If you have already bought LifeTopix, My.Agenda or Pro.Calendar, you should not worry that our new app LightArrow Organizer is available from March 9th on both iOS and Mac as a Freemium download. Here is why.

  1. LightArrow Organizer – Being a free download, has a 100 item limit. It is enough for most people to give every feature of the app a try before they decide to continue to use the app, and as users continue to use the app, they must purchase additional item packs. Below, we provide an example with actual numbers.  NOTE: The benefits of downloading LightArrow Organizer (for users who do not have any of our apps already) is that they get to try all the features without making a financial commitment up-front, and then buy item packs as they need over the weeks, months and years.
  2. LifeTopix, My.Agenda and Pro.Calendar We will continue to support these apps – we have over 150,000 users on those. Which means they will be updated within a week or so of LightArrow Organizer updates (often times within a day or two). As a reminder, all our apps are built on the same LightArrow App Engine code-base. The in-app purchases for advanced features in these apps will continue to be supported, as well. These apps do not have any item limit (except, as always, the number of contacts and inbox rules can be extended with in-app purchases). So, on iOS devices, if a user already has LifeTopix, My.Agenda or Pro.Calendar, they have no reason to make any changes.
  3. You can use your apps with LightArrow Organizer on the Mac!  If an existing user gets LightArrow Organizer on the Mac, they can continue to use LifeTopix, My.Agenda or Pro.Calendar on iOS and sync with the Mac app, for example via Dropbox. Of course, as LightArrow Organizer is a Freemium app on both the Mac and iOS; on the Mac, they will need to purchase item packs to match up with their item numbers on the iOS side in LifeTopix, My.Agenda or Pro.Calendar. These apps will be updated soon with a view that gives these users their item usage count to make it easy for them to decide what they need to purchase on the Mac side for equivalency and seamless syncing.
  4. Cost of LifeTopix versus LightArrow Organizer  LifeTopix is now $19.99. Most power users (for work and life) also purchase the “Pro Inbox Pack” and “Pro Contacts Pack” – adding another $10 to the total. And although LifeTopix does not have a general item limit, the number of contacts are limited, and customers who manage many contacts may end up buying extra contact packs.  LightArrow Organizer is free – includes EVERY feature, but has a 100 item limit. Users can buy item packs as they go. Typically, regardless of which path users choose, when they get to the point where the app has similar features and items, spending is fairly similar across our apps.
  5. Apps from Other Companies  There are apps from other companies that charge per device (iPhone, iPad and Mac) that just do tasks. That’s all they do. And other subscription services for managing contacts, etc. that charge $20-$100 (or more) per month. We took a totally flexible and separate approach that we call “fair use” – low for light users, more for power users, buy what you need, no monthly fees.
  6. Compare all our apps here.

Discontinued Apps – As of March 2016, we have discontinued Pro.Inbox, Pro.Notes, My.Notes, Pro.Lockers, My.Self, My.Shopping, and AirAccess for Mac. If you currently use one of these apps, you can download LightArrow Organizer for free and transfer your data through the backup and restore features.  Learn more