact Log Forms view, you can create a log item to track a particular aspect of your clients – Note that you can use various units and set a target/default value. In the Contact Log Form detail view, you can also set which contact groups this form is applicable to. After you’ve setup your forms, these forms are available for each of your contacts in the above selected contact groups.
  3. In the Contacts list view, you’ll see a configurable contact grid view with multiple columns (Using the grid icon at the top right corner in the contacts list view in People + Service topic)
  4.  CSV import of contacts
  5.  Ability to convert email senders (and people in the to/cc fields) to contacts and contact groups from the email inbox feeds.

Here’s information that describes how Pro Contacts features work:

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There’s also a “Pro Inbox Pack” that allows for social CRM features:

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