If you’ve purchased LifeTopix or the LifeTopix pack in-app purchase in any of our other products, along with quite a few other features, you will also get the ability to add custom Context Tags with custom colors for various items.

The context tags show below the icon of the items with their color in list views sections of the month and year calendar views. Each of the context tags can be assigned a color and they show up as colored tags for each context. We allow for overriding the item colors with the context color (instead of topic color) in our settings view. This way you can give items context tags as needed (for matching your various staff groups).

To override the item color to use the context color simply go to the Settings –> My Settings view, scroll to the “”Override Item Color with Context” and set the “Enabled” value to Yes.  Make sure to tap the “Save” button so that the change is saved.