NOTE: This help page applies to both LifeTopix (and other classic LightArrow apps) as well as to LightArrow Organizer for iOS and Mac. So, the screenshots and directions may vary slightly based on the app you’re using.

1. From the dashboard view, tap on the “+” button from the bottom left corner to bring up the Quick Add popup. From the Quick Add popup, tap on the “Customize” button.


2. From the “Customize Quick Add” view, tap on the “+” button from the top right corner to add a new custom type. From the “Custom Item Types” view, there are six types of items that you can choose from, for this example, tap on the “Assets” type. This should take you to the “Select Categories” view where you can pick a category and then tap on “Save”.


3. Once the custom quick add type is saved, you should be back to the “Customize Quick Add” view. Tap on the left arrow button from the top left corner to go back to the dashboard view where you will see the “Property Listings” appear as the first icon. Tapping on the “Property Listings” icon allows you to quick add an Asset item with “Property Listings” as the associated Category.


4. To add another custom quick add type, tap on the “Customize” button again, then the “+” button from the “Customize Quick Add” view. This time pick “Contact Group” and then select “Family” and save. To re-arrange of the items, tap on the horizontal bars button once to toggle to Drag & Drop mode. Now tap and hold on the second item and then drag the item up until you see the order has been reversed then release your finger. Press “Done” button to toggle off Drag & Drop mode, then tap on the “Left” button to go back to the dashboard view. Now you should see the two new custom quick add button added in the order that you prefer.

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