LightArrow Data Security and Privacy

This applies to all our apps.

Access to the App

Access to LightArrow apps can be restricted with a Pass­code Lock. This is accessible and configurable from the app’s Settings view. A configurable time out locks the app, and a lock button allows the app to be locked on demand.

App Data

Apps versions using LightArrow App Engine 8 or later (you can check this in the Settings > About view) utilize built-in iOS 256-bit encryption technologies for  sensitive data within the app. The displayed data can be revealed by using a user-configurable PIN (via the app’s Set­tings view). Examples of sensitive data are passwords, bank account numbers, bank pin codes,and  information stored in Lockers.

We highly encourage users to enable the Pass­code Lock set­ting of their device and take other steps to protect their device and the information on it.

Online Data

Unlike some other apps, LightArrow apps are purely on the device. We do not have an online component of our own. So the app does not send any LifeTopix data to any LifeTopix server component. Optionally, users can utilize their own online accounts such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, Toodledo, etc. if they wish to have access to items on those services from LifeTopix – for example, access to a travel file they have stored in Dropbox from inside a trip they have created in LifeTopix. We use the standard APIs provided by those services.

When Dropbox or other supported services are used for backup and cloud sync, XML file representations of the data in the app are stored on those services. Even though information like passwords and PIN are encoded (not encrypted), those files can be read if someone had access to your data on those services. We rely on the security safeguards provided by those services, and the onus is on our users to determine the level of security they get from those services from the vendors directly (Dropbox, BoxGoogle, iCloud, Microsoft SkyDrive). Our backup and sync features are optional and the user may choose to use those features.

Device Data

LightArrow features require access to device contacts, calendars, and map & location data just like other apps do, for which we use Apple provided standard APIs. Again, as we do not have any online component, the app uses that data as the users needs to, purely on the device. For example, our unified My Calendar view includes both LifeTopix data items (tasks, trips, events, projects, etc.) as well as device calendar entries to give the user a more complete picture.

Information from LightArrow Website

The app’s online help documents reside on LightArrow’s web server, and are accessible via the app. The app also pulls down information alerts from the (for example, an alert about what is in the next version of the app in order to educate the user).